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All these stories were written by children. If you like writing stories, send me your story and I'll put it on this page. 



I was delighted to attend Pershore High School on 10th January to talk to Years 8 and 9 about my YA Sapphire Blue. I gave the students an opening line and asked them to carry on with the story and send me the first paragraph. The best paragraph from each of the year groups would win a prize and a copy of my YA, Perfect Summer. The entries were fantastic and it was tough to choose a winner but I finally made a decision based on the most unusual entries. The two winners are:

Year 8 - Evie Oldfield and Year 9 - Greg Saunders. Congratulations both of you!
Here's Evie's opening

The tapping on the window was getting louder and louder. I let out an exasperated sigh, trying my best to block out the repetitive noise. Tap, tap, tap. I turned up the volume on my headphones. Tap, tap, tap.  I began humming, making it blatantly obvious that I had no interest in the visitor at the window. Tap, tap, tap. Growling, I launched out of bed, viciously yanking the curtains away from the window – displaying the instantly recognisable figure clinging on to the windowsill. Drenched from head to toe. Eyes glinting with her signature mischievous grin.

“Hey! You wouldn’t mind – err – letting me in?”

“No.” I responded with a sense of finality,

“Is that a no as in you wouldn’t mind or-” I cut her off,

“You know perfectly well what that means, now get out!”

“But I’m not even in yet!” She snapped back with an infuriatingly quick wit.

The rain beat furiously onto the pavement, soaking the auburn hair that cascaded down to her waist. I peered out the window, huffing. Her grin widened as I gave a short gesture inside the warmth of my room.

As usual, I had given into her pesters and surrendered. Something about her charm could make even the most stone cold person forgive her in a matter of days.

Turns out, if I could have resisted her charms for just a little longer, things would have turned out a whole lot better.

 And this is Greg's opening:

The Nameless Cat

The tapping on the window was getting louder and louder from the cat desperately trying to get through- but, as always, the gap was too small. So, the cat, who was nameless for confidential reasons, of course, tried a second option; in fact there were many!

Number 1- Climbing up the pipe on the side of the house and leaping through the top window- but the bedroom door in that room was always closed. Number 2- Going around to the front of the house and sneaking down into the basement where there was always a small gap where the door was ajar- but then the cat couldn’t be sure that the door was open. And finally, always the safest option was to just go through the ‘always open’ back door, but the only risk was that the cat might get chucked out again- but it was a risk that had to be taken.

So sneakily, the nameless cat creeped through the door and looked left and right. The coast was clear. So, the cat then strutted in to the kitchen with a certain swagger and washed the nearby laundry to curl up and sleep, as that’s all cats want.

Many, many hours later, a mysterious human, in fact and ADULT wandered into the kitchen. Immediately, they spied the cat, who remained to sleep and just like that the cat, who had worked so hard to get in the house was thrown out. That’s just how a cat’s life really is!


Excellent work both of you!  



I visited YR of Perryfields Primary School on 14 January. We had a lovely time talking about dragons and making up dragon stories. And just look at this super portrait Amber drew of me, and the brilliant book she made. It's a story about a pig whose ear had changed colour. Can you see the different coloured ear? Well done, Amber. :)


Me - pupil portrait                                Pig book


 I visited Tudor Grange Academy, Redditch again on 17 July, to talk to more YR 10 students about my YA dystopian mystery thriller, Perfect Summer. I read out the last two pages of Chapter Ten and asked the pupils what they thought happened next. I was really impressed by their work. Here's what two of the pupils wrote.








These fabulous stories were written by three children in YR4 at St Joseph and St Theresa Catholic School in Chasetown following my visit. They are based around our dragon workshop.


Story 1 I really enjoyed your story, Poppy. :)

This lovely story was written by Amelia Campion. Unfortunately I can only post the first page as it was a very long story. Well done, Amelia


Story 3


And this charming story was written by Christopher Perks



Story 2


This fantastic poem was written by some pupils at Blessed Edward Oldcorne School, Worcester.




Humble Heroes


{Little things make the biggest difference,

Humble heroes are our inspiration

And those who follow their vocation


Soldiers, our heroes, they fought for us all,

In times of poverty, conflict and war.

We will remember them close and deeply in our heart,

For their bravery they have played their part.


{Little things…


Doctors and nurses are in this verse

As they constantly put others first.

This selflessness is what keeps the earth spinning

And over disease our bodies winning.


{Little things…


When they hear the rhythm of a favourite song,

It inspires us to be us, for so very long.

Then the music notes take over you,

Bringing out the truthfulness, the joy that you do.


