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This weekend I attended the RNA conference wearing my other hat as Kay Harborne, Romantic Novelist. Except I kept getting mixed up - and mixing everyone else up - by still referring to myself as Karen King. It’s not easy having two identities. Do you have two twitter handles, two Facebook pages, two  websites? This was the topic of a really interesting workshop by Pamela Hartshorne who also writes M&B romances under the name of Jessica Hart – and is much more famous  than me so needs two of everything.



I went with my friend, Ann Evan, and we had a fantastic time. Here we both are all dressed up for the Gala Dinner.

me and Ann 2


We were lucky enough to share a table with the lovely Harlequin Editors, Lucy Gilmour and Victoria Oundjian.


The food was fantastic. I took a photo of the starter but managed to restrain myself from taking photos of all the meal and letting everyone know that my usual meal is out of the freezer into the oven/micro.




I attended lots of workshops, all incredibly useful, and had some one to ones with editors. The editors were really positive about work I submitted but I’m not going to jinx anything by talking about it yet. Just keep your fingers crossed for me, please!



I left with a lovely goody bag full of free books, chocolates and author’s goodies, lots of interesting and very helpful information by talented authors such as Sue Moorcroft  Janet Gover, Alison Sherlock and Kate Long to mention just a few, and wonderful memories of an inspiring – but exhausting – weekend. Now to get writing!



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  1. Ann Evans

    Wasn't it a fantastic weekend, Karen. Definitely fingers crossed. Great blog! xx

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