YA Fiction

Sapphire Blue  

Perfect Summer

Educational Fiction
All Aboard - Reading Heroes series - published by Parragon. 
Rigby Readers - The Treasure Hunt, Dolphin Rescue - published by Harcourt USA

Story books
Smugglers - a podcast detective ebook published by Top That!
Sabotage! - a podcast detective book published by Top That!
Dognapped! - a podcast detective book published by Top That!
Dolphin Rescue - educational reader published by Harcourt USA.
The Treasure Hunt - educational reader published by Harcourt USA.
Foul Play - published by Hopscotch Educational.
Cosmic Whizz Kid - published by Macdonald.
Teacher's Pet (Puppy Patrol series) - published by Macmillan.
The Gold Badge - published by Harpercollins.
Dinosaur Stories for 5 Year Olds - published by Ladybird.
The Busy Little Postman - published by Ladybird.
The Mystery Guest - published by Scripture Union.
Burglary at Birbeck Hall - published by Scripture Union.
Topsy Turvy World - published by Scripture Union.

Picture books
The Magical Horses series published by Award
Unicorn Magic
The Little Fairy Horse
Sparkle The Sea Horse
Moonlight and the Mermaid
Silly Moo! publised by Top That! publishing.
And Me! - published by Tamarind Books.
I Don't Eat Toothpaste Anymore - published by Tamarind Books.
Kelly and the Mermaid - published by Ladybird.
Where's the Baby King?- published by Tamarind Ltd.
Where's God? - published by Tamarind Ltd.

Plays for Primary Schools - published by Hopscotch Educational.

Joke books
Stinking Space Jokes - published by Top That Publishing.
Totally Outrageous Jokes -published by Top That Publishing.
The Farty Joke Book - published by Red Fox.
The School Rules Joke Book - published by Red Fox.
The Even Smellier Socks Joke Book - published by Red Fox.
Best Cubs Joke Book- published by Red Fox.
The Father Christmas 'It's A Blooming Joke' Book - published by Puffin.
Kid's Best Jokes - published by Scholastic.

Teacher's Pets - published by Top That Publishing
Fang's Fascinating Facts.
Bone's Spooky Puzzles.
Frosty's Christmas Trivia
Santa's Christmas Celebrations.
Erik's World Explorers.
Screech's Gruesome Gags.
Zany's Jokes.

Story/Activity books
Space Chase On Planet Zog - published byWalker.
The Bear Box - published by Design Eye.
Dotty Dinosaur activity book - published by Ladybird.
Santa`s Journey - published by Scholastic.
Set Sail for Danger - published by Scholastic.
Gulliver Travels ( Funfax) - published by Henderson.
Jungle Book (Funfax) - published by Henderson.
Wind in the Willows (Funfax) - published by Henderson.

Activity books
Mythical Creatures - published by Top That Publishing.
Really Cool Magnetic Puzzles - published by Top That Publishing.
Various activity books published by Autumn Publishing and Brimax.
Shadow Play - published by Henderson
The Essential School Fun File - published by Henderson.
The A-Z of Things to Make - published by Scholastic.
The Green Activity Pack - published by Scholastic.
Christmas Games - published by Scholastic.
Spooky Activity Book - published by Scholastic.
Christmas Fun - published by Scholastic.

Educational books
Crafty Ideas (teacher's craft book)- published by HarperCollins.
Alphabetical Animals - published by HarperCollins.
Journey To The Past - published by The Learning Journey, USA.
Journey Into Space - published by The Learning Journey, USA.
An Elephant`s Alphabet -published by Brimax.

Licensed character books
Country Companions: The Summer Fayre - published by André Deutsch.
Country Companions: The Birthday Surprise.
Country Companions: The Lost Wellingtons
Country Companions: The Picnic.
Country Companions: The Winter Wonderland .
Rosie & Jim: In A Mess With Fancy Dress - published by Award Publications.
Rosie & Jim Fancy Dress Book - published by Award Publications.
Prince of Egypt activity book - published by Ladybird.

Tots TV Annual
Winnie the Pooh Annual
Barbie Annual
Mapletown Annual
Acorn Green Annual
Popples Annual

Out of print
Adventure on Seagull Island
The World of Teddy Ruxpin - The Magic Crystal.
Mapletown - The Treasure Map.
Mapletown - The Lonely Eagle.
Henry`s Cat - The Outlaws.
Henry`s Cat Becomes Prime Minister.
Teddy Ruxpin - Fun and Games book.
Acorn Green cassette story books.
Hallowe`en Choose Your Own Adventure book.
The Three Wishes.
Space Magic.
The Wailing Wizard.
Bluey Learns To Count - numbers.
The Alphabet Hunt - ABC.
The Birthday Clock - time.
The Rainbow Ship - colours.
Where's Ellie?
Smarty Seal Joins The Circus.
Chimp`s Birthday Party.
Petra Poodle`s New Coat.
Toby Tiger And The Watch.
Thistle Gets Her Wings.
Hazel`s First Winter.
Speedy`s Long Flight.
Spike`s New Friends.
Detective Fun.
Farmyard Fun.
My Doodle Book.
The Christmas Treasury.

Children's magazines
Winnie the Pooh
Rosie and Jim
The Jellikins
Puppy Dog Tails
Baby Surprise in my Pocket
Disney and Me
Thomas the Tank Engine
Sky Dancers
Wind in the Willows
Polly Pocket
Fourways Farm
Pepper Street
Get Along Gang
Acorn Green
Lady Lovelylocks
Teddy Ruxpin
My Little Pony
My Little Pony and Friends
Merry Go Round
Postman Pat
Tom and Jerry
Puzzler Ace

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