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As Patron of Reading, I've been thinking about the importance of involving children from an early age in reading stories. As well as entertaining kids, books can be a fun way of teaching them things.  Even very young children can learn a lot from books if you look at the pictures together and talk about what’s happening, involving the child with the story.  Let’s take a look at a couple of my books for young children and see what children can learn from them.


Silly Moo

When an apple falls out of the tree onto Cow’s head she forgets where she lives so wanders around the farm trying to find her home. This is a great book to read to 3-6 year olds who love guessing if Cow has found the right home then lifting the flaps to see if they were right. They also love shouting "What a Silly Moo!" every time Cow gets it wrong. They can learn about animals, the different homes they live in and join in with the different sounds the animals make.


Dolphin Rescue

An exciting holiday diary for 6-8 year olds with a fact section about real dolphin rescues. Children can learn about writing a diary and some facts about how beached dolphins are rescued and returned back to the sea.  A great topic for discussion about holidays, the seaside, dolphins and other sea creatures. They can also be encouraged to write their own holiday diary.




I wrote this book a long time ago, but it's still popular. This book is for pre-schoolers and is about a toddler called Abiola who relates the different things she can do as she is ‘big now.’ Young children love looking at the pictures showing the contrast between Abiola as a baby and a toddler, and talking about what they were like as a baby and things they can do now they are older. They can learn a lot about growing and personal development from this book.

So remember, next time your child comes home with a book from school, don’t just read the story to them – talk about it, discuss what’s happening, what they can see in the pictures, how they feel about the story, relate it to their own experiences.

Next week I'll be looking at what older readers can learn from my books


(A version of this blog first appeared on K5 Learning Blog  http://www.k5learning.com/blog/learning-through-reading)


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