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Do you have trouble creating characters for your stories? If you do it might help to think about the characters you like to read about, and why you liked them so much.

When I was young two of my favourite female characters were Jo March in Little Women and George (Georgina) in the Famous Five. Both of them were strong–willed, feisty and  tomboyish. My favourite male character without a doubt was William from the Just William books. A bit of a rogue who made me laugh. As I grew older my favourite female character was Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind and my favourite male character was Simon Templar in the Saint books.

Just William                              Gone with the wind                     The Saint

I guess my tastes haven’t changed much. I still like to read about feisty heroines who’ll kick-ass if they have to and loveable rogues who make me laugh. Mr Darcy does nothing for me!

The heroines and heroes in my own books are pretty much like this too. Amy Carter in the Amy Carter Mysteries isn’t scared to take a risk when she’s trying to solve a crime, even tackling a bunch of smugglers:

sabotage                                    perfectsummer_500x750


And Morgan, the heroine of Perfect Summer, is a brave, feisty heroine who will do anything to save her brother and the hero, Jamie, is brave, resourceful and a bit of a rogue.

I’m now writing another YA book and guess what the hero and heroine are like? What sort of characters do you like to read about? What do you think makes a good heroine or hero?


Karen x

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  2. Ariella Moon

    Hi Karen. When I was young, I liked Nancy Drew because she was smart and proactive. Susan and Lucy from the Chronicles of Narnia were adventurous and brave. It's important to give girls strong role models. Where would Ron and Harry be without Hermione?

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