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Don't like reading? Here's some brilliant books that might change your mind!

Abiya Joshy made a super Powerpoint presentation on reasons to read books, and hints on how to write a book review. Well done, Abiya for making this. Unfortunately I can't upload Powerpoint to my website so I've had to show each slide as a separate image.


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Pupils'  Reviews

These reviews have all been submitted by pupils at the school. Thank you for sending them in.

Latest Reviews


The Reawakening by Ann Evans 

Review by By Elizabeth Broomhall Year 7 


 I loved this book so much because of all the suspense and paranormal activity in it it really got me reading. I finished the book and would definitely read again,  My favo​u​rite bit about was when the paranormal team went to look for the 'beast' and didn't know what to expect.This book is full of creative and inspiring words to make people want to write a story of their own. this is by far my favo​u​rite book of all time so far (but I​ till have not read the rest of Ann Evans books) and cannot know what to expect for the rest of her books. 

 My rating is 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5 stars! 




 Cool by Michael Morpurgo

 Review by Lennon Scattergood 7W


The book I have chosen to write about is called Cool. This book is quite short but it is the best book I have ever read (I’ve read a lot of books). This book is about a little boy and he supports Chelsea football club and his best friend is a dog. His dog runs off onto a road so the boy runs after him and BANG! The boy was hit.  His mother took him to hospital and he was in a comma. They tried everything to try and wake him up they even arranged for his favourite football player in and he still didn't wake up (he could hear every word they were saying). But one day they brought his best friend, the dog, in even though they weren't allowed,  but that was the thing that woke him! It was all over the news about it and the weekend after he went to a Chelsea game and he had a VIP seat and that was the end.








Book Reviews by Agnal Thomas Year 9. These three books are written by Mary Hooper.

Ring of Roses 

RingofRosesThis novel is set in the 1600 at the time of the great plague.

 This book takes us through the life of a nursemaid named Amy and her run to save her mistresses baby named grace from the Plague, this book can grab your attention and absorb you into the world of imagination.

I would rate this book a 10/10 and recommend everyone to read it.





 At the Sign of the Sugared Plum 

 Sugar plumThis book is the recap of the book Ring of Roses by Mary Hooper but from a different side. If you have read Ring of Roses then you’re sure going to read this one because this book will snatch your mind and tempt you to read more. I would give this book a rating of 10/10 .I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys history, adventure and mystery. 







AmyThis book is aimed at teenagers especially girls. It talks about this normal girl named Amy and her bizarre life. She falls out with her friends and ends up texting this guy from the internet who she barely even knows but little did she know he had a surprise for her in stock not giving away the story too much.

This book can go wild with your imagination. If I had to give this book a score out of ten I would give it a 9/10.





Being Bindy by Alyssa Brugman

BindyThis is another book that keeps you interested when you’re really bored. The author Alyssa Brugman has linked this book with a teenage girl's life and trust me this book will absorb you in.

The story talks about this girl called Bindy (Belinda) who has lost a friend named Janey. The story takes you into the action of Bindy when her dad decides to go out with Janey's mum giving her and her "used to be friend" a shock! I would rate this book a 10/10 and I would love to read it all over again.







Abiya Joshy  - Year 9 

Twist of Gold ​ by Michael Morpugo​

TwistofGold I really enjoyed reading this book because its full of adventure and thrills. Every moment I turn the page my heart beats faster, I was caught in the world of excitement wondering what is going to happen next. I didn't want to finish the book because it was so interesting and emotional. I have always wondered how authors such as Michael Morpurgo who writes many stories but never runs out of ideas, usually the stories would become similar but each of Michael Morpurgo's stories are very different and thrilling.  

The story is about Sean and Annie, they have to leave their dying mother behind to find their father in America, they have only heard of it by their father's letters. I think this is a very good book and written with clever ideas.

 I think other people should read this because it really helps you take our mind of things and improves your imagination. If you like books with a touch of spice then this is for you.





Aneesha Joseph -Yr 9

Fashion Assassin by Sarah Sky

model spy

I really enjoyed reading this book as it showed what you can do when you really put your mind to it. This book shows a young girl at the age of 13 going through problems but also having an adventurous time. The main character  Jessica remained a strong,and has gadgets, she also has a trip to Monaco and in a super luxury yacht. 

  Sarah Sky pulls you right into the action, danger and suspense with twisty turns, a rich Russian family, some new and old familiar faces and a ghost! I personally rate this 10/10 because it has got a bit of everything. 




Alpha Sunny Yr 9 is first to submit a review this term. Keep up the good work, Alpha!

 Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsHPCS

 This book is full of mystery and adventure. It begins when Harry is with t​he​ Dursley's for the summer vocation and he meet​s​ D​obby (​the ​house elf). He gets rescued by his friend Ron We​a​sly and his brothers. 

 Harry goes on a adventure with Ron  and Hermione Granger to find the chamber while people are getting petrified. This story shows strong friendship between Harry and his friends as they do everything together no matter how trouble they get into. In the end the Snake is killed by its own tooth which Harry stabs into the Tom Riddle Diary. He re​leases​ ​D​obby from Mr.Malfoy and that was the last thing he could do to help everyone. 

J.K Rowling make​s​ the characters develop with the mysterious and fascinating magical world which she create​d​.  I don't know how J.K Rowling thought of these much ideas and I loved every bit if the story. I rate this 10/10. I recommend to people who loves mystery, adventure and laughter!!!


 The Top Reviewers this term were:

Alpha Sunny

Anna Griffin

Jessie Jones

 Well done, girls!


Daniel Jones  - Y7

Sands of the Scorpion by Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls     I really liked this book because I really like books about survival. I would rate this book 5 star. I really like it.







Thomas Smith Y7

Raptor by Paul Zindel

Raptor This book was very good because it had a lot inside and I just wanted to keep on reading, when it finished I wanted to   

  read it all over again, I would definite recommend this to anyone who loves dinosaurs and a bit of horror.






 Jibreel Lone

 Life Of Pi by Yann Martel


Life of Pi



          It was a very good book.  I enjoyed how the tiger reacted




 Joshua Crow

The Brilliant World of Tom Gates by Liz Pichon


Tom Gates  When I read this book I really liked it because it was really funny.

  As I liked this Tom Gates book I have started to read all of them.

  Did you know that I kept on reading them because they are spectacular.  






Amalie Martin

Dork Diaries Pary Time by Rachel Rennee Russell


Dork Diaries pt  Dork Diaries is a wonderful book. Every chapter leaves you with a cliff hanger.

  It makes you want to read more and more.

  Now I have nearly read all the books, that is how good they are!    






 Hamaimah Shamryz

Diary of a Wimpey Kid: The Ugly Truth by Jeff Kinney

Wimpey Kid   

  I liked that book because it is funny and I think it helps you read.






 William Milward

The Death Cure by James Dashner


Death Cure  This book was existing and thrilling because you don't know what was going to happen next from the main character or the other people








 Saba Akhtar

Dork Diaries: Drama Queen by Rachel Rennee Russell


Dork Diaries 3   When Mackenzie takes Nikki's diary Nikki and her friends try to get it back.  What will Mackenzie do next?







 Emma Kippaz  Year 7

 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J K Rowling.

 Harry Potter

This is a great book. When I read this book it made me feel like I was there watching Harry Potter and his friends.

It is the 2nd book in the series and so far I love them all. I really recommend this book for people who like an exciting and a big scary read!





 ​Ella Webley Year 7​

 Dork Diaries  - Drama Queen by Rachel Renee Russell

 Dork Diaries

When mean girl MacKenzie steals Nikki's diary, Nikki and her BFFS Chloe and Zoey want to get it back.

 Little do they know, MacKenzie has her own plans to make Nikki's life a MISERY!

 I love all the dork diaries books but this one is my absolute FAVE! I really recommend it to young children who don't like reading; they are all amazing.



 Jake Rouse Year 7

 The Brilliant World of Tom Gates by Liz Pichon

 Brilliant World of TG

This book is very good for anyone who likes to read funny books and I suggest you should read the whole series.





 Alicija Kelly Year 7

 Skelling by David Almond


We read this book in our primary school as a class and we really enjoyed it.  It was very intriguing and we never wanted to put it down. It was also very adventurous and we felt like we were in the book with the characters. We would totally recommend it to children aged 9 and above!!!






 Anna Griffin

 The Boy in The Dress by David Walliams

 Boy in the dress

This a hilarious book that was really good to read. It is very funny and has really good pictures. I really enjoyed reading this book because David Walliams' style is very addictive and extremely gripping.






Alpha Sunny

Sapphire Blue by Karen King 

sapphire blue final cover  Have you ever read a book that contains love, tragedy, and horror​?​ Well if you haven't this is the book for you. The main characters of the book are Will and Sapphire. Sapphire Blue is a young love story of teenagers who are deeply in love. The story begins with a car crash and Sapphire find herself in a strange and a scary place,​ but most of all Will is not there with her.

