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Guest Author - Lorraine Hellier

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A warm welcome to my Guest Author Lorraine Hellier.  Lorraine's children's novel, The Curse of the Maze, was published December 2013 and launched at Samuel Johnson Birthplace/Bookshop.



About the book

Serendipity Island is in another dimension, accessed through a Grandfather Clock. It has been cursed by Morinder, a descendant of an evil sorcerer. She wants revenge on Phineas and the inhabitants of Serendipity.

I know that your most prized possessions are not gold and precious gems, but your children. I’ll take them all, unless you can find any other children brave enough to save yours.

It’s up to Matthew, Alex, Zoe and Ellen – who form the Amazateers – to save the islander’s children. They face the cursed maze and a beast who the islanders and animals call the Guardian. Phineas tells them: ‘A huge hedge has grown around the island and the sun can’t shine through. The problem is, it’s spread into the island and now forms a maze and we can’t find the way to the centre.’

Each of the Amazateers has a part to play in breaking the curse. Will they complete their mission and save the children of Serendipity Island?

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Signed copies are also available from Lorraine's website.

About the Author 



I asked Lorraine to tell us a bit about herself:                 

As a child I loved read and make believe I was either a character or living the story of a novel.        

I like my readers to step into the footsteps of my characters and enjoy their adventures.  After finishing “The Complete Writer” course, attending various conferences, seminars, London Book Fair and joining the local writers group, I found ‘Writing for Children’ gave me the excuse to enter into a fantasy world where I could escape whenever I want to.

 My background working with children though the years has given me the confidence and experience of working closely with children of all ages. I now visit schools as a Children’s Author and offer Creative Writing Workshops. I also attend Author Events at local libraries.

I joined a local Writers group and the SCBWI. Having the support and advice of writer friends is invaluable.

Good advice, Lorraine!

How did you get started writing?

I was living and working in Guernsey, Channel Isles, when I was first inspired to write. The island is beautiful and, when I came back to the mainland, the places I had visited stayed with me. A popular tourist attraction is the little Chapel.  Next to it was a tourist shop and clockmakers, where a row of different styles of grandfather clocks stood to attention. Looking back I guess that’s why I imagined a fantasy world inside a grandfather clock and “The Other End of the Rainbow” was born. I hadn’t planned a series but I loved the characters and I didn’t want to let them go, so I continued and I have now completed the Serendipity Series of five fantasy novels for children 7 -10 years.

Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?

My Career path was Dentistry, mainly treating children. I was often told by parents and teachers that the children called me the Tooth Fairy! I even got letters when I left Guernsey from a family who still called me their Tooth Fairy years later.

Maybe you'll write a story about the tooth fairy next, Lorraine!

What's your Top Tip for new writers?

The most beneficial advice I would offer new writers is to meet with other writers for support, encouragement and constructive critiques. Read, and write, write, write.                                                   


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Thanks for dropping by tell us about your book, Lorraine. :)


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