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Two Authors Are Better Than One!

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Last week I blogged about doing some KAT school visits with my friend, author Ann Evans, so today I thought I'd tell you a bit more about our KAT project. Ann and I both love to inspire children and adults to write so we've got together to run joint workshops both in and out of school. We came up with the name KAT - short for Kids and Authors together - for our creative writing workshops for children. Coincidentally, the initials could also stand for Karen and Ann together! Here's a picture of us both with some of our books. Some people say we look alike, we've even been mistaken for sisters.


EVANS N KING smaller

My illustrator daughter, Naomi, designed us this Kat Logo:

Kat logo

We've visited several schools under the KAT umbrella and really enjoy working together. For our solo visits both Ann and I work with any year but for the KAT visits I work with Nursery, Reception and KS1 while Ann works with KS2. That way all the children get to work with one of us.

Our workshops for adults are called Write Now! because our aim is to get people writing. Again, Naomi designed the logo:


Write Now logo


We hold our workshops at Tysalls Photography Studio, Nuneaton, which Ann shares with photographer Rob Tysall. So far we're run workshops on writing the novel and writing romantic fiction. There's another one coming up on 27th March about putting the emotion in your writing. Drop in and join us if you can. Two authors, two writing tutors - it's double the value!

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  1. Karen

    Yes, London this Thursday and next, Ann. Busy, busy. :)

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  2. Ann Evans

    It's almost like buy one get one free!! We're a bargain, Karen. And looking forward to our next joint visit - which is coming up shortly. London here we come!

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