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Guest Author - Deborah White

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A big welcome to my Guest Author and fellow Sassie, Deborah White. Deborah writes for children and teenagers. Her two latest books, Deceit and Wickedness are published by Templar.

deceit                                                       wickedness


What genre? One reviewer called it ‘twistorical fiction with a touch of terror’. Alternate chapters of each novel are set in the 17th century. Here’s a bit from the historical half of Wickedness.

It’s the 27th day of February, 1665. The wicked Doctor Nicholas Benedict meets 14yr old Margrat at the Frost Fair. He offers her a lift home in his carriage. On reaching home,

'the Doctor jumped out, then reached up to help me down. I felt his hands circle my waist inside my cloak. I felt his diamond ring pricking my side, and his thumbs pressing hard into my ribs as he lifted me out. My face came level with his. He drew in his breath and must have drawn mine in with it, for I had none left. And the world lost all its colour, and I was falling down.'

They sound fascinating stories, Debbie.

 You can buy Debbie's books from a whole raft of places, including Amazon.




I asked Debbie to tell us a bit about herself:

How did you get started writing?

The first story I remember writing (aged 9) was about a rat living in the Paris sewers. Don’t ask…I’ve no idea why I was writing about that. Do I still have it? No. I did keep on writing though, mostly poetry. But having children of my own meant I read a lot of children’s books. Mmn, I thought, I could do that (how naïve!). The first story I wrote was inspired by my youngest son watching as I tweezered a stray hair from my chin. “I won’t get all hairy when I grow up will I?” he gasped. “You certainly will,” I said. Shortly after I wrote a funny story about two boys and their new teacher who they think is a werewolf. It never did get published, but my first editor loved the style so much she asked me to send in more stories. My younger fiction is published under the name Debbie White.


Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?

I spent the first four years of my life living in an 18ft caravan on a farm. My mum and dad were saving up to buy a house.


What’s your top tip for new writers?

For the last five years I have been teaching a ‘writing for children’ course locally. I’m always shocked that students think they can write for children without ever having read a children’s book. So get reading and research the market!



Author Bio

I did an English degree, did a default PGCE when I failed to get any money to do an MA in Victorian literature, became a community worker and finally got married and had two children. My eldest son is adopted and has Down’s Syndrome. The whole question of adoption and disability prompted me to write my first full-length novel, which was about a young girl discovering she has an older adopted sister with cerebral palsy.  

Author Links

Website: www.deborahwhiteauthor.com

Email: DeborahJWhite10@googlemail.com

I occasionally twitter @ DeborahJWhite 

Thanks for dropping by, Deborah. :)


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