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My First Ever Book Launch

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Last week  I had my first ever book launch. And no, it wasn't because I've just had my first book published. If you've looked at my website you'll know that I've had quite a lot of books published, about 120 children's books and two romance novels in fact. But I've never had a book launch before. This one was organised by my friend and fellow author, Ann Evans, and it was a multi-author book launch. involving five authors and eleven books. Here's a poster with the details.

Poster final_smaller




I launched four of my latest books ,my YA  Perfect Summer, Keep Writing: Children's Fiction, The Really, Really Horrible Kid's Joke Book and my romance novel, The Millionaire Plan written under the pen name of Kay Harborne. I also talked about my latest YA, Sapphire Blue, which I didn't launch as I didn't have enough copies.

Here's a picture of us all:

Launch pic

From left to right, Bella Osborne, Ann Evans, Me,  Gill Vickery and Margaret Egrot.

Ann Evans launched her YA Celeste, and Nightmare, Straw Men and Red Handed, her latest three books for Reluctant Readers published by Badger Learning. You can find out more about Ann's books here.

Bella Osborne launched her debut novel It Started At Sunset Cottage published by Harper Impulse. You can find out more about Bella here.

Margaret Egrot launched her debut YA novel, And Alex Still Has Acne, published by Solstice Publishing. You can find out more about Margaret here.

Gill Vickery launched her Dragon Child series, published by Bloomsbury. You can find out more about Gill here. 

We held the launch at Coventry Library, and provided wine and cake.  It's far less scary doing a book launch with other authors, you don't feel such a 'Bill No Mates' if no one turns up for a start! We needn't have worried though, the room was full. That might have been because of the  free wine and cake though!

We started off by talking about our books and how we got published, then after a break so everyone could top up their wine glasses, we each did a short reading from one of our books, and finished with a question and answer session.

We all had a fab time, the audience was great and we even sold some books. I enjoyed it so much I might even do a book launch again - maybe for Sapphire Blue this time! Huge thanks to Coventry Library for hosting us, everyone who came and made it an enjoyable night, and Ann Evans for organising it all.



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  1. Karen

    Thank you,Jackie. :)

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  2. Jackie

    Fantastic, Karen. You are so impressively active!! Hope you sell millions.

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  3. Karen

    Definitely, Ann. Thanks for arranging it all.

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  4. Ann Evans

    A lovely evening was had by all. So glad you enjoyed your first ever launch, Karen. It was really nice doing it as a group. Not so scary!!

    Posted on

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