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Travel Thursday with Alison Knight

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I'm delighted to welcome Alison Knight to my Travel Thursday blog. Alison lives in Wiltshire but is presently holidaying in Mallorca. Lucky Alison!



Hi Alison. Can you tell us what countries have you visited or lived in?

I visited France and Austria as a child, and spent a year living in the US as a teenager.  For the first twenty years of our marriage we didn’t go any further than France, but then one day my husband announced he’d won us a holiday in Thailand!  Fabulous!

In 1999 I went on a trek along the Great Wall of China, then visited Beijing, Shanghai and Xian (where the Terracotta Warriors were discovered). I’ve also trekked through Israel, the Alpujarras region of Spain and the Sinai Desert.



Great Wall of China

I’ve been to Thailand four times now – the last time I helped build a house as a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. 

I worked for international charities and had trips to Cyprus, Egypt and Central America.  I caught a bug in Honduras, was ill for six weeks after I got home and didn’t get sent on any more overseas trips after that.

More recently, our family holidays have been in Italy and Montenegro. Right now we’re in Mallorca!

Oh, I'm soo jealous, Alison! Can you tell us what's your favourite means of travel?

For excitement, I’d recommend a tuk-tuk ride through Bangkok. Hold on tight!

What country/place has made the most impact on you? Why?

Everywhere I visit changes me in some way.  China is an amazing country, so different from anything I’m used to.  Honduras is beautiful but harsh with strong, resourceful people who were very kind to me. Thailand is heavenly.

Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China.

Have you featured any of the countries/places you’ve visited in your novels? 

I’m actually doing that at the moment. I’m using my experience of housebuilding in Thailand for one story and researching the history of the island of Mallorca during WW2 for another one.

Has any country/place you’ve visited ever given you inspiration for a story?

Yes. As well as the examples above, my year in the US inspired my first novel, Off the Record. Closer to home, I’m also inspired by London, past and present, and the beautiful county of Wiltshire, where I live.

Off the Record cover


Is there any country/place you would love to write about but haven’t visited yet?

I have so many ideas, my list is always growing – Australia, the Middle East, the Caribbean, and even the Ice Hotel in Sweden.   

It sounds like you're going to be busy travelling a lot, Alison.

About Alison


Alison has three novels published by Accent Press, under the name of Alison Rose. She grew up in London but now lives in Wiltshire.  She has been a lawyer, a childminder and a professional fundraiser.  She went to university at age 45, and now has a first class degree and an MA in Creative Writing.  She is co-founder of Imagine Creative Workshops (www.imaginecreativewriting.co.uk), a part-time lecturer at Wiltshire College and a freelance editor and proof-reader.  She’s married, has two grown-up children and two grandchildren.

You can find out more about Alison and her books on her website at www.alisonroseknight.com


Rescue Me cover           Rosie Goes to War

Thanks for dropping by to tell us about your travels, Alison!

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  1. Jane Risdon

    How wonderful, such exotic places. I am so envious and what great material to draw upon when writing. Enjoy your holiday. Thanks for sharing with us.

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