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yellow orchid


I love flowers and orchids are one of my favourite. I have lots of them in various colours. Here are a few:


orchids                       Purple orchid




Many people say that orchids are difficult to look after but I’m pretty lucky as mine are thriving really well. I’ve even bought some that have been almost dead and managed to revive them. I’m not sure what I’m doing right but here’s some of the things I do.


1)      I stand the orchids in a sunny place but out of the full sun. A bathroom window ledge is ideal as they get moisture. Bedroom and lounge windows are fine too though as long as they are not in direct sunlight.





2)      I use transparent plastic pots for orchids that aren’t in flower, so that the roots get the light. Once they flower I use ceramic pots.

orchid in clear pot

3)      I spray them once a week and water with orchid food once a week (on different days, not at the same time). I’m careful not to let them get too dry but also make sure that I don’t leave the roots soaking in water either.

pink orchid


4)      I always remove dead leaves and flowers. When the orchid flower has died and the stem is turning brown I cut it right back. I cut just below the brown bit, above a node.

I’m not saying I’m an expert but these tips work for me. What are your tips for looking after orchids?




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    These flowers are beautiful Karen! I'm definitely planning on planting some this year. We've got to help the bees, you know? ;)

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