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New Release - Celeste

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A huge welcome to my Guest Author and good friend, Ann Evans. Ann has had many children's book published and her first YA, Celeste, has just been released as an ebook by Astraea Press. It's a brilliant must read.




When Megan Miller moves to a new city she is suddenly plagued by feelings of déjà vu.

She starts to have dreams and memories of people and places – so real that it breaks her heart.

She soon realises that she has lived – and died before.  Her name had been Celeste. Only now some ancient, ominous presence is following her, haunting her, whispering in  her ear... Where did you hide it?



Your past can catch up with you, but can you catch up with your past – and survive?



Megan was studying the panels of mosaic windows that sent a kaleidoscope of colours onto the stone floor. Then everything dimmed. She hadn't seen it coming. One second she was in the vast echoing new cathedral surrounded by tourists when suddenly the walls closed in around her and she was alone.

The smell of incense hung heavily in the darkness. Lighted torches standing in niches in the brickwork sent flickering shadows across the rugged flagstones. The stone beneath her feet was rough and uneven. Narrow arched doorways were set along the passageway and from a darkened recess she felt the claustrophobic presence of a tall shrouded black figure. The evil was tangible, the air chilled and a feeling of nausea swamped her.

A voice harsh and demonic whispered in her ear...

Where did you hide it?”

 It's a fantastic read, Ann.





I asked Ann to tell us a bit about herself.

How did you get started writing?

From out of the blue I suddenly got the urge to write a story for children. I imagine it was because I was expecting my first child at the time.  Up till then I hadn't written stories since leaving school. I wrote in secret for a while, thinking that people would laugh at me, then took a home study writing course which was really helpful.  I started writing short articles and stories before ever attempting a novel. It began as a hobby and somehow took over and became a career and a way of life.

Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?

I once played the back end of a cow in a pantomime I'd written and directed at my children's school.  Another fun fact is when writing a celebrity article I got to have lunch with Darth Vader (Dave Prowse) and Leatherface from the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie, Gunnar Hansen. Scary? Not at all, they were both lovely gentlemen!

 What’s your top writing tip for new writers?

Absorb as much knowledge about writing skills as you can. Learn your craft. Let rejection make you more determined to succeed. And persevere!

Good tip!


Brief Author Bio.

Ann Evans is an English author living in Coventry in the West Midlands.  She began writing just as a hobby when her children were small. That hobby became a career and a way of life. Ann has three grown up children and five young grandchildren. As well as writing fiction for children and adults, she also writes non-fiction for magazines and has over 1,000 articles published on a wide variety of topics. She worked at her local newspaper, the Coventry Telegraph for 13 years where she was a feature writer, writing about food, gardens, travel and pets. Ann says it took a lot of perseverance to get her first book published. Cry Danger came out in 1995. Her latest book, Celeste will be book number eighteen.


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Thanks for dropping by, Ann.


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    You're very welcome, Ann. :)

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    Thank you so much for hosting me Karen!

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