 Their love for each other is so strong that Sapphire will do anything to find ​W​ill ​even if it means​ that she has to cross the ​R​ed ​Z​one. The highlight of the book is that the​ir​ love breaks the bond from all the evil creatures in the ​R​ed ​Z​one. 

This is an amazing book that ​I ​encourage everyone to read and I guarantee that you w​ill​ love it. The meaning of the story is that strong love is unbreakable, ​and love will come for you in anyway or form in whatever place you are and that it​ w​ill​ always be ​there​ for you.



Amy Blanchard and Niamh Richards

   Goal by Robert Rigby      

 GoalThe book is about Santiago, a young Spanish man who dreams of being a professional footballer.  

He gets offered a trial at one of England’s top premiership clubs, he flies halfway round the work to give it his best shot with his skill, flair and determination. 

However, there is one obstacle in the way.  Can Santiago overcome it?



 Bear GryllsJessie Jones

 Mud, Sweat and Tears by Bear Grylls

 This book is about the life of Bear Grylls and how he developed from a small child to a famous adventurer and the dangers he came across.  It is good for people who look up to Bear for a role model and are wanting to be just like him. 

The age range would be 10-30 years. Personally I like it because of the personal touch he adds to it.


 Hadiqa Tabussum and Fatima Khatun

 Defender by Michael Hurley

 DefenderThe cover of the book is very bold and clear.  It has a bold title and a clear picture of footballers.

 We give this book 7 / 10 because it explains to you what a defender is and tells you how to be a good defender.



Tahmeda Begum and Sophie Gilbert

 You have to be a fan of football to be able to enjoy this book.  I would recommend it to someone who plays football , and at least 11 years old. 

I would give it 7/10 in my opinion.


Liberty Deaville and Laura Kelly

 Football Files: Midfielder by Michael Hurley

 MidfielderI think this book was clear and easy to read and was informative. 

The book gave a very detailed descripton of each individual and important tips which could help if you were interested in becoming a footballer.


 World Football Records

 Tahmeda Begum and Sophie Gilbert

 WorldFootballThis book is a good idea.  It shows readers a lot of information and in great detail. 

This book would probably suit someone who likes football. I give it 6/10






 The latest winners for the  best book  reviews are:


 Amy Laughlan  

Runners up

 Max Stanley

 Alpha Sunny


 Well done to you all!


Daisy Newman

lifeLife at the Shallow End: the Crazy Life of Electra Brown by Helen Bailey

A funny book full of wit. I had read the book after this in the series beforehand so I understood her extremely well. Electra Brown isn't only laden with her weird name, who would put such a pretty name as Electra next to a bland surname of Brown, also has other problems. Problems at home, problems with boys and a major problem with a satellite dish face. This book  made me want to laugh out loud at points (I didn't because I'd probably get a few weird looks) and cry for her at others. I really think that you should read this book no matter where you are at reading for I am sure that you will love it.



Max Stanley

‘March’ by Gabrielle Lord

marchMarch is the third book in the Conspiracy 365 series. The series is about Callum Ormond and his attempts to find out about the Ormond Singularity. There is just one problem… He is a wanted criminal! Somebody had framed Callum for putting his little sister in a coma and shooting his uncle.  Now Callum is on quest to clear his name.

The beginning of the book is on a train track where a train is coming at him with some force. However an unexpected event leads to a new, strong friendship which could prove useful in the future…

March is a good detective book because it shows that if you use all the resources available to you can find out anything.

I enjoyed reading this book because the plot kept on twisting, turning, pulling you in and leaving you very confused but amused at the end. Having read the entire series all of the loose ends are answered at the end of the series so you have to read the entire series to fully understand it.

All in all I highly recommend this book and the entire series to anyone who enjoys adventure, mystery and detective stories.



May Davison

The Hound of the Baskervilles

baskervillesThe Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle follows the adventure of Sherlock Holmes and his trusty companion, Dr Watson as they are investigating the harrowing past and secrets of the Baskerville family. Set in Dartmoor, Devon, the two detectives must latch on to any clue they can find, and see where it takes them.

The Baskervilles have been doomed with the fate of being the prey of a hound, a hound unimaginable to the human mind, a hound that can kill in seconds. That’s Sherlock Holmes’ biggest fear. When the world seems like its falling apart he must solve this case, not just for the life of his client, but for the entire of Dartmoor…



Amy Laughlan

The Usborne Official Detective’s Handbook

detectives handbookAuthor Usborne/ Various  Illustrator: Colin King

What it’s about: This is very useful for giving you all of the tips and tricks on how to be a detective.

The first few pages tell you about how to find clues, how to set up a detective’s office, how to identify bad people and how to identify a room when it has been robbed.

Detective clothing: detectives normally wear a brown hat with a black stripe, a white blouse/ T-shirt, a tie, brown trousers and brown shoes.

Robbers clothing: when robbers are in disguise they could be wearing anything because they obviously want to fit in, but a classic robber wears black and white stripes or just black.

FACT: Sometimes detective’s give each crook a nickname to help them remember how he works and to catch him quickly, nicknames can vary, but here are some examples… Bones, Brusher, Fred the Feet, Stuffer, Gum Boy, Pyramid Pete, Junior and the Count.

My Personal Opinion: I think that this is a very exciting and fun book. There are lots of interesting facts and some I did not know. There are also a couple of ‘detective mini-games’ within the book to! I would definitely recommend this to anyone!


  Emma Lazenby

Investigating Murder Mysteries by Paul Doweswell

investigatingmurdersThis book is a factual book all about different murders and how the police have solved the crimes.  The book is very interesting; I especially enjoyed reading about the different murders.

The first part of the book explains about what forensic science is and a little bit about its history. Then it goes on to share some different stories and how the police and forensic scientists discovered who the murderer was. I found this part very intriguing as the murders were all committed before the 2000’s.

Overall, I found this to be a very interesting book and would recommend to many people.



Emily Hiden

Thicker Than Water by Brigid Kemmerer

thickerGenre: Mystery, Crime

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

“Thicker Than Water” by Brigid Kemmerer is a thrilling, tense book which has been carefully written to fit the teen/ young adult target age.  It is about a boy called Thomas Bellweather who is new to a town called Garrets Mill. He settles in, having a happy family life but there is suddenly a big twist. His mother gets murdered. She had only just got married so it is devastating for Thomas and his family. But, his new stepdad’s colleagues (who happen to be policemen) decide that Thomas is the prime suspect for his mother’s murder.

Thomas tries to prove that he is innocent but it proves a struggle. The only person who believes him is a girl called Charlotte Rooker, a little sister to 3 policemen. Her best friend was murdered 20 years ago in the same town and she wants answers. It all reveals a secret that Thomas would rather die to keep hidden…

Read “Thicker Than Water” and enjoy the twists and turns that come…


 Owen Price

kidnap Kidnap by Chris Powling

 In this amazing story by Chris Powling, there a three children that go to a private school, Adam, Daisy who are rich and there friend Leo.  When they are in the middle of school some gunmen come and kidnap the three children as well as their teacher.

 The gunman boss is known as Boss Man, what the children don’t realise is that the teacher of the school has betrayed them by giving out  information about the school so it was an easy kidnap. The teacher is actually the boss of the group but Leo, Adam and Daisy doesn’t know  this until later.

 Leo was really clever and his dad knew about this kidnap so Leo contacted him so his dad could get the police.

 If it wasn’t for Adam all three of them would be dead as he rugby tackled one of the gunmen aka his teacher.


 Imogen Shaw   


spy girlCharacters

  • Jazmin
  • Aussi
  • Uncle Ian
  • Priest
  • Zeb
  • DI Barton
  • Calvi
  • Celia smith
  • Caden smith


From school girl to spy girl it is all in a day's work for the secret agent Jazmin Dawson! During their holiday in Venice, spy girl Jazmin Dawson and her secret-agent mum Assia can finally relax. But behind Venice's historic charm lurks a dark underworld, providing the missing link between stolen religious antiques and a body found hanging from Blackfriars Bridge back in London. Naturally, it's up to Jazmin to investigate well when she's not looking after the new twins at the learning centre, who are not quite what they seem. Jazmin is sassy and sharp with a unique futuristic.

Would you recommend it? Why?

I would recommend it because it is a thriller and very interesting. It is very mysterious and is full of loads of information even though it is a fiction book. Also I think that lots of people would be fascinated by the collection of spy girls and this is the best one I have read.

Age and people I would advise this to 11 year olds and up but usually girl teenagers.


Veronique Glass

crimescenesCrime Scenes by John Townsend

This book is very interesting and is stocked full of facts. It teaches you about what happens at the scene of the crime and how detectives do their jobs. This book also tells you about prints, blood, dead bodies and how skeletons help can help an investigation. It has lots of eye-catching photographs and true stories about real-life criminals. This book even contains a section on random facts and statistics that are very fascinating. 

