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Learning through Reading (2)

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Last week I blogged about the things young children can learn from my picture books. This week, I’m going to talk about a couple of my books for older children. These are all adventure story books but there are lots of things children can learn from them, and some interesting projects they can do, based around them.


Firstborn is a fantasy book for 9-12 year olds. When Myden and Tsela are captured by the evil Isleck, two dragons rescue them but soon they are all entangled in a dangerous quest to find the Golden Dragon and a battle to save Cryenia. Children can learn about making the right choices, bravery and looking out for others in this book. And for extra fun, they can draw their own dragons and create their own fantasy world, like Cryenia. I run a dragon workshop in schools based around this book.


dognapped             sabotage         smugglers


The Amy Carter Mysteries. Dognapped, Sabotage and Smugglers are podcast detective stories for 8-11 year olds. Amy Carter is an American girl who stays at her gran’s B&B in Cornwall, England for the summer. When Gran’s prize-winning pooch goes missing, Amy and her side-kick, Max, are determined to find it. There are three books in the series. Children can learn about observation, solving clues and never giving up from these books. You can encourage them to make up their own codes and secret messages. I run a detective workshop in schools based around these books.


Reading Heroes


This collection of six adventure stories for confident readers of 6-8 years tells of Lili and Zac’s adventures on Karlin Island, their nature reserve home. There’s a lot to discuss in this book as children read about Lili and Zac’s adventures with rare birds, dolphins and basking sharks. You can talk to your children about survival skills and use the book as the basis for a fun project on sea creatures.

Remember, your children are never too old to read to and discuss books with, so next time you see them engrossed in a book talk to them about it. You’ll be amazed what they’re learning from what they’re reading.

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