{Little things…


You’re at home rolling in wealth,

Whilst orphans are in bad health.

So give those charity workers a smiley face,

As they make the world a better place.


{Little things…


For those emergency services call 999,

For they really don’t waste any time.

Policemen, doctors and firefighters,

Who make the world a little lighter.


{Little things…


Teachers and staff give knowledge to us all,

They give us the courage to stand up tall.

They teach us maths and English too,

And their most important student is you.

Courage and bravery is what they give us,

So our lives can be glorious.


{Little things…


At the end of the day when the sun goes down,

Say your prayers and do not frown.

For those humble heroes will always be around,

To help you get your feet back on the ground.


{Little things…


George Carn,

Sean Mahon,

Michael Foster,

Leo Carl Abad,

Owen Williams,

Mateusz Siekanski


Written for the Poetry Slam Competition with Spoz

 An excellent poem!




       These exciting futuristic story beginnings were written by YR 10 students of Tudor Grange Academy,  Redditch during a free writing session.

                “The next stop is London.” A hologram of a woman appeared at the front of the carriage.

                 My best friend, Felix, nudged me in the arm. “Our stop is next, isn’t it?”


                We were travelling by train to see a new experiment that scientists had created. Apparently they have found out how to teleport people in short distances.

                “I can’t wait! It’s gonna be so cool!” Felix was a bit of a nerd but he’s awesome so we stick together.

                “Imagine if this becomes a thing! Maybe we could travel to other countries with this technology.” I was just as excited but I was really nervous.

                Security has been really tight recently and we aren’t supposed to be here. I’m surprised we have made it this far.

                “Chill girl!” Felix ruffled my short chestnut hair in a playful way. I punched hm in the arm lightly and he smirked.


By Chloe Alcock



            As we set out of the house and stepped into our silver flyer a hologram appeared. ‘Fly done here, now!’

             My boss wanted me at work. ASAP! I slammed the door and started the engine. Pulling back on the steering wheel I flew into the orange sky.

            As the sun was rising I flew straight past my favourite pizza place. My stomach rumbled like a thunder storm.

            As I walked through the doors at work another hologram materialised straight in front of me.


By Paige Watts




                 I had just packed my bag and used my minimiser to shrink my bag and everything in it. It now fits easily into the glove box of my bike. 

                 It’s going to take my hours to get there but I don’t have the time to stop for food or rest. If I don’t get there in time then who knows what Liam will do if he’s left on his own for too  

                long. He’ll start without me and then he’ll make a mistake and get caught. I don’t know if we’ll get this opportunity again so he better not get too impatient.

                I pushed my bike to go faster, reaching over 150 mph….


By Charlie Hardy







These fantastic beginnings of a story set in the future were written by two YR7  pupils at King Charles 1 School, Kidderminster during a freewriting session.

Come on Jess, we’re going to be late for Mika’s Party!” Kelly shouted from the bottom of the stairs.

“OK, just finishing up”, Jess shouted back.

She finished applying some remover cream to her spots, added some lip plumper and got her hair-o-matic2000 to curl her hair, gel it and add hairspray. She then took one last look in the mirror …..PRETTY…… The flashing words lit up on the glass. There were six stags; ugly, OK, average, pretty, gorgeous and perfect. She had made progress. She had to look her best to go to the club with her best friend. Kelly always achieves ‘perfect’, but Jess never had. She sighed at the fact that Kelly was perfect and she had to deal with it every day. No matter how much make-up she applied she would never be the same. She grabbed her coat, locked her door and went downstairs to meet Kelly.


I was running in gear.

Running in fear and exhileration.

Was he gone? Finally he had escaped. Tom had escaped from his home.

A constant flash of his dad trying to ring him kept coming and going on his ‘nanomobile’. He couldn’t be found, so he threw his ‘nanomobile’ down the ‘techosewer’.

Tom’s mind flashed back to life a year ago, a happy family; mum, dad, Tom and the RS (Robot Servant). But now everything is wrong. The RS only did what dad said; and dad has become evil. He made RS kill mum and he didn’t want the same fate.

Tom knew he had done the wrong thing ‘Oh No……RS has a navigation system and he will find me…….he………..will kill me!



Here's two exciting  stories about a storm,  sent by two YR 7 pupils at Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College, Worcester.


The Storm by Jamie Ross


I was standing at the top of a hill near my house, taking in the breath taking view. My house was near a beautiful beach which was great for a boy like me, a big hill to play on and a beach to go exploring. A strong breeze made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. The breeze got stronger and stronger. Suddenly I saw some big objects swirling around in the sky! At first I thought they were UFOs, but I looked closer and realised that they were houses! I screamed as I spotted a massive tornado heading straight towards me!