The blurb on the back of the book is very intriguing and pulls you in and makes you want to read more. There is also a very helpful glossary which helps you with words you may not know the meaning of. The index can help you narrow down what you are looking for and which page it’s on. 

I learnt a lot of things from this book and I would definitely recommend it.

The rating I would give for this book is 4 out of 5 stars.


 Abiya Joshy

Witch Angel, The Sceptre of Truth by Karen King

witchangelthe sceptreoftruth200x300 This book is awesome, it is packed with emotions that drive you into the story making you think that you are actually there in the characters  shoes which is really awesome because you feel the exact same emotions as the character feels. I enjoyed this book a lot because it  includes a lot of suspense because you really want to know what happened to Aluna’s mum and what her dad is up to. It’s really interesting  because you want to know about a lot of things which engages you to turn every page and not miss a word in the page. I really like the  different characters in this book because none of them have never appeared in any other book I have read before, some of the characters  are similar like the Bygnorims are similar to the soul catchers in sapphire blue which was also written by Karen. I feel shocked about this  book because I don’t know how the author has managed bring up so many ideas that actually work for the story. I would really want to read  the second series of this book maybe about the revenge of Aluna’s father Sebastian. I have recommended one of my friends to read this  book and I recommend everyone to read this awesome book. I rate it 10/10.


Cameron Taylor

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

fireIn my opinion an excellent book full of suspense and action the second book of the Hunger Games amazing trilogy. Katniss has survived has survived the games once but now she must do it  a second time there is a small catch though she is fighting ex winners and they are experienced killers. It all seems bad enough but she has a hunch that she is meant to die... even allies can’t be trusted now.





Elijah Martin

Goal! By Robert Rigby

goal It shows lots of emotion but Santiago did use a lot of determination.








Daisy Newman

Once Upon a Crime by Carol Hedges

crimeThis thrilling adventure follows the journey of young Jaz Dawson and her super cool spy mum as they solve a dangerous drug crime. I really enjoyed reading this as it really brought you to grips to what is actually going on in the world, where drugs are a major problem. Despite it being a fairly easy read, it kept your attention from the very start to the end. I only gave it four stars as I felt that there could have been a bit more added at the end, instead it ended in a restaurant, I won't say anymore as you'll have to find out for yourself. A great read and one which I would recommend to anyone who loves a bit of adventure.



  Alpha Sunny

 Nightmare by Ann Evans

nightmare smaller         

 I enjoyed this book really much even though it was scary. The story was mainly about a boy called Todd and a girl  called Elspeth. Todd    gets nightmares every night and wakes up with a cold sweat. He knows he has done something  and feels guilty. Elspeth asked him out in  front of the class and he rejects her. But when he tries to put things right it  only makes matters worse. Those diabolical nightmares begin to  haunt him and people close to him. I thought this book  was amazing; I couldn’t put the book down. I don’t know how the author thought of  many ideas for example happiness,  scary, sad, and sorrowful and guiltiness. I would recommend it for everyone. 10 / 10 rating. 


Connor Dennis

Public Enemy Number Two by Anthony Horowitz


A gripping detective novel, based on a teenage child and his older brother. This book combines thrills and some laughs with cliff hangers and more! The second you start reading this book you will want to carry on! Ending up in jail, robbing a priceless artifact and witnessing murder is only some of the thrilling things in this novel. Set in London this is the perfect book for anyone who enjoys a thrilling ride through an action packed story line! Who hasn't thought one day about stealing something, whether it be a simple packet of sweets from the shop or even their parent's car! Well for Nick Diamond this has came true, but it hasn't quite gone to plan! After he has been framed for stealing a precious artifact while on a school trip, to blowing up an abandoned tunnel under the River Thames Nick and Tim Diamond are never short of danger! 

Overall I would recommend this book to anyone who loves to read a good Spy, Detective or Action novel's as this is prefect for them all. This is one of my all time favourite books. Well done Anthony! 



The Latest Winners


It's always difficult to choose the winners of the best book reviews as you all send in such fantastic reviews, but finally Mrs Bromyard and I have made our decision. What we look for is reasons why you like the book and in particularly if you mention how reading the book makes you feel.

So the winners are:

First - Abiya Josh  - Sapphire Blue 
Second - Zunnurain Shazad - Shadow Wave 
Third - Nadeisha-Maria Byng - Copy Cat and Sky Hawk 
Highly Commended
Daniel Espiritu 
Harriet Long
Alpha Sunny
Well done, everyone! I'll be handing out the prizes and certificates on Friday 4th March.


New Year, New Reviews

Here are the latest book review. Keep them coming in! I like the way most of you are telling me what you like about the book and how it makes you feel. Well done. :)


 Connor Dennis

The Subtle Knife by Phil Pullman


It is a very good book, as of course it is one of Philip Pullman's dark series it was promised to have a dark twist. This book is not for the under confident reader, as it has a very complex plot. Otherwise it is a really good book.






Owen Price

Five on a Treasure Island by Enid Blyton

famous fiveThis is an adventurous, fun and exciting book to read. The Famous Five leaves you hanging off your seat and will make you reading for as long as can.

This book is where the Famous Five are on a treasure island, so if you like treasure and islands then read this book. I recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure books. If you see any of the Famous Five books then read them. Its worth it.




Ciaran Gould

Guinness Book of Records Gamers Edition 

guinnessbookofrecordsThis book is NUMBER ONE!!! For any gamers across the world! If you have a​ games console set yourself a target so try and beat some of the most craziest records in the book!! STRIVE TO BEAT THE RECORDS!! ATTEMPT TO MAKE YOUR OWN RECORDS!! AND ENJOY READING THIS BOOK JUST AS I DID!!





Sky Hawk by Gill Lewis

spyhawkSky Hawk is a very detailed and moving book,  it has many memories and emotions throughout the book. It could use some improvement but yet that is just my opinion and there is always room for improvements.  I would recommend  this book to people who like adventures and sudden plot twists​.  I hope anyone who decides to read this amazing book will have great fun reading this just as I did.





Daniel Espiritu

The Legalisation of Drugs by Mark D Friedman

This book highlights the main points of the uses of drugs and balances the opinions of people. Reading the book will make you understand that if drugs were legalised, it could possibly have a good outcome. People normally take drugs to look cool, or look like a rebel, but if they were legalised that could be switched around. You will understand that drug dealing is all from drug farms, and stopping the drug farms is the only way to stop drug dealing.

 Alpha Sunny


   Where The Dead Walk  by  John Bowen    
Definitely worth reading. A different and unusual plot that would especially love to the readers who like horror. The characters were believable and (mostly) likable.The author writes very vividly, and I could picture the people and scenes in my mind. He has created believable and interesting characters in a well-planned story filled with suspense and horror. Enjoyed the twists and turns that were unpredictable and therefore kept my interest.
Look forward to reading more by this author
 Giving: 10/10 definitely!!!

Abiya Joshy

sapphire blue final coverSapphire Blue by Karen King
 I like this book because it is full of emotions and twists containing tragedy, romance, excitement and I really like the suspense that engages  you to read even more until the end of the book.   I was really sad when I finished reading because it was so interesting so I hope other  people will enjoy the book like I did. I love the way the author wrote this book because I was attracted straight into the book the moment I set my eyes on it! I didn't know why at first but then I knew it was this question that struck me CAN LOVE SURVIVE DEATH ? I was thinking for a moment can love survive death? I was wondering if I should take this book out and read it and I did.
 This book made me feel like to cry at the tragedy the author gave in the beginning, middle and end to engage the reader to carry on  reading. I found the characters all interesting and found the creepy Soul Catchers very interesting because I have never heard anything like them before in any other book and I like them because they are very mysterious and want revenge on everyone.
I loved the way the author gave the emotions and feelings to the reader to engage the reader straight away in the the first few chapters. I think this book has a mix of feelings and as it is a romance story it had tragedy when the two characters both died and joy in the end when they reunite and also includes horror when they meet the deadly creatures.
This is definitely the best book I have ever read. I think other people should read it because its a book with everything a book needs and the main reason I really love this book is because the author hasn't really used anything you usually read in most books - one reason its different is because it is a book about eternity not your life on earth and most authors write stories that happen on earth and mythical areas but this book is about afterlife and how colours represent places you go after death.
I rate this book 10/10. I think other people should read it as it is rich with things you would want in a book. If you want to read a book to do with afterlife I would recommend you to read this book. 


Jessica Francis

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

The Fault In Our Stars is a really good book because it has a lot of twists and turns and I like the part where she gets to meet the person she's always wanted.

