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Aluna’s father is the Master Wizard of the Katalan. On her thirteenth birthday she is initiated into the coven and swears allegiance to her clan. Then she has a vision about the mother she has never known and a gold sceptre with an eagle’s head handle. 

She discovers that the mysterious new girl, Raffie, who appeared out of nowhere is looking for the same sceptre. Aluna hopes the sceptre will lead her to her mother so swears an oath of friendship with Raffie, pledging to find it together only to discover that Raffie is Angleyt. They are sworn enemies. 

Aluna’s father is looking for the sceptre too, as are the evil Bygnorim.  Will Aluna really betray her father? What dreadful secret is he hiding about her mother? Aluna and Raffie face terrible danger in their quest. Are their combined powers strong enough or will Darke Magyck win?


 A Nice Review

This book is awesome, it is packed with emotions that drive you into the story making you think that you are actually their in the characters shoes which is really awesome because you feel the exact same emotions as the character feels. I enjoyed this book a lot because it includes a lot of suspense because you really want to know what happened to Alunas mum and what is her dad up to. Its really interesting because you want to know about a lot of things which engages you to turn every page and not miss a word in the page. I really like the different characters in this book because none of them have never appeared in any other book I have read before, some of the characters are similar like the Bygnorims are similar to the soul catchers in sapphire blue which was also written by Karen. I feel shocked about this book because i dont know how the author has managed bring up so many ideas that actually work for the story. I would really want to read the second series of this book maybe about the revenge of Alunas father sebastian. I have recommended one of my friends to read this book and I recommend everyone to read this awesome book. I rate it 10/10.

Abiya Joshy, Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College.


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Some Reviews:

Witch Angel: The Sceptre of TruthI thoroughly enjoyed this. Well written with lovely descriptive passages.

5 star Amazon review.


And Me! - 'My 2 year old loves this book. Characters she can identify with, and definitely loves her grandad - as does the little girl in the story...' Avid Reader, Amazon UK.


Silly Moo! - 'A Wonderful Book! My 2 year old daughter loves this book! She asks to read Silly Moo and enjoys helping me read it by saying Silly Moo and Too big! I highly recommend it!' VTGirl9, Amazon UK.