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Guest Author - Diana Kimpton

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A warm welcome today to popular children's author and fellow Sassie, Diana Kimpton. Diana's latest book, There Must Be Horses is now out.



Sasha’s love of horses has been the only constant during her turbulent life in care. When a failed adoption placement results in yet another move, she ends up at Kingfishers – a farm where Joe and Beth train troubled horses. To Sasha, this seems like the perfect place to live. But she can’t stay. Joe and Beth are adamant about that. They have only agreed to take her for a little while, and they only did that reluctantly.

 Can Sasha persuade them to change their minds and let her stay forever? And can she do it before her social worker finds her another home – one without horses?

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I asked Diana to tell us a bit about herself: 

How did you get started writing?

I've made up stories since I was very young, but I didn't start to write them down until I was much older. At school, I gave up English as soon as I could because I hated writing essays about teapots and dissecting other people's books. Instead, I concentrated on maths and science, gained a maths degree, became a maths teacher. It was only after I'd given up work to be a full - time mum that I went back to writing.

I started with articles for various magazines, wrote a full-length non-fiction book for adults (A Special Child in the Family) and then switched to writing for children which I love.  My first success was a picture book called The Bear Father Christmas Forgot but after that I concentrated on non-fiction for quite a while I taught myself how to plot.

My big breakthrough came when the editor who had bought that first picture book phoned me up and asked if I'd like to write a series of books about a princess with four ponies. That became my Pony-Mad Princess series which is still popular almost 10 years after it was still published.  I'm not surprised, it's a lovely series. :)

Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?
I like larping - that's live action role play which is like playing dungeons and dragons for real. Chasing through a wood fighting goblins is great fun and surprisingly relaxing. It sounds fun!

What’s your top writing tip for new writers?
In fiction, everything you write should build character, add humour or move the story forward.  (I wish I could remember who told me that originally - it's made such a difference to my writing)

Excellent tips, Diana.


Author Bio

Diana Kimpton is the author of more than forty books for children, including The Pony-Mad Princess series. 
She has always loved horses and finds that writing about them gives her the perfect excuse to spend time at the stables.

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Twitter handle: @dianakimpton


Thanks so much for dropping by and telling us about your book, Diana!



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