 Alpha Sunny

Snow White, Black Heart by Jacqueline Rayner
I found this book really good because it was scary.  I don't know how the author contained all the emotions. for example, happy, sad, anger, enthusiasm.  This book is mainly about a girl called Carla, she was the prettiest girl in school until Lucy arrived.  Lucy get the main role in the school play, but previously it had always gone to Carla.  After I read this part I could understand what was going to happen next.  I couldn't put the book down, because I was always having a feeling of suspense about what was going to happen.  I would recommend this book to people who like scary and suspense thrillers.  I rate this book 10/10

 Gabriela Deoliveria

House of Secrets by Chris Columbus

I really enjoyed this book, and it was full of adventure and excitement. A good book can trap it's reader so the reader feels like they are in the book which is exactly what it did to me. I really enjoyed this book and would recommend this book to people who like adventure.  


Nadeisha-Maria Byng

Copy Cat by Tommy Donbavand

This book is really interesting because this girl does not have any friends and she meets another girl called Stacey and copies her because she wants to be cool like her, so she can get some friends,  but she is kind of a shop lifter. I don't really like reading but this book is excellent.


Nadeisha-Maria Byng

Sky Hawk by Gill Lewis

This book is excellent because it has encouraged me to read and it has made me think about the people that live in terrible homes and that they live with a alcoholic or with abusive parents.


Connor Maclean

Jimmy Cricket by Kevin Brook

It was a very good book and intelligent language and one of the best books I have read. All round it was a thriller of a book!


Karol Bednarski 

Night of the Werewolf by John Townsend

This was a very good book if you like wolfs, talking about the wolfs in France attacking children and ripping them up to pieces. This massive beast lives in the woods in a cave. This is a very quick book to read and very fun as well.


Zunnurain Shazad

Shadow Wave by Robert Muchamore

​This book was my type and this is why this review is going to be good about it, my type of books are books that include action and a bit of suspense and excitement, its basically what every kid likes and this book has got it all. T​hat's why I recommend this book for you boys only because I don't think this book is meant for girls as well. This book was brilliant and out of all 4 books I have had I think you people should take this book out and read it.


Jessica Archer

Don't Even Think About It by Sarah Mylnowski

Its good because the cover is intriguing  and the summary of the book is good because it includes lots of information and it makes people want to read it.


Aidan Kelly

Diary of Wimpy Kid: the Long Haul by Jeff Kinney

This book is good because it is a unique book because it makes you feel happy inside.  ​

​Katie Pitts

Catching fire by Suzanne Collins

Catching Fire is my all time favourite book. I am reading it right now!

I recommend this book to all thrill seekers and Katniss fans.

Harriet Long

The Boy in the Dress by David Walliams

I thought this book was very humorous and enjoyable! I would recommend this book to the age range of 9-11 or young advanced readers. This book may come hard to younger children as it includes a few challenging words. Overall I thought this book was very interesting. It also teaches you a lesson to do what you think is right and to feel good about yourself doing that. Once again David Walliams has another great book up his sleeve to surprise us with.

Chelsea Probert

Ellie McDoodle Diaries: Have Pen Will Travel by Ruth McNally Barshaw

This is a amazing book because has humour  and its suitable  for any ages.

And it is awesome because it feels like it is talking to you.

This book is entertaining and especially awesome.

SO what are you waiting for  get this book now while its at the library

Erin Jones

Fault In Our Stars, by John Green

I would recommend this book any day. It is a sad but happy story, it will make you cry and make you smile at times. It includes drama, mystery and tragedy

Isabelle Hemming

Sky Hawk by Gill Lewis

Sky Hawk is an amazing story with a twisted story line it has a story of a friendship full of secrets. 

Josna Jose

Party time: V.2 by Rachel Renee Russell

This book is awesome because you feel like the girl is actually talking to you and you can feel the same emotions that she feels.

Mika Herz and Lily Higgins.​

War Horse by Michael Morpurgo

We think this book " War Horse" is very touching. We think this because it is emotional  and sad and it is very interesting to know what happened in WW1 through a horses point of view. It is beautiful to see how the relationship between the man and horse became so close. it was so sad when the horse died.

Anes Zentout

Diary of a Wimpey Kid: Cabin Fever

​This book is amazing, I really like it because it tells you what the story is about and it is where Greg is in big trouble then he is stuck in his house with his family because of the big amount of snow blocking the door and I enjoyed it I​ recommend this book for everyone.


 The Latest Winners


It's always difficult to choose the winners of the best book reviews as you all send in such fantastic reviews, but finally Mrs Bromyard and I have made our decision. What we look for is reasons why you like the book and in particularly if you mention how reading the book makes you feel.

So the winners are:

Daniel Espiritu for his review on Communism by Nigel Ritchie  

Isabel Gray for Queenie by Jacqueline Wilson
Elena Christodoulou for Best Friends by Jacqueline Wilson
Ella Simmonds - for War Horse by Michael Morpugo

Alpha Sunny  for The Emerald Eye by Robert Lambert

Agnal Thomas and Abiya Joshy for their numerous excellent reviews.

Well done everyone! I'll be handing out your certificates in the library next Wednesday (13th). Keep reading!






The book reviews keep coming in! I was really pleased to see some reviews of factual books this time, by Oliver Lee and Daniel Espiritu. Excellent!

Oliver Lee

Species on the Edge of Survival: 365 of the World's Most at Risk Species bu ICUN Red List

​This is a great book and is very informative about the animals we need to save.

A must read for any animal lover!

 Daniel Espiritu

Communism by Nigel Ritchie

Communism by Nigel Ritchie is a great read, which informs people about the rise and falls of the USSR and the Communist system itself. It is quite unnerving to read about the story of Josef Stalin, the fall of the Berlin Wall. It was one of the first books I read in the library, and deserves more noticing. A great read for those who are obsessed with the Western World and those who are interested in politics!

 Attack of the Scorpion Riders by Dan Hunter

This story is a great read for adventure fans, and is quite similar to another series called Beast Quest. It starts off with Akori, a farm boy, who eventually becomes one of the greatest pharaohs of Egypt. It is quite educational as it teaches you about many of the Egyptian Gods. Some of them are good, while others are evil. Read the book to find out more!!  

 Isabel Gray

Queenie by Jacqueline Wilson

I loved this amazing book! it has a very sad, unfortunate beginning but becomes happy towards the end. I love the way it includes animals as well as people. It is very tragic as it could be a true story about the past. However it also very imaginative as it includes the Queen and her Jubilee. All in all I loved this book. It is very suitable for children as I read it first 2 years ago. 

 Sophie Griffiths

Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl

This book is a very fun book to read with all the plans and plots against the farmer to save the Fantastic Mr Fox's home from being destroyed by the tribal farmers, I think that is book is very good to read and that everyone should read it

Christopher Hearn

Black Ice by Andrew Lane

I love the young Sherlock Homes book because the plot is fantastic and I like how it is in the 20 century with murders

Olivia Tranter

The Woman in Black by Susan Hill

 It always has a twist no matter what he does,  he is not safe she is always there always watching! 


Elena Christodoulou

Best Friends by Jacqueline Wilson

Best Friends was my favourite book when I was younger I could read it over and over. I loved how it was a mix of genres like love, joy sadness and comedy. Jacqueline Wilson was my favourite author and Nick Sharratt my  favourite illustrator. I love this book and it brings back memories. It was the first Jacqueline Wilson book I read and I'm still reading them now. At the moment I'm reading her new one, Little Stars. I rate this book 5 stars.

Mine Aralikci

Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Cabin Fever by Jeff Kinney

This book is very funny with lots of captions and illustrations. I would recommend it to children under the age of 13. It is also very imaginative!!! I LOVE IT!!!


Sam Bradburn

Target by Alex Wheeler

It's almost as if this book turns the pages for me! What would a star wars fan want more than a gripping story that takes place between the films Episode IV and episode V? If you are a fan of star wars, you've just found your new favourite book.


 Wow, I've had lots of book reviews come in. Great to see you all reading. :) Some students have sent several reviews in so I'll group them all together. Well done everyone. Keep reading!

Jaylen Wood
A Hat Full of Skies by Terry Pratchett
I love this book because there is always a surprise on the way. The unknown is known by the end of the book. I love all of the characters including the Nacmacfeegles.  It is a fun fantasy book in a weird and wonderful world. I have read the whole series and can't wait until the next book  comes out. Terry Pratchett is a genius,  his books are so motivating and exquisite he is amazing!!! . His books are mysterious creepy but most of all they include lots of fantasy!!! I LOVE THIS BOOK​​ 


Dianna Cavaciuti
The Boy in a Dress by David Walliams
I really enjoyed this book because I thought it was really funny when Dennis found out that the head teacher who had expelled him for wearing a dress was now himself wearing a skirt and a blouse. I also found it quite amusing when Dennis's school won a football match wearing dresses and the head teacher got very angry

Hannah Vas
Diary of a Wimpy Kid:  The Long Haul by Jeff Kinney
I love reading diary of a wimpy kid books. But this one just had to be the best one that I have read so far.
This book was very interesting, funny and a enjoyable book to read. The best book I have read!!!!!! 
My favourite part of the book was when Manny won a pet pig and the pig caused a lot of trouble.  
Hannah Oldam
A boy in a Dress by David Walliams
I love the boy in a dress because it is funny. I like the part when he gets kicked out the school because he was wearing a dress.
I also like the part when he sees the teacher in a dress, that is funny .
Chloe Rooke
Diary of A Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul by Jeff Kinney
The long haul is very funny like all of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid 
I would recommend this book to all my friends 
This book is for boys and girls,  so it is perfect for anyone.
Harry Brimmell
Diary of A Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul by Jeff Kinney
I like the book because it is good and I really like it and its interesting and funny and its the best book ever and it is for boys and girls I think.

