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 This is YOUR page. If you've written a poem or a story do send it to me so I can put it on this page.

I've been on holiday in Spain the last two weeks, and while I've been away Ciaran Gould has been busy writing more of his exciting story, The Long Road Home. Here are the next few chapters.



Chapter 4


After walking for a while Wade and Jessica were very aware that someone was following them from the trees. Wade drew back his bow and aimed it at the trees and a man jumped out yelling “AHHHHHH.” Wade was about to let go out the sting but the man dived on to him knocking him over. Wade smacked his face hope to push him off but Jessica had to intervene and she kicked him in the stomach but this man was not a normal man, after he got back up he made a mini tornado out of thin air and it was heading straight for them. They both rolled out of its way and Wade noticed something on the man's finger, a ring! On the flat diamond  a symbol of wind. Quick as a flash the man thrust his hand through the air and a mini tornado throw out of his hand and knocked Jessica and Wade back.

After Wade and Jessica awoke the man was gone as if he vanished into thin air. This made complete sense to Wade. He had seen the ring and he could only think… Is there more of them? A faint outline of a man’s body was creeping past some trees. Wade knew what he had to do. He knocked an arrow in his bow once again and let go of the string, the man was visible again but not dead. The man drew his sword trying to stab Wade but he was at a distance so he quickly pulled another arrow back and shot the man clean in the head.

Wade and Jessica both ran to the man to check him over and Wade pulled off the ring and placed it on his own finger trembling as he did. Wade was threw back and knocked unconscious but only so the ring could give him a message. Wade saw the king on his throne with two men kneeling in front of him, they were knights the king's crown was golden with a ruby in the centre of it but Wade could gaze in awe for long the knights were saying something but it was quiet and he could only understand them saying “magic rings great power when combined four total”. The king was a broad man with muscular arms and he ordered the knights to find them and bring them to him.

Wade awoke with a sudden jerk of movement Jessica was beside him with look of worry on her face,

“What happened?” asked Jessica

He explained to her that the rings are being hunted and that they had to find them all before they got into the wrong hands. After he had explained Jessica just stared for a few moments before exclaiming,

“There’s more!?”

After the excitement had ended Wade and Jessica didn’t get very far before the night was upon them. The darkness allowed them to see another town in the distance they both ran down the hill until they came to a sudden halt as there was a moat around it as they called for someone to lower the drawbridge, arrows came flying out of the arch towers. Soon after they heard a voice screamed out,

“Call the troops, the witches are back”

Wade called back

“We are not witches”

But a old crackling voice said behind him

“No we are.”

A single laugh came from a old woman wearing ragged, torn cloak with a hood covering her face but then out of the woods more people wearing the same clothing were coming for the town all laughing with the same evil chuckle. Wade knew now they weren't shooting at  them they were shooting at the witches. He quickly got up and punched the witch in the stomach before following up with a knee to face, knocking it out cold.  He then pulled out his bow and knocking an arrow in it simultaneously. Using his marksman ability he shot two in the head pinning their heads together.

Jessica continued by pulling out her sword and slicing the arms off two witches before moving behind them and decapitating them. Blood was spilt but lives were saved and it turned out the best it could have ever been. Suddenly loud cheers were coming from the town walls, screams and shouts of praise and joy.

“They have retreated, we have won,” roared the commander.

It was only we Wade and Jessica looked around they saw how many witches were actually killed in the battle. The gates opened and Wade stepped forward and entered Jessica soon followed. Their stomachs roared with hunger, they needed some food. While looking for the market area a high knight approached them and commended their bravery and then offered a space in their finest inn and a three course  meal for no price at all just to say thanks. Wade and Jessica took the deal instantly and as soon as they knew where it was hunger compelled them to run as fast as they could to eat. The inn was very posh with solid oak tables and chairs with a golden chandelier hung in the centre on the room, although the room was very posh the food wasn't. The best thing the two could see was steak and potatoes so they took that with a bread roll for starter and a elaborate cake slice. After the meal they were so full that they had to stay in their seats for twenty minutes before they went to bed because they couldn't move until then. When Wade got inside the room with Jessica he said. “How do the soldiers stay in shape with meals like that,” and with a chuckle they fell asleep.



Chapter 5

Target Lost


The sun rose after Wade, he had finally had a chance to think about what he was feeling after he met Jessica, but he still couldn't find out what it was. He pondered for a moment and eventually got out of his smooth cosy bed with silk sheets and divine leather pillows. He then looked out his bedside window only to see a arrow fly across his face - someone was hunting him! Maybe it was the guards, had they caught up with him already? Wade woke Jessica and without warning told her to hurry and that they had to run, Jessica’s confused expression soon turned to shock as they heard a large group of men burst through the doors downstairs. Wade opened the window and pointed at a wooden cart full of hay, Jessica understood and grabbing her sword they dived and landed in the cart. They ran for the woods hoping to find a hiding place, Wade took a chance and looked to see who the people chasing them were without them seeing him...but they were already looking outside the window with an arrow loaded.

Wade called to Jessica, “Get behind a tree!”

They both escaped the arrows but not without the fright of them whizzing past, and on the truck of the trees they were behind. Wade knew for sure these guys were professionals, trained assassins sent to hunt them down at least that is what he thought until he began to feel warm and then hot and then boiling. Fire.

“Wade, Fire!” yelled Jessica at the top of her lungs.

They both dashed off into a denser part of of the forest, it would be easier to hide there, but Wade couldn't resist - he had to look over his shoulder again only to see fire emerging from one of the assassins hands and lightning out of the other. The guy they killed with the wind ring was the fourth assassin! And they wanted revenge for his death.

Silence broke out. Were they tailing them? Were they preparing an ambush? Wades thoughts rushed through his head. They were safe for the meantime but they knew they would have to keep moving if they were to stay ahead of the assassins. Night fell and they both got out of the forest into large plain so the two both grabbed a bundle of wood to start a fire and used the long thin grass to set the fire off. They set up camp next to a large Boulder which had fallen from the top a gargantuan mountain, Mt.tain. Wade and Jessica finally settled down and the rain came pouring out of the sky like an abundance of bullets. Both of them could not sleep in the rain so they looked around the mountain to find a rock that may have stuck out of the mountain to act as a roof, but they found something better... a cave.

 A fire was lit and the stories were told and the two finally got to bed. They were officially a lost target but for how long.



Chapter 6



Wade awoke to a constant poking to his shoulder blade but it wasn't Jessica.  It had green skin and a small body with ragged brown clothes, which wasn't the cleanest but before he had time to identify the villain he was knocked out cold by a thick wooden club held by a bigger one of the vermins. He woke suddenly again to a constant poking by Jessica well it was more of a slap, Wade had bruises over his arm and saw Jessica mouth the words sorry. Wade just shrugged it off and tried to release Jessica from her bonds, but being bonded too made it difficult for him and the lack of light given out by the torch lit room wasn't helping either. While moaning about the low light an  idea had struck him, he would get his hands through the cold stone bars and burn the rope used to bind them. There was one problem, a high chance of being burned, but it was the only way out he had to take a risk.

Wade snuck up to the bars and checked through to make sure no one was looking. There was one guard so he would have to time his escape. Three, two, one GO! Wade thought shoