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Friday Reads - Watercolours in the Rain

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My Friday Read this week is Watercolours in the Rain, a 'drama driven romance' set in beautiful Devon, written by popular author and blogger Jo Lambert. It is the second book in the South Devon Duo.


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What happens to the future when past and present collide?

JESS:  Six years ago Jess’s relationship with Talún Hansen was torn apart by one night of deception. He disappeared from Lynbrook village and she headed for university vowing never to let anyone break her heart again. Currently teaching in Oxford, Jess returns from holiday to an unexpected phone call and life changing news which eventually sees her returning home.

Talún: Six years on Talún Hawkeswood, as he is now known, is heir to his grandfather’s Norfolk farming empire. When he hears of trouble in the village due to Lynbrook Hall being put up for sale, going back is the last thing on his mind. But staying away is not an option either, not when someone he owes so much to is about to lose their home and their livelihood.

LILY: Splitting with her husband after her son Josh’s birth, Lily now works as part of an estate agency sales team.  She has always held onto her dream of finding a wealthy husband and a life of self-indulgence. When the sale of an important property brings her face to face with Talún, she realises despite the risks involved, the night they spent together six years ago could be the key to making those dreams come true.

As Jess, Talún and Lily return to Lynbrook and the truth about what happened that summer is gradually revealed, Talún finds himself in an impossible situation. Still in love with Jess he is tied into a trade off with Lily: his name and the lifestyle she craves in exchange for his son. And when a child is involved there is only one choice he can make…


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 About Jo

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Born and raised in rural Wiltshire, Jo Lambert grew up with a love of books and a vivid imagination. As a child she enjoyed creating her own adventure stories similar to Enid Blyton's Famous Five. Writing always stayed with her, but college, work and eventually marriage found it was kept very much in the background. However in 2009 she finally had her first novel - When Tomorrow Comes - published. Three other connected books - Love Lies and Promises, The Ghost of You and Me and Between Today and Yesterday followed. They became collectively known as the Little Court Series. 

In 2013 she decided to give up full time work to concentrate fully on her writing. Two other books have been written since - The Other Side of Morning which is the final book of the Little Court Series and Summer Moved On, a love story set in South Devon. Jo is about to publish, Watercolours in the Rain, and plans to begin work on her new book in early November 2016. She describes her writing style as drama driven romance.

Jo is married and lives in a village on the eastern edge of Bath with her husband, one small grey feline called Mollie and a green MGB GT.  She loves travel, red wine, rock music and has a passion for dark chocolate…

I asked Jo to tell us a bit more about herself 

Have you always wanted to be a writer?

 Yes I guess I have. As a small child, once I learnt to read I always had my nose in a book and that love of the written word expanded into making up my own stories. By twelve I’d attempted my first novel – about a girl, her pony and their adventures.  Teenage years, college, marriage, job, divorce conspired to throw me off course.  However I was determined to achieve my goal and in 2009 eventually published my first book When Tomorrow Comes.

Has any author inspired you?

It has to be Lesley Pearse.  I’ve always loved her books, particularly her earlier ones, and actually got to have lunch with her once.  She was a great dining companion, talking not only about the inspiration for her books but her life as well.  An unforgettable experience.

What do you like writing most?

 I write romantic fiction but, of course, that’s a very wide brief.  During my early publishing days one of my reviewers labelled my books ‘Drama Driven Romance’.  It’s a very accurate description and I’ve used it ever since.   For me as well as the emotional entanglement, there has to be plenty of conflict.  That means I usually give my central characters a bit of a roller coaster ride before they reach their happy ever after.

Do you have a special place for writing?

I have an office which has views across the valley from where we live.  It’s a very calm and inspirational place to write. Years ago I used to be able to write anywhere, but now find I need my own space, usually with music, coffee and the obligatory bar of chocolate…

Are you a pantster or a plotter? 

I used to be a pantster but it’s a balance between the two now.   I used to have a beginning and end and a vague idea of what happened between the two and off I would go.  I’d write scenes as they came into my head – not necessarily in chronological order – and then gradually bring everything together into a first draft.  Now I do a bit more planning.  I tend to let ideas marinate for a while, make notes and then write – in the right order, no more going off piste!

Is your writing ever inspired by your family or real life incidents?

I have on occasions used real events in my writing and even characters I’ve known in the past. One memorable example was in my fourth novel Between Today and Yesterday. One of my main characters, Orlando Flynn lived in Spain and had a sidekick called Elvira.  He was asked how they met and explained he’d employed him after seeing him on the streets of Seville moving industrial wheelie bins. He was freeing up parking spaces which drivers were paying him for.  I actually saw this happening during a trip to the city and it seemed like something I could use for the book rather than simply saying Elvira was begging.  He was obviously down and out but at the same time resourceful.

What are you writing at the moment?

I’ve just begun a new novel set in North Cornwall.  Although I like to keep the romance and drama central, I do like each of my books to be slightly different and this time there’s a mystery involved.

What time of the day do you write best? 

Each morning I open up the computer, drop into social media for a while, check e-mails and then make a decision on what happens next.  In the morning I’m definitely fresher, but after lunch I can get a longer run of writing in.  What I usually do (unless I’ve woken up with something specific I have to write before I lose that spark of inspiration), is to reserve the morning for the non-writing stuff.  I  blog and review as well as write and so there’s a need to sort out interview questions and write reviews for books I’ve recently completed.  That will then leave the afternoon free to concentrate on my WIP.  I usually slot in some reading during the evening.   

What are your hobbies? 

Travel – I do love the Italian Lakes. Photography – my camera goes everywhere with me.  I love the cinema too …and good company. We have a great group of friends and when they’re not cooking for us, I like to spend time trying out new recipes for them.

You can find out more about Jo here: 

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Thanks for dropping by to tell us about your book, Jo!




Bring a little sunshine into your life!   


Sassy, feel good romance by Karen King. Just right to cosy up with on cold winter nights. Published by Accent Press





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