Ella Simmonds

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by JK Rowling
What a book. Filled with adventure, angry trees, flying cars, mystical beasts and a LOT of magic. 
J.K Rowling has yet again proved herself!!! Really good.
Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo
Amazing!!! Such a heartbreaking book.
It shows you what love between siblings really is!!!!!!
War Horse by Michael Morpugo
Such an amazing book. One of the best books I've ever read! It grips your heart, making you want to carry on reading it.  I
t's such a sad story, jam packed full of sadness, heartbreak, death and horses!
It's one of those books that make me cry buckets!!!
I think it's one of Michael's best stories he's ever wrote!!!!!!!
Four children and It by Jacqueline Wilson
This story was written with pure genius. Such a pleasure to read. It's one of my favourite Jacqueline Wilson books. It's a book lost in time.

Alina Anand

Midnight by Jacqueline Wilson
It is so horrible the way that everyone is so horrible to Violet especially her adopted brother Will,  who bullies Violet so much and makes her feel sooo bad about herself, and then Jasmine comes and acts so falsely pretty and kind when all she was doing was trying to get closer to Will.
Knife by RJ Anderson
This book was amazing!!!!It gripped my heart until the very amazing end!I would like to read some more of Anderson's amazing books!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke
This book is one of my favourites. It's so good that I can never forget the adventure I had with the book. It made me want to cry with both happiness and sadness
Connor Dennis
A Hat Full of Sky by Terry Pratchett
An amazing second entry to the discworld series, this time Tiffany needs help badly from the Nac Mac Feegles, can they help?
This book left me wanting more!
The Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchett
An amazing book to the start of Tiffany Aching who thinks she could be a with. She discovers some strange of creatures to help her along her journey.
It was so good I bought it on my Kindle!
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by JK Rowling
An amazing end to the best fantasy series ever created! This book sees Harry trying to pursue his vengeance of his parents and kill Lord Voldemort. With an epic battle of Hogwarts it leaves many dead, but will Lord Voldemort be one of them?
Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince
A chilling sixth entry to the Harry Potter series it shows the entry of a new potions teacher Professor Slughorn which means that Professor Snape has to be the new defence against the dark arts teacher! Harry finds a mysterious old potion book, which leads him to greatness, much at the jealousy of Hermione. It has with a very sad end!
James Jenkins
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Hard Luck by Jeff Kinney
They just keep getting better and better!! I thought he couldn't do better but he keeps proving me wrong!! I can't wait for the next one!!
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book 1
One of the firsts and one of the bests!! The classic Diary of a wimpy kid shows a typical teenage life. So gripping so good!! I would recommend it to anyone!
Emily Young
The Fault in our Stars by John Green
The fault in our stars is a very emotional book about two teenagers who suffer with cancer. I found the book was more for older readers as it was about real life problems but it was feel heart-wrenching and made me cry.

May Davison
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by JK Rowling
This is the second book in the Harry Potter series. It follows 12 year old Harry, Ron and Hermione as they work towards solving the mystery of The Chamber of Secrets, a secret room that no one knows about, until now. 
There has been odd going on's at Hogwarts, and our young heroes seem to be in the middle of it all. But when Hermione is the victim of the terrible monsters crimes Harry and Ron must face the mystery alone.
I would recommend this book as it is filled with mystery, fights, magic and the evil of Lord Voldemort. 
Max Blanchard
Diary of a Wimpey Kid: the Long Haul, Book 9 by Jeff kinney
This is a great book written by Jeff Kinney with lots of funny text that will make you laugh out loud. LOL.
The main character Greg Heffely is on the longest journey of his life with his mum dad and brother. I would definitely recommend it so read the story to find out what happens to Greg and don't forget to rate!
Thomas Albutt
The Lord of the Rings by Tolkien 
Great book loved every bit of it. Character building is key in this book and Tolkien nailed it 9.5/10
The Maze Runner by James Dashner
Absolutely thrilling a definite yes for fans of the Hunger Games I would definitely recommend it to friends 11/10
William Parker
Cherub: The Recruit - Graphic Novel by Robert Muchamore
The Recruit is a great way to open your imagination. It got me into reading the series; I'm on the 10th one! I love the series I've met the author and I hope he writes even more!!!!!!!!!!!!
Owen Price
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel by Jeff Kinney
This is a book written by Jeff Kinney about Greg the main character and his best friend Rowley trying to get a date for prom.
I think this a great book with pieces of funny text which will leave you laughing for hours. I recommend this book to everyone as it is an all around book. Everyone should read this book and I rate it 5 stars as it is just so good. 
Daisy Newman
Demon Dentist by David Walliams
A really gripping story that captures your attention from start to finish. I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys easy yet enjoyable books. Great Read.
Emma Lazenby
Chocolate Box Girls: Marshmallow Sky by Cathy Cassidy
l love this book as it is full of emotion and mystery. I couldn't put the book down as it was so gripping. I would highly recommend people read this book as it is just brilliant.
Megan Bury
The Runaways Book 6 by Megan Rix
I would highly recommend this book to children from the age 9-14 (or around that). The reason I chose to read this book was because the title was so intriguing and as I am a massive animal lover already I knew this was the right book for me .
This book defiantly lived up to my expectations as it was exactly what the blurb described. this was a fantastic book to read and I couldn't put it down . if u want a book that intrigue you and evolves u with the animal world I recommend this book to anyone like that 
This is an amazing book     
! READ IT ! 

darktreerising Dark Tree Shining by Paula Harrison

Have you ever read a book that contains mystery, suspense, adventure and many other characteristics? Well if you haven't then you must read this book it contains a lot of mystery and adventure. I don't know how the author could just fit it all in because it's such a good book.  It is about a poor girl called Laney who is a fairy and was born a fairy very late. Everyone says there is something wrong with her because she can't control water like Mist Fairy.  She wonders why until she finds out that her mum was a Blaze Fairy and that's why she can heat water and do things other fairies can't. I usually don't like fairy books but this book just is such a good one and  I would recommend everyone to read it. I would rate the book 10/10.

 Review by Abiya Joshy


Demon dentistDemon Dentist by David Walliams

This is a really good book it makes me giggle. Some of the words are made up. It's about a little boy and he eats lots of sweets and Mrs Root makes a horrible visit to the school...

 Review by Chloe Williams




extreme sportsExtreme Sports by Tracey Turner

This is a good book if you like sports.  the author talks about wimps and she talks about mountain bikes and about people getting into competitions.

 Review by Chelsea Probert







vampire academy Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

A Brilliant book, a very good read if you are a fan of vampires like me.

The book is a story of heart-warming and heart-breaking relationships between the Moroi and the Damphi.

I recommend this book for 10-11 year olds.

 Review by Katie Pitts

 excellentexcusesExcellent Excuses and other Good Stuff by Liz Pichon


I like it very much,  it is very good and I recommend it to other people.

 Review by Harry Brimmell




 emerald eyeThe Emerald Eye by Robert Lambert

As soon as I read this book I loved it because it felt like there was lots of adventure, history and fantasy. If you are one of the people who like this sort of book then I would recommend it to you.  You will want to know what happens to the four young adventurous children who are in the time travelling summerhouse.

I don’t know how the author thought of these ideas and wrote such an amazing book. This is one of the best books I have read so far.  I like adventure books.

I tasted the feelings of the character and the mysterious adventure in the time travelling. This book is packed with tension, surprise, adventure, fantasy and much more. This book got hold of me and I couldn’t stop reading until late in the night.

This book will engage anyone to carry on reading. This book is different from the books that I have read before and I am proud of that I could read a different genre.

I think that the writer wrote in such a detail that he could not finish it, so I am looking forward to reading the sequel.


Review by Alpha Sunny 8L

 say her nameSay Her Name by James Dawson 

A truly good book that haunts you throughout the book, going up and down with mystery and more tension and more suspension.

