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I'm delighted to host author Jeff Gardiner on my blog today to tell us about his latest release, Pica, a gripping YA published by Accent Press. Jeff is the author of four novels (Pica, Igboland, Myopia and Treading On Dreams), a collection of short stories, and a work of non-fiction. Many of his short stories have appeared in anthologies, magazines and websites. A.J. Kirby, ‘The New Short Review’ said of his work; “Reading is a form of escapism, and in Gardiner’s fiction, we escape to places we’d never imagine journeying to.”

Pica is the first in the Gaia trilogy – a fantasy of transformation and ancient magic, which Michael Moorcock described as “An engrossing and original story, beautifully told. Wonderful!”




Pica explores a world of ancient magic, when people and nature shared secret powers.

Luke hates nature, preferring the excitement of computer games to dull walks in the countryside, but his view of the world around him drastically begins to change when enigmatic loner, Guy, for whom Luke is reluctantly made to feel responsible, shows him some of the secrets that the very planet itself appears to be hiding from modern society.

Set in a very recognisable world of school and the realities of family-life, Luke tumbles into a fascinating world of magic and fantasy where transformations and shifting identities become an escape from the world. Luke gets caught up in an inescapable path that affects his very existence, as the view of the world around him drastically begins to change.

It sounds fascinating, doesn't it? You can buy it from

Accent Press


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Meet Jeff


 I asked Jeff to tell us a bit more about himself

How did you get started writing?

I’ve always wanted to write – “I write therefore I am”. My head is full of images, stories and events that I need to express somehow before I lose my mind completely. As a kid I wrote terrible stories and then as a student this became self-indulgent poetry, which must never see the light of day. My first real publishing success occurred when an adaptation of my MPhil thesis was published. This gave me the fillip I needed to write some short stories which found homes in magazines and anthologies in the UK and US. I won a couple of competitions and went on from there. My first novel, ‘Myopia’ was accepted by Crooked Cat, and since then I’ve refused to give up… Now I have seven books to my name (actually, one is under a pseudonym)

Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?

 I enjoy working as a ‘supporting artist’ (an extra) in films and TV programmes. I’ve done filming for the likes of ‘Mission Impossible’ and ‘Downton Abbey’. I also do amateur acting: I’ve been Danny in ‘Grease’, and Dionysus in ‘The Bacchae’, for example. I used to be a Drama and English teacher, but decided that, rather than help others to do these things, I should have a go at doing them myself.

What’s your top writing tip for new writers? 

You have to be thick-skinned and expect a lot of rejections, whilst believing in yourself and your book. If you don’t believe in it then no-one else will. You have to make it happen – and that includes promotion and marketing. Never give up, and turn rejection into something positive that motivates you onwards.

Great advice, Jeff!


Author links

Website: www.jeffgardiner.com and his

Blog: http://jeffgardiner.wordpress.com/




 Thanks for dropping by to talk to us, Jeff!


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