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World Book Week

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I won't be around much this week. I'm going to be working with mummies, witches, pirates and lots of other unusual characters.

mum02                                   witch                      pirate

You see, it's World Book Day on 6th March and the children - and often the teachers too - dress up as their favourite characters from books. I love looking at all the different costumes and seeing the children have so much fun. There's the usual Harry Potters and Winnie the Witches of course, princesses, knights, pirates and fairies as well as Wally from Where's Wally, Harry and the Dinosaurs and lots of  more unusual characters. And the festivities carry on all week, so I visit lots of different schools to talk to the children about my work and encourage them to write. I run all sorts of workshops on subjects such dragons, detectives, space and we all have a great time.


Kat logo

This year, I'll be doing some KAT school visits with my friend, Ann Evans, another children's author, so it will be double the fun. Hopefully we'll have some photos to post online but of course I can't take or post online photos of children without their parents permission so I'll have to see.

I do have some photos from previous school visits I have got permission to use - no costumes I'm afraid:

           Blessed Edward Press photo           

Visiting the children of Bishop Perowne CofE College, Worcester.

           Shining Stars nursery                                 

       Reading to the children of The Shining Stars Nursery, Plymouth.


Straits School 1       






Making up stories with the children of Straits Primary School, Dudley.










And look at these fantastic masks the children of  Alveston CofE Primary School, Stratford made.


So I'm off now to pack my dragon, my magic bag and all the other things I need. Maybe I'll even get my witch costume out and join in the fun!






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