It's a very good book which was a very creepy book. The author has written it in great detail and given it a very big notice as everything is written very detailed and specific. It has a very terrifying twist at the end which gave me a shock. I would recommend the book to all readers that love to have a fright. I would say the book is one of the spookiest book I have ever read.
                            Review by Agnal Thomas



 just biteJust Bite by Tommy Donavand

Just Bite is another excellent book. This book is definitely aimed at teenagers and this terrifying vampire book is beyond creepy it can ruin your sweet dreams and turn it into bad dreams but is very interesting. Without giving too much away, Just Bite is about teenager Sally who loves to wear black and skulk about like a typical mopey teen. All is well until one night when, suddenly, all the lights go out and her neighbour's screams can be heard outside which struck me and I wanted to read more. It was so good and eye catching I just couldn't put the book down. Even though this book is short, it's a really good read and one that I thoroughly enjoyed. There's vampires, gore, thrills, chills and a genuinely good idea for a story about the undead.

Review by Agnal Thomas



jane eyre Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

It's quite depressing to be an orphan but Jane doesn't mind. Well that's how she started off like, being rude and unresponsible was her character, this made me want to read the book even more.The ending was totally different to what I expected. If you like stories with a total twist at the end then you should read this book for definite. I would rate this book a 10 out of 10.

  Review by Agnal Thomas




Dracula by Bram Stoker

draculaDracula is a very interesting gothic horror story that will grab any reader. If anyone likes horror stories then this is it.This book tells a story of a vampire that goes around places drinking blood and turning others into vampires, its very creepy but still interesting.
Review by Agnal Thomas

 Shadow by Michael Morpurgo

Tshadowhis book is a very touching story of a child called Aman and his mother who live in Afghanistan. It tells us about how they suffered just to get to England. On the way there they both had a brave companion who was a English Springer spaniel.This book is Fantastic, Amazing, Brilliant, Interesting, Sad, Happy, Exciting, Incredible and Thought-out well! That's why you should read it!!!!!
Review by Agnal Thomas





The CorridorThe Corridor by Mark Wright

As soon as I read the book I knew there was something mysterious about a particular person that made me get stuck in the book.The climax was scary I thought no one would be able to find the mystery but my guesses were broken and at the end the big secret was let out by the mysterious women who had kept the secret  all her life .I recommend you read this book it will attract your attention and if you leave the book at a cliff hanger then you might want to finish it before you do anything else.

Review by Agnal Thomas.


The Wishing Doll  by Beverly Sanford

 Wishing Doll

I really enjoyed reading this book although it was quite a creepy story ! It talks about twins and it shows how most twins are unlike each other but many people think they are the same. It is quite scary because of the way the author has written it. I really liked the part where the author has given a twist which really gave me the creeps. It's about two twins who are very much unlike each other and one of them starts hating the other and that's when she finds the wishing doll in her grandmothers shed when she cleaning it as she had died and was an adventurous person who travelled all around  the world, she then soon realises the doll is evil and magic.

I would recommend this book to all book lovers that likes scary books !!!

Review by Abiya Joshy


 Groosham Grange by Anthony Horowitz

Groosham GrangeThis book is written really well and I think it is amazing because of the writing techniques. I really like this book because of the story behind the story and what I mean about this is that David and his two friends have been expelled from their ordinary school and mysteriously get a letter from the heads of Groosham Grange and David's parents send him there right away. However David knew there was something wrong when a priest came and asked him and his friends where they were going and had a heart attack and died. It was really cool because David was on a mystery to find out more about Groosham Grange and also on a track to escape and it was really amazing because it felt like I was that character in the characters shoes. I would recommend this weird but funny book to anyone who wants a funny story to spend some time on to read.
Review by Abiya Joshy

 Fault in our starsFault in Our Stars by John Green

 I feel as if the book was  targeted towards teenage girls. The story is very moving, but I wish it had been  more realistic as that was the style the book was going for and needed to be.  Good read.

Review by Megan Holford









Private peacefulPrivate Peaceful - Michael Morpurgo



This book was written by a  pure genius. It truly captures the flavour of the life of a young boy who  eventually went to war. Moving and very beautiful, a must read. 


Review by Megan Holford






Close Your Pretclpety Eyes by Sally Nicholls


I really find this book really clever and interesting because its a story with a bit of history and information/facts. Its really touching story that has a creepy setting with a ghost making Olivia do things she doesn't want to but the ghost wants to. I found out what baby farmers are and how crucial they were and what horrible things they did such as kill small young innocent babies whose parents dumped into baby farmers. My favourite character is Olivia because she over come a lot of emotions and feelings, I felt sorry for her because she wanted to protect her family from the evil ghost but couldn't because the ghost kept making her doing things. 
Review by Abiya Joshy




          Perfect Summer by Karen King                              perfectsummer_500x750


I think this book is a heartbreaking story that rips your heart with the tragedy but also really thrilling as they work together like detectives to find their poor missing brother and sister. What I most liked about the book is that to make it more exciting and engaging is that the book is written in the future, so the book includes cool new technology. The character that I found most interesting was Summer because she seemed perfect and mostly because the amount of detail and description written so clearly shows how beautiful she is, but that is not the only reason  I find her interesting it is also because she is a good friend and is someone you can trust and call if you need help. I think other people should read as the book is rich with emotions and full of everything. I would rate this book 10/10

 Review by Abiya Joshy

Thank you Abiya, so chuffed you enjoyed reading it. :)

Wow! These reviews keep coming in. Here are the latest. The prize for the  best review this time is a copy of my latest YA Sapphire Blue. 

This competition has now ended. To find out the winner turn to the Patron of Reading News page.


Ooh, look at this fab review of my Sapphire Blue! Thank you, Aibya Joshy. So pleased you enjoyed reading it:)

sapphire blue cover I love the way the author wrote this book because I was attracted straight into the book the moment I set my eyes on it! I didn't know why at first but  then I knew it was this question that struck me CAN LOVE SURVIVE DEATH ? I was thinking for a moment  can love survive death ? I was wondering if I should take this book out and read  it and I did.

This book made me feel like to cry at the tragedy the author gave in the beginning, middle and end to engage the reader to carry on reading. I found the creepy  soul catchers very interesting because I have never heard anything like them before in any other book and I like them because they are very mysterious and want revenge on everyone. I loved the way the author gave the emotions and feelings to the reader to engage the reader straight away in the the first few chapters. I think this book has a mix of feelings and as it is a romance story it had tragedy when the two characters both died and  joy in the end when they reunite and also includes horror when they meet the deadly creatures.

This is definitely the best book I have ever read. I think other people should read it because its a book with everything a book needs and the main reason I really love this book is because the author hasn't really used anything you usually read in most books - one reason its different is because it is a book about eternity not your life on earth. I give this book 10/10.


 This fantastic review was  written by Jack Griffiths. Well done, Jack!

Divergent  Divergent - Veronica Roth

 Divergent is Veronica Roth's first book, which she wrote instead of doing homework in college/University.

Main characters:

Beatrice Prior (Choose the nick-name ‘Tris’ in her new faction. The story is from her point of view)

Tobias Eaton (Has the nick-name ‘Four’ because he has only 4 fears)

Caleb Prior (Beatrice’ brother) Marcus Eaton (Tobias’ father)

Jeanie Matthews (The ‘villain’ hunting Divergent’)

Christina (Beatrice’ friend)   Tori Wu (Warns Beatrice about being divergent)

 Eric (Dauntless leader, works for Jeanie) Peter Haynes (Jealous initiate who tries to kill anyone who does better than him)



Most surprising of all was how good the book actually was. From the point of view of young protagonist, Beatrice, on the night of her sixteenth birthday in a utopian wasteland future, the survivors (we're not told what actually happened) has divided into five factions, each focuses on a different virtue. Beatrice and her whole family are in Abnegation, which virtue is selflessness. The four others are: Candor (honesty), Dauntless (bravery), Amity peacefulness) and Erudite (intelligence). On your sixteenth birthday you must choose which faction you want to enter – and if it is one your family is not a part of, you will probably never see them again. Beatrice, always having admired Dauntless, joins their faction and begins her training in the Dauntless along with other initiates. There are vigorous test they must pass to enter. But there is a dark secret to keep the system perfect: many people do not fit perfectly into just one faction. These people are called Divergent and Beatrice is worried and she’s being told she’s among them. And when Divergent people disappear without a trace, there's good reason to be worried.

My opinion:

The book is very well-written, with emotional depth that gives the book an extra nudge in the right direction. The characters are interesting and compelling, the story driving and is a real page turner. Every virtue can be inverted and this is slowly what we see as the story progresses. Bravery can change to aggression. Intelligence can become manipulative. Love of peace can become passivity. Honesty can become a way to brutalize others. Selflessness can be inverted into self-destruction. I look forward to how Veronica Roth continues these ideas in her future books (Insurgent and Allegiant).

Life is too complicated and messy to fit in our neat little boxes, and those who do not fit the boxes are the ones able to change the system. Those are Divergent’ and Jeanie considers them dangerous. This is theme of the book.

bedandbreakfaststar The Bed and Breakfast Star - Jacqueline Wilson

I love this book because it's got pictures to show what the characters look like and it explains things well.  This book made me feel sad because Elsa's family had to move into a bed and breakfast hotel where they suffered a lot but it was a bit funny.
In my opinion I think this book is for the age 9-13. For 9-10 it would be better if someone read it for them because it's got lots of pages. I have loved this so much that I want people to try reading it and write a review to say it was good or bad.
Review by Tania Ferdous



shoot to win Shoot to Win - Dan Freedman


It is a amazing book that is a must read for any football fan ages 8 to 18.The book is fast paced and emotional.


