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Celebrating Children's Books - Meet David J Robertson

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A warm welcome to David J Robertson, who's dropped by this week to tell us about his debut children's novel, Dognapped!





I'll let David introduce himself to you

I'm David J Robertson a ? year old, (sorry the number lock seems to be broken!), bloke from the Black Country. There's a children's book - DOGNAPPED! completed and published (about my dog, Misty and her adventures) The second ‘IN THE DOGHOUSE!’ is written with a third already in the pipeline.

I've done quite a bit flash fiction and short stories. One day I’ll try to put them all together.

And of course there's the novel. Haven't we all got one somewhere? It unfortunately needs attacking drastically with the red editing pen! A humorous (allegedly) science fiction/ fantasy adventure. I only started it in 2006 so it must be nearly finished by now.

Thursday mornings are taken up with Castle Writers in Dudley - a bit of creative writing never hurt anyone.

I began writing seriously following a heart attack. Being cracked open like a lobster for a quadruple bypass seriously focuses the mind. Heed my advice - this is not the way to get into writing!

Sound scary, David! I hope you're fit and well now.

Here's the cover of David's book

book cover


Can you tell us a bit about the story, David?

DOGNAPPED! is an adventure book aimed at middle grade children (7-10) involving four canine friends. 

The quartet investigate strange sounds coming from the chimney of a canal boat which turns out to be feisty puppy, Ashley, who is stuck inside the narrow tube. They manage to release him but accidentally cast themselves adrift. 

On the boat's radio they hear, '...news is coming in of a dognapping. Ashley has been taken along with a narrow boat. In a statement his people said, "whoever has taken our poor puppy is very naughty indeed!”' 

The situation rapidly deteriorates until they eventually find themselves lost at sea.

Will they make it back to shore?

Can any of them swim?

How silly does Rascal look in welly boots?

The book has eight chapters, each with a single colour illustration beautifully drawn by artist Ian R Ward and will be published on 28th April 2016 by Matador Books.

Watch this space for news of the sequel - IN THE DOGHOUSE!


 It sounds fun, doesn't it? If you want to find out what happens you can buy the book here:



I asked David to tell us a bit more about himself. How did you get started writing?

I started around the age of eleven with the now infamous, ‘Owed to Grandma’s eaten cake, I have got the belly ache,’ and obviously after such a triumphant start I’ve never looked back. (although strangely it did take another 50 years to get published!)

Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?

Interestingly (or not) I applied last week to have a record verified by Guiness World Records. It’s to do with writing, but I can’t spill the beans yet just in case.

What’s your top writing tip for new writers?

Keep writing. It’s like a muscle and needs regular exercise.

 Good advice!

You can find out more about David, here:

Website: http://www.mistybooks.net                  

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mistybooks2015/               

Twitter:  @Misty_Books


Thanks for dropping by to tell us about your book, David.

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