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New Release - Beyond Vica

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A warm welcome to author TC Booth, who's joined me on my blog today to talk about her new release, Beyond Vica, a young adult novella.




Gabby and her two best friends share a constellation in the sky named VICA. The trio named the constellation that tells the tale of their childhood friendship. Now that Gabby is fifteen, this tale written in the stars means more than ever. Gabby finds herself facing the threat of losing her best friend, Sam to cancer.

The sudden interest in Sam from people at school raises Gabby's suspicions. They've never cared about Sam before, with the exception of Brody, Gabby's other best friend. His insane good looks and off the scale popularity attracts the attention of most girls. Gabby's learned to keep her guard up with these girls who've attempted to befriend her in order to get close to Brody. She won't stand for Sam being used as a pawn in their games.

Grief over Sam's situation triggers memories of Gabby's past. She's flooded with images of a tragedy that happened when Gabby was five. To complicate matters even more, Gabby finds herself turning into one of the girls she's always complained about...the girls that drool after Brody. Gabby's afraid to let herself feel anything for Brody other than friendship. With the threat of losing Sam, she can't take a chance on jeopardizing her only other friendship.

As Gabby's world crashes down on her, she's forced to face the realities of life, death, grief, and love. How will she survive without the friendship that's written in the stars?


“I read your creative writing assignment. You’re a good writer.” Her voice is low and even.

My head snaps up. She has my writing papers in her hands. I feel betrayed by my English teacher. My teacher said all writing pieces were between us unless she asks our permission to share them.

“Mrs. Smith would like to submit it to a journal for young people, but she thought I should read it first,” Mrs. Hershey says. “It sounds like the land beyond Vica is a wonderful place. Tell me how you came up with Vica.”

I study her for a long time before I answer. It’s not easy for me to let people in on my friendship with Sam. I’ve wanted to preserve every memory. Keep it tight, like if I share anything, it’s no longer mine. I swallow and tell her the story of Brody, Sam, and me naming the stars in the upside-down V. I leave out the details of how Sam said the three stars are us.

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About the Author

I asked T.C to tell us a bit about herself:

 How did you get started writing?

My love of books developed at a young age. My third grade teacher read Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle to our class. From then on, I couldn’t get enough of good books. That is also the year that I won a poetry contest and had my picture taken for the newspaper. I was hooked. Reading and writing were my passions.


Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?

I had the privilege of teaching with my third grade teacher for a couple of years before she retired. I also read Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle to my third grade classes.


What’s your top tip for new writers?

Read a lot of books in your genre, then write. Read and write some more. Never stop.



Author Bio:

 TC Booth was born and raised in the small town where she currently lives and teaches. 

She discovered her enjoyment of writing at a young age with the writing of poetry. This love of writing developed into writing short stories for her family and students.

 She wrote the children's story, The Time Travel Storm  for her class that was published in 2102. Her short young adult fiction story titled "A Seasoned Card Player" was published in an anthology called A Certain Kind of Freedom  last year.

She feels blessed to be living her dream of not only teaching children, but writing stories for them. She enjoys the challenge of writing about life’s journeys from a teenager’s point of view.

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