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Guest Author - Pippa Roberts

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I'm delighted to welcome Pippa Roberts to my blog today. Pippa writes stories, poems, scripts and articles for all ages.


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Here's one of Pippa's poems


The Blood Pact

As little kids we cut our fingers

Mixed the blood and let it lie:

Said it was a pact of friendship,

Vowed our friendship would not die.

Now I am all old and hoary,

You are withered like a stick;

Still that pact holds true between us,

Hey, that mix of blood was thick!


 (Published in the anthology My Best Friend from Oxford University Press, September 2004.)

A lovely poem, Pippa. 


Pippa has edited the following collections.

The poetry anthologies by Effie M Roberts:

A Wartime Poetry Journal (still available)

Winter Jasmine  (still available)

The Golden Glory has Fled (sold out)


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About Pippa

I asked Pippa to tell us a bit about herself.

 How did you get started writing?

My mother tells me that I started writing stories the minute I could hold a pencil. I remember a moment of revelation, when I was about three, when I sat bolt upright in bed because I realised that writing books must be a job, and that it was the job I would do. (I obviously had a keen sense of the dramatic, even at that age. :D) I won a couple of competitions as a child, but my first published work was a poem, in ‘Ver Poets’. A bit after that I had a SF story accepted for ‘SFF Books’, and was very excited about it, but then the magazine closed down, before it was published. (This seemed to be a pattern, even with quite prestigious magazines in that part of my career!)


Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?

I am constantly in and out of water. A total water baby! If I was responsible for public transport we’d be swimming home along specially covered channels, with our bags coming through behind us on little motor boats.


What’s your top writing tip for new writers?

Don’t feel that writing novels is the only option available to new writers. Try your local Everyman and see if they have a lab for writers. If they do you should be able to hear your scripts read by professional actors, and receive feedback from them, and from directors and fellow writers. As your skill increases, you may have plays put on. You can be absolutely sure that your scripts are read, because they are read in front of you!

This is so true, Pippa. Many new writers struggle to write a novel so think they're no good at writing when actually they're more suited to another genre that they haven't even tried yet.


Author bio

Pippa Roberts’s stories and poems have appeared in a wide range of publications, from children’s magazines, Horizon and Aquila, to Cadenza and Quality Womens’ Fiction. They have also appeared in anthologies from publishers such as Oxford University Press, Bridge House and Rebel Books. She is a member of Cheltenham Everyman Writers’ Lab, and wrote the play, Investigation: Haunted House, which toured schools in the north of England last year.

Pippa has also done occasional free-lance journalism for The Western Daily Press, Writers’ Forum, Evergreen Magazine, and The Gloucestershire Echo - and she edited poetry anthologies by Effie M.Roberts for her own publishing company, Fractal Publishing.

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For details of Pippa’s talks and readings:



Also find Pippa on Twitter (Stargleam), and Goodreads.


Thanks for dropping by, Pippa!


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