Review by  Mina Khalil


   Midnight  -Jacqueline WilsonMidnight

I love this book as  I think it has a mixture of emotions as it has happiness when she meets her friend Jasmine and a sad emotion because she finds out that her brother is adopted and her real brother died. It made me feel like to cry because of the words the author used to engage the reader to read and also to actually slip into the characters shoes and feel their excitement and all their mixture of feelings.I think other people should read it because it will let them feel and realise the characters feeling and also a feeling that might happen to them so then they can read the book and feel the same feelings I did and the character did.

Review by Abiya Joshy


 Elle M DiariesEllie MacDoodle Diaries - The Best Friends Fur-ever - Ruth MacNally Barshaw


I really enjoyed this book which was written half like a diary and half like a normal story book. The book tells us that we have to overcome our own fears instead of relying it on someone else who doesn't want to do it. And the book  shows this by  Ellie wanting Alix the talking parrot to do her work for her because she was shy and didn't want to overcome her fears. Alix the parrot however flew out the house and flew away from Ellie in the end because he didn't want to do it anymore.


by Abiya Joshy  



companyof ghostsBerlie Doherty - The Company of Ghosts

I really enjoyed reading this book because I can tell that the author has worked really hard to write this book and I think that because of the description and language that she has used to engage the reader to read on and find out more. I would give the book 10 out of 10.

Abiya Joshy



ReplicaReplica by Jack Heath

 Replica is a mind blowing book with a lot of unusual twist which the reader does not expect.Chloe is just an ordinary girl, well she thinks she is, that is until she finds out that she is a robot. She is living the life of 16 year old Chloe who dies. Her life is then turned upside down when she finds out that Chloe's real dad has died in a car crash. I love how this book always has something going on at all times. it makes sure that you are never bored and are thinking about what could happen next. It also makes the reader think about different things that could of happened that the character has not thought about. ​​

                                  ​Imogen Kimberley ​

WonderWonder by RJ Palacio

Wonder is a book full of compassion and dreams. It tells the story of a boy named August Pullman and how he faces many challenges in his life, since his appearance stands out from everyone else. Through this book I have understood how there are many people in this world who think that they are isolated from everyone else and that their life is useless. However, it is very important to realise it's not the appearance outside you that matters  it's the appearance inside you that is the most important thing.This book has proved that with confidence and self belief you will be able to achieve anything. I would definitely recommend Wonder.
Anisa Lavy - Yr 7

 NightmareNightmare by Ann Evans

I really enjoyed this book, it was really mysterious when Todd finds out Elspheth has powers that can make you have nightmares and really scary visions!!!!!!! Its really interesting and everyone should read it and the story tells us not to bully or tease anyone because it will be in their or even your mind forever.​​​​​

Abiya Joshy - year 7




Demon dentist Demon Dentist by David Walliams

I really enjoyed reading because it makes me giggle and that the boy had a best friend and they tried tracking down the demon dentist! I always read this in my spare time and always makes me giggle when I read it.


 Daniel Howorth - Year 7



This competition is now closed.I found it so difficult to choose a winner that I've chosen two. To find out who they are turn to the Patron of Reading News page.


I'm now running another competition for the best two reviews. The prize is a dropcard allowing you to download five free ebooks. One of the titles is Perfect Summer (by me!) and the other four are Big is Beautiful by Kelly Martin, Legend of the Oceina Dragon by J.F. Jenkins, Life on the Edge by Jennifer Comeaux

and Starving for Love by Nicole Zoltack. They are all published by my American publisher, Astraea Press. So keep those reviews coming in! The last  date for the review competition is Wednesday 14th January.


                           Celeste by Ann Evans

CelesteThis is my best book ever read as it includes humour tragedy and adventure . The bit I like the best is when she has her flashbacks into the past and finds out about her past life. It was interesting when she finds out her name was Celeste and the bit when she finds out her new best friend Freya is her sister Ruth. When you get to the library do not forget to read this !!!!!!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​10 out of 10


Review by Abiya Joshy



MidnightMidnight by Jacqueline Wilson

I love this book as it describes the characters and dolls really well like when the author described Violet pretty peculiar. It gets really sad when it gets to the bit when she finds out that her brother,  Will is adopted and her actual brother Will died after his birth. Overall I think this is one of my best book ever read. So everyone you must read this !!!!!!


Review by Abiya Joshy



The Hobbit The Hobbit By J.R.R Tolkien


I like The Hobbit because it’s an adventure book and its full of mythical things and creatures


    Review written by Harvey Hall 8C



 FreakCirque Du Freak By Darren Shan

This book is my favourite book because it grabs the reader’s attention and it’s a nice book if you would like a new series to read.

 Review by Adam Collins 8C





Born to run  Born To Run by Michael Morpurgo

I really liked this book, I  can't say I enjoyed because it was very emotional and sad. This book was really cleverly written, it introduced you to a new character and then it linked to the previous one. I would recommend it to all dog lovers as this book tells you about the many lives of one dog and it really makes you cry with sadness then it makes you cry with happiness, this book really brings out your emotions.

 Review by Lauren McLean




Philosopy filesMy favourite book is The Complete Philosophy Files by Stephen Law. It is my favourite, because I like explaining very deep questions about life and finding out new things.

Review by Alice Braithwaite 8A




 The Brilliant world of Tom Gates by Liz PichonTom Gates

I think this book is excellent. it has some humour in it and the font isn't boring it has a big and bold font on some words. I haven't yet finished the book but it seems a great book and all my friends like it too. I think the author is funny as well. I am looking forward to reading the rest of it and reading the other books.


Review by Ty Rudd





StormbreakerStormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz


This is excellent because it is about a little boy called Alex and his uncle dies and now he's dead he finds out his uncles legacy and goes on a adventure.


Review by Thomas Gray





ZygonsSting of the Zygons by Stephen Cole


I love this book! It has made me feel jumpy at times because the zygons can change their form and pretend to be someone they're not which is really freaky! but it's not just the people the zygons can change into, it's also animals as well! Like for instance, on THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR, the zygon was the horse when the Doctor (David Tennant) thought that Elizabeth I was the creature.

Anyway! Back to this book it is a surprising book. Full of surprises. I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't like THIS book.


Review written by Romulo Hirst Year 8


  Spy DogSpy dog: Rocket Rider by Andrew Copp

 This is my favourite book because it gets more interesting as you go along. It’s cool to see a dog in action doing things that a normal dog would  not do.


 Review written by Ross MacDonald 8W




 TwilightTwilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer

It is my favourite book because I like books with immortality. I especially love vampires so I think this book is great. The authors writing style is easy to follow.

 Review written by Kelly McDermott 8W

 Because of the drama that happens in it, I could not put the book down, it seems so magical and real.

 Review written by Nya Marshall-Watkin


Wimpy kidDiary of a Wimpy Kid (series) by Jeff Kiney

The books are hilarious and always seen to surprise. They are great with all 9 books and counting.


 Review written by Tomasz Szymczak Fox 8W




  SkullduggeryAll Skullduggery Pleasant books (series) by Derek Landy

It’s really good and fun to read and you will really enjoy them. They are a must read!


Review written by Arsal Khawaja 8W



The Fault in our starsThe Fault in our Stars by John Green

 It’s a different kind of plot to every other love story so it never gets boring, it’s a story to get lost in.

 Review written by Nimah Richards 8W

 Because it’s got a good story line and you don’t know what’s going to happen next.

 Review by Hamile Aziz 8C


 Hunger GamesHunger Games trilogy by Susanne Collins and Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyar


I like the style of writing and it draws me in.


 Review written by Lucy Power 8W


Mortal InstrumentsThe Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

It’s full of suspense and lots of mystery, it involves demons and shadow hunters. I quite like the plot of this story and how it is set.

 Review written by Sofia Jones 8W




True GritTrue Grit by Bear Grylls

It gives a true interpretation of bravery and survival. It is well written with plenty of action.

 Review written by Jack Ballard 8W




Harry PotterHarry Potter  by JK Rowling and Doctor Who by various authors  and Enid Blyton

Harry Potter and Doctor Who’s really interesting and it makes you feel that you are involved in the story. I like Enid Blyton’s mystery books.


Review by Andrew Vas 8W




DivergentDivergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth and Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins

Because it is full of action and drama and they are very good storylines.

Review by  Evan Henton 8W


 Insurgent and Allegiant By Veronica Roth

Because it is full of action and is based about a time in the future where they believe that they may be the only city alive.

