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Twelve Books For Christmas - As Quiet As A Mouse

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AS QUIET AS A MOUSE, a gorgeous picture book by Karen Owen, is the eleventh book for Christmas. 


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Edgar keeps waking up his new baby sister but he can’t help being noisy. 

Luckily, his friend Ruby has an idea! Can Edgar learn to be as quiet as a mouse? 



This book is a real treat for noisy children with young siblings.

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Meet Karen

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About Karen

Karen fell in love with books and stories and the written word at a young age. She was the slowest paper girl in the village because she read the newspapers before delivering them, and books were first in the suitcase when she packed for holidays.  She spent 15 years as a regional and national journalist before turning to teaching reluctant learners and writing short adult stories and picture books and middle-grade fiction. Her latest book, As Quiet As A Mouse, has just been published to positive reviews, and a previous title, I Could Be, You Could Be, was chosen as one of the Reading Challenge titles in UK libraries. She belongs to CWISL, a group of published children’s authors and illustrators based in South London which aims to boost enjoyment of reading within the local community. Her voluntary work includes editing a website showcasing children’s writing and art (www.shoutaboutmagazine.com). 

 I asked Karen to tell us a bit about herself

Do you have any favourite family Christmas traditions? If so, what are they?

On Christmas Eve I light candles  in my fireplace and remember people who are special to me but no longer with us – especially my mum and my nan.  There’s something about watching the flames of the candle flicker and dance that I find comforting and uplifting.

I love hunting for fun and quirky gifts for my children’s stockings and on Christmas Day the stockings are the thing my children are most excited about.  They’re 15 and 13 now but I think I’ll still be doing stockings for them when they’re in their 30s!

 When do you open your Christmas presents?

Stockings are opened on Christmas morning.  This Christmas, for the first time in a decade, my brother and sister-in-law are joining us so we’ll wait until after lunch before presents (if we can all be patient enough!).

If you could invite any author living or dead to share your Christmas lunch, who would it be?

Enid Blyton. The first book I remember reading was The Enchanted Wood, the first of her series of adventures in the Magic Faraway Tree.  My inner child is still convinced that such a place exists and that one day I’ll meet Moon Face et al!  Enid Blyton woke my love for reading and stories.

What book would you like to find in your Christmas stocking?

I’m researching the 1300s at the moment for a middle-grade manuscript so A Time Traveller’s Guide to Medieval England by Ian Mortimer would be good. My dream present would be a Supermarket Sweep equivalent in a book shop!  

Find out more about Karen here:

Website: www.karenowen.co.uk

Twitter handle: @AuthorKarenOwen 

Thanks for dropping by to tell us about your book, Karen. Merry Christmas!

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