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The Body Buddies - Teaching your child about nutrition

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I came across the Body Buddies stand when I attended the London Book Fair on 14 April. The fab Body Buddy characters grabbed my attention so I went over to their stand to find out more information. I discovered that Body Buddies was founded by Laura Church, a Fitness and Nutrition Consultant who has over 30 years of experience.

Here are two of the Body Buddies, with Laura Church and myself.




Laura created the Body Buddies as a fun and exciting way for children to learn about nutrition without being preachy. Sam Goldup, a mum of two, helped her write the stories and the illustrations are drawn by Leasho Johnson, an award winning Jamaican designer and illustrator.

Laura and Sam have written books and devised exercise packages for children.



The blurb at the beginning of the book tells us:

We are the Body Buddies. We are Super Heroes that live in your bodies and keep you strong, fit and healthy. We’re going to show you what jobs we do and how you can keep us happy. The happier we are the healthier you are!

The characters are given names such as Bossy Brain and Larry Lung. The books are fun and informative with easy to read text that helps children understand the importance of each body part and why they should eat healthy.

You can find out more about the Body Buddies here: www.bodybuddiesnutrition.com.





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