Review by Jessica Jones, 8C 


                                       Divergent by Veronic Roth

                                     Similar to the hunger games, Divergent is about Tris, a girl who must choose a faction. In her test she was told she was very rare divergent,

                                     where she should belong in all of the factions . Her decision is a matter of life or death . a very well written book. 

                                     Review by Lydia Mugliett


Bodyguard: Hostage (book 1)

Probably my favourite book of all time.  It has action, drama but a  slight bit of violence. But you couldn't be a bodyguard without having a fight or two! Connor has a great plot, constantly twisting at every new page. I would recommend this book to anyone who will listen!

Jennifer Smith Year 7



The winner of this reviews competition has been announced. See the Patron of Reading News page.

underwaterBreathing Underwater by Julia Green

I thought this book was really good and well worth a read. The story really grips you and is full of mixed emotion. You can really feel the pain of the characters and what they are experiencing and going through. This book was really good and I am going to look for more Julia Green books to read in the library!!!


Review by Hannah Clubley




DonutsDoughnuts, Dreams and Drama Queens by Leila Rasheed

This book was amazing!! It took me less than a day to read this book as once I was reading it I could not get out of the book again as it was so interesting! In this book unexpected things happen and there are characters good and bad. Things happen that are unexpected and there is a few big disastrous events that cause a lot of problems. In this book the main character experiences a lot of problems but in the end everything turns out just fine! I would recommend this book to anyone and I hope I can find more books just like it, five star rating!​​


Reviewed By Hannah Clubley



Clean BreakClean Break by Jacqueline Wilson


I thought that this book was a great one to read. It has drama, sadness and also some joy.  Em's mum and step dad have a falling out, and divorce. But Em misses her 'dad', and secretly hopes for a happy ending, despite her negative Grandma. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Jacqueline Wilson books, or cliff-hangers. Will it be happy ever after? Or will Em be left heartbroken?

Review by Jennifer Smith

Year 7​



NBAngelNatural born Angel by Scott Peer

This book is full of adventure and romance. It is an action filled book that will keep you on the edge of your seat. its full of heart-break and distrust. There is danger in this book and you won't want to put the book down.​ If you enjoy stories like this then this is definitely the book for you.

 Review by Emily Crow



SashaSaving Sasha by Randi Barrow


This about a German Sheppard dog called Zasha and this boy goes out on his horse called Paku  who is looking for some clover for his horse then this stranger got hold of the boys reins and scared him. This stranger who had a dog and he died over night in this boys house and the next day they go to the police station to tell them about this man who died.  Nobody knows about Zasha and the Russians hate the Germans.

Review by Bethany Spencer




Point BlancPoint Blanc - the Graphic Novel by Anthony Horowitz


If you love 'teen spy saves the world' book plots, this is for you. Also, if you don't like reading books with pages of words with no pictures but still want a good story, this for you. Personally, I love the Anthony Horowitz, Alex Rider series and will read many more even if its not a graphic novel. One thing that could be a downer with graphic novels is that most of the writing is speech which means the book is quite short compared to the book where there is no pictures. However, even with all the ups and downs, I still rate this an excellent book in my opinion.


​ Review by Luke Buffery


 Diary of a Wimpy Kid:The Third Wheel by Jeff KinneyWimpy kid

 I like this book because it captures all my attention by all the great wordings and so many interesting things happen I can't put the book down. This Diary of a Wimpy Kid is the best one I have read out of all of them, whenever I read this book it always makes me giggle and smile. The reason I like this book so much is because Jeff Kinney {the author} is my favourite author! Also my favourite character in this book is Greg because he is always wimpy and funny!

Review by Daniel Howorth




               Coffin creaks  The Coffin Creaks by David Orme

 This book is about a girl called Lorma who found an old cellar with her 2 friends and they were trapped with skeletons and coffins. My favourite part of the book was when Lorma wanted to know what was down the old cellar because it was like a mystery. I would give this book 6/10.


Review by Fahima Khatun



perfectsummer_500x750        Perfect Summer by Karen King (Me!!)

This is my book review on your awesome book Perfect Summer. It is very interesting and intrigues the reader to read on and on and to never stop. I found it very interesting when I found out that a young girl like Morgan would be so keen to find her disabled brother. Although many people did not take her side. I wish you will carry on making amazing books like this for people to read.

 I also liked The Hunger Games trilogy. I also watched the film it was fantastic. But when I read Perfect Summer I could not stop reading it and finished it very quickly.

 Review by Sameeah Tabassum

  Glad you enjoyed it, Sameeah!



Hunted by Maggie Stiefvater


I really liked this book it was very good because it was quite intense. With a new animal and dangerous baddies who had their own powerful spirit animals. I can promise you any animal lover would love this book.


Review by Andrew Summerton




Lemony SnickettA Series of Unfortunate events by Lemony Snicket


The book is so unfortunate its actually a great book. I was not expecting the house to burn down right at the start of the book. I am definitely    reading the rest of the series.


Review by Owen Foster-Price


PaperA Waste of Good Paper by Sean Taylor
A heartbreaking story so good, some will cry.
You will not take your eyes of this book it will take you into a whole new world. You will become the character and have feelings you have never felt before.​​
So take the time and go to your local library now and get this amazing book!
                               Review by Chyna-Benae Edwards year 7
       Rod Rules       Roderick Rules - Jeff Kinney
I like this book because in this book Rodrick is being mean to Greg but he is writing a diary about middle school and he is also not very popular in his school because of Rodrick's history at his school. The reason I like this book is because it captures all my attention and I have to turn over the page and find out what's next! I have also watched the movie and that is amazing! It is all based on this book. I like how this book has lots of adjectives and alliteration because it makes the book more better and more appealing to people who want to read it.
                               Review by Daniel Howorth year 7


 Have you read a book you really enjoyed? Write a review and give it to Mrs Bromyard so I can add it to this page.



These three action-packed books are published by Badger Learning, especially for readers who like a good story but don't want to read long books. Be warned, they're scary and there's a terrific twist to the end of each one!             


 Nightmare  by Ann Evans                 Nightmare

 This kept me gripped right to the end. I couldn't put it down. Be careful, it might give you nightmares!!


Everyone gets bad dreams don’t they? Todd thinks he knows why he’s getting nightmares, night after night. Guilt!  

But when he tries to put things right, it only makes matters worse. A whole lot worse! Those diabolical nightmares begin

to haunt his waking moments – and those closest to him. 



 Snow White, Black Heart by image004Jacqueline Rayner           

 Definitely not a fairy story! A suspense story to keep you hooked, and Carla will make you shiver.


Carla was the fairest in the school – until Lucy arrived. Now it seems she’ll do anything to regain her crown. 

But exactly how far will she go...”




Just Bite by Tommy Donbavanimage001

 Vampires with a terrifying twist. You'll never want to order fast food again!


Sally Hagen dresses in black, buys expensive purple candles, and hates the fact that her Mum orders greasy, takeaway meals from the Just Bite website night after night. When Carlos – the geek with a crush on her from school – delivers the latest dial-a-dinner, Sally figures the evening can’t get any worse.

 That is, until the lights go out and a scream pierces the night…




Celeste Celeste by Ann Evans

 A gripping time-slip story set in Coventry that keeps you guessing right to the end. There's lots of twists and turns to the plot, and the hideous monk almost leaps off the page.


 Megan Miller doesn't believe in ghosts or in reincarnation. But that soon changes after moving to a new city and a new school. It starts with feelings of déjà vu. Vague feelings at first that remain annoyingly just out of reach. Then the flashbacks start – memories of ancient times and fragmented dreams of when she had been called Celeste.  Then comes the haunting. After visiting the old bombed out cathedral, Megan believes some dark ominous presence is haunting her, following her, whispering in her ear. And always the same question, where did you hide it?

Megan becomes entwined in a frightening and heartbreaking world as she slips uncontrollable between her present life and her medieval past. But the links are fiercely strong and she fears that a new friend is actually a past enemy – and evil has followed her through the centuries.

 Available from Amazon as an ebook, but soon a print book will be available too.

 Ann's website.http://www.annevansbooks.co.uk/


  LATS cover small Looking At The Stars by Jo Cotterill 

 An inspiring, topical story about a young girl called Amina whose family become refugees when their homeland is caught up in the grip of war.


Amina's homeland has been ravaged by war for many months, but so far she and her family are safe, together. When a so-called liberating force arrives in the country, the family think their prayers for peace will soon be answered, but they are horribly wrong . . . The country is thrown into yet further turmoil and Amina's family is devastated . . .

 Through it all, Amina has her imagination to fall back on - of a better place and time. But can her stories get her through this?

Available from Amazon

 Jo's website: http://www.jocotterill.com

 More brilliant reads coming soon. If you'd like to recommend a book you've really enjoyed reading let Mrs Bromyard know and she'll message the information to me.

Image result for life of pi bookJibreel Lone

Life Of Pi by Yann Martel