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Writing a Long Book

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Most of the books I’ve written are quite short. Some of them have been under 500 words and most of them are under 20,000 words.  So when I set out to write two YAs at just under 50,000 words then two romance novels at 50,000 words they were very long books to me.

Then I decided to write an even longer book. A contemporary romance of 75k words. I thought I’d never finish it. There’s a lot involved in writing a long book. A lot more planning, revising, keeping an eye on time lines, sequencing, continuity, making sure your characters are consistent and that’s before you even get started on the plot, subplots, conflicts and resolutions. I used a lot of post its and note books.


I angsted a lot over that book, lost a lot of sleep, thought I’d never make it but somehow I did. And Accent Press liked it. And I got a contract. Then a contract for two more books. Two more long books of 75k words! I couldn’t believe it. I celebrated a bit, keep reading the contract to make sure. So here I go again, plotting and planning, angsting and worrying – what if they don’t like this book as much as the first? What if I can’t do it again?  But every time I doubt myself I take a look at the cover for my first book and tell myself if I did it once I can do it again. It is a gorgeous cover, isn’t it?



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