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  1. Stuck for an idea for a story? Try this fun writing exercise.




    Take a look at the picture and ask yourself the following questions:

    Who lives in the house?

    Where is it?

    Do they live alone or with family/friends?

    Imagine the sort of person/creature that lives in the house. Think about what they like/dislike, what their biggest wish is, their greatest fear. As you start answering these questions you might find a story idea building in your mind.

    I did a writing exercise based around this house with the children of Alveston C0fE Primary School in May 2007 as part of the Dreams and Wishes Project for the Stratford Literary Festival. They made up a fantastic story where the house was actually a diving school run by a wicked headmaster. We then turned the story into a performance.

    This picture is from a website that features lots of strange and weird houses. Click on the website for pictures of other unusual homes if you want more inspiration.

    Get Writing!