 A few snowflakes and some grains of sand twisting and turning through the air took my attention away from the twister. I turned to see a huge cloud of it heading straight at me. I had no idea how the snow and sand had come together to form a cloud. I’ll call it a snowy sand storm. The storm carried on towards me!

I then heard a rumble as the earth at the foot of the hill started to crack and the ground began to shudder. It was an earthquake! The twister and the snowy sand storm had nearly reached me! “I have no choice, but to get down the hill and try and crawl into one of the cracks to shelter from the oncoming twister!” I thought to myself. I took a deep breath and leapt down the hill. I stumbled as I twisted my ankle! As I lay on the ground clutching my ankle I realised that the breeze before all this had started was quickly developing to be a hurricane! The wind from the hurricane was now so strong that it was starting to push me along the ground. It was pushing me towards the crack! I couldn’t believe my luck!

A lightning bolt struck a big tree near me, which was so close to toppling over from the hurricane! It burst into flames! The flame was a big, bright orange colour. I used my last bit of energy and crawled down into the crack. I managed to lower myself down onto a ledge that was big enough to sit on. What a relief to be out of the terrible chaos that was still carrying on above me.

I waited there for what felt like a week. My ankle felt better now so I managed to hoist myself out of the crack which was now a lot bigger. I fell to the ground as I saw the destruction the storm had caused: everything was burnt, the hill hardly looked like a hill anymore, all the houses had completely gone (including mine), not one tree was standing up right and there was no one to be seen. My family had been inside the house when the storm hit. So I knew that they must have been killed! I started to walk, limping slightly tears streaming down my face, but I knew that crying wouldn’t help me so I carried on. I didn’t know where I was going to go, but I knew there would be someone to help.        


 The Storm by Marley Reid


It all came so suddenly. Sirens going. People screaming.

I was only small so I hadn't a clue what to do about it. My parents had left me all alone in the house, I had watched them getting lifted off the ground and hurled into the air. I didn't see them after that. I was only small but I knew what had happed to them. They were dead and I would never see them again, even if I did survive this storm.

My name is Torak and I wil tell you how I survived the sudden tornado which destroyed my parents and my home.

The house that I was in was built of solid stone so it was very strong against the tornado, when it eventually came my way. I knew that I couldn't risk staying because it could still destroy my house. I was only little so I was clueless as to what I should have done, little kids like a lot of things and one of those things was digging. so I decided to dig a hole in the ground to shelter myself until the tornado was gone.

I got my plan into action as I knew the tornado would get here soon, there was one problem and that was that I had to do it outside! It would be dangerous but I had to get started, so out I went and started digging. I was only small so my hole didn't have to be that big, luckily for me.

In 15 minutes I had made the hole big enough for me to fit comfortably inside it. so I got myself in and covered myself up. I had come prepared with toys and things to keep me busy. After a while the tornado was right beside where I had dug. I could just imagine it ripping my house to shreds. It had taken my parents and now was taking my home.




This brilliant poem was written by Ivo Soares, a pupil at Blessed Edward Oldcorne College, Worcester.



Books are fun and

great to learn from!

Hold them, touch them

day or night.

They can make you

very bright!

Stories, Stories

Have an adventure.

They can take you

to the past and

the future!



I visited Stanground-St John's School in Peterborough on World Book Day, 7 March. We had lots of fun making up stories together about pirates and kings and princesses. Here are two stories from children in YR1.


The Pirate and the King by Noumean


One dark, dark night the king went to the huge castle and saw a golden key on the grass.  

Suddenly the pirate turned up and he took the king and ran and ran. The king thumped him and broke his head.

And the king went home and lived happily ever after.


The Pirate by Alomus


One day the princess was playing the park and the pirate came out look for the princess. The pirate found the princess

and took the princess home and said to do something. And the pirate said "Say where I can find the treasure."

And the princess didn't want to say.



 I visited Hawkesley Church Primary School on 13 February 2013 and had a great time creating stories with the children. Here's a story and a story opening written by two of the children. Aren't they fantastic?


My adventure story opening by Trey Kent age 7


A year ago in space on the planet Zog there was something long, terrifying and dark and lights were flashing everywhere.
Meanwhile on earth Merlin the wizard of Celtic river was on a journey to his friend Crackmel, when he got zapped into a spaceship. Merlin asked, “What do you want?”

“Shut up!” said a stern voice. It was Master Bohdiey. He took out a heat laser.

