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If I were rich and famous

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Like many other authors I visit lots of school to talk to the children about my work and run writing workshops with them. Two of the questions I’m often asked are “Are you famous?” and “Are you rich?” Of course I have to confess that I’m neither at which point half the class usually groan and lose interest.   But it started me thinking what life would be like if I were a rich and famous author….

I could swan around in a swanky car like this:



Buy lots of designer clothes …

posh dress


Eat in posh restaurants and fly off on exotic holidays…

Exotic holiday


I’d be able to afford to treat my family and friends to lots of presents and treats. Which would be lovely.

And best of all, I would be able to spend as much time as I wanted writing about whatever I wanted.

BUT ….

There be some drawbacks too. I’d have the paparazzi following me everywhere I go. Imagine that. Never being able to nip out to the shops in your old jeans and no makeup, have a bad hair day or paddle in the sea with your skirt tucked into your knickers without someone taking a photo and putting it in the papers. Everytime you made a mistake, said the wrong thing, bumped into something, dropped something or got lost (and I do all these things a lot) the whole world would know. I wouldn’t like that at all. I think that maybe I’d prefer to be rich but NOT famous.

What about you? Would you like to be rich and famous?  What would you do if you were?


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