“Glaver res catren!” Merlin had cast a spell to destroy the aliens and it worked…


A Mystery and Adventure Story by Sky Kirk aged 8

One day Rosie, Sam and Candy their dog set off to the woods. They built a tree house and they put in it food, a dogs basket, a bucket and a alarm clock. They painted it red and pink and they put up curtains. Rosie said,” Can you get some water please?”
    “Yes I can,” said Sam. So he set off to get water. But when he got there, somehow there was no water. After a while he heard rustling in the branches. Then he heard whistling. Then he was kidnapped!
    Rosie was worried and said to Candy, “Stay here. I'm going to find Sam.” But she couldn't find him. After a while she heard rustling, but before she was kidnapped she ran back to the tree house.
    Candy the dog was wagging her tail when she got back but was sad when he heard the bad news, “Woof, Woof!!!” said Candy.
    “Are you trying to tell me something boy?” said Rosie. The dog showed her some footprints. ”Thanks boy,” said Rosie. She followed the footprints. Then she found a cave with Sam in it. “Help me!” he said.
    “Shut up,” said a voice.
    “I'll get you out of here,” said Rosie. Off she went to get some sleep.
    The next day Rosie zoomed off to the cave. She got a paper clip and undid the lock and shouted, “Get out of here Sam!”
    The man woke up and chased after Sam, Rosie and Candy. But they were too fast and got in the tree house. Then the man disappeared.After that, Rosie, Sam and candy went down the slide and went home and lived happily ever after. 

 But two days after an old man bought the tree house and he was happy. Well, sometimes….








 This lovely story was written by Kacey Amelia McCann Aged 8 (Year 3) Kelly goes to Manor Primary School,Streetly, Sutton Coldfield 
The Biggest Journey Yet!

In the depths of the deep dark wook there lived a yound lady named Isabella. Isabella lived with her father as her mother had passed away. Isabella didn't have a lot of money but she knew she had somthing better, she had love. One day Isabella crept away from the house and explored the forest. Whilst she explored the forest she found a girl, a beautiful girl and her name was Butter. Isabella and Butter soon became good friends. One day Butter invited Isabella to her house. When the two friends went into Butters house they went in to the back garden. Whilst in the back garden they found something that not even Butter knew about. There in front of them was a magical path. As they walked along the magical path the plants alongside them started to grow thorny!

This was a very exciting journey to the end of the garden. Whilst walking, quiet pattering and footsteps could be heard. As Butter and Isabella walked, out of the darkness crept some dark and unusual animals. All kinds of magical animals crept from the shadows such as; Unicorns, Dragons, Ogres, Trolls, Dwarfs,, Owls, Pixies, Mermaids, Giants and Sabre Tooth Tigers. As they grew in confidence they gradually played together at the end of the garden.

The following day, Isabella and Butter raced to the magical garden, but no magical creatures came out! At the bottom of the garden they came across a shiney on the ground, it was a key. Both Isabella and Butter raced to get it but before they could a Magpie swooped down from the sky and beat them to it! Isabella and Butter were about to chase the Magpie and when a magical fairy named Amy appeared.

The fairy just about managed to get a grip of the key. After that small grip, Amy grabbed the key as the Magpie flew away. Amy introduced herself whilst showing the girls the secret door which was opened by the key. The door didn't appear to be stuck on a house it was stuck on a huge mushroom that lay before them. As the group of 3 opened the door they found themselves surrounded by sand! It appeared to be that they had reached an island. as they came up to the shore they were all welcomed on board a ship by PIRATES!

Whilst exploring the pirate ship, Isabella, Butter and Amy went downstairs and found a dungeon which was commanded by a witch. As the three were still curious as to what had happened to the magical creatures they found in the dungeons magical creatures they had seen before and somehow related to the garden.

That's right they were the magical creatures from Butter's garden. The creatures the girls had been looking for. Before the girls could rescue the magical creatures the witch spotted Isabella and Butter from the corner of her eye. Being the fairy that she was, Amy was too small to be noticed. Before the witch could reach Butter and Isabella, Amy turned the wicked witch into stone using her most powerful fairy magic. As the pirates commanded by the witch rushed to defend her, they found the stone witch lying face down in the dungeon. Once the pirates knew the witch had been turned to stone, they no longer wished to protect her as she had treated them like slaves. As for the groups kindness the pirates offered to take the girls back to their homeland. For their kindness, respect and care the two girls asked for the pirates to set their magical creatures free, so that then the pirates would be able to take them all to their homeland. And so the pirates did.

From all the friends adventure stories they had been this had been their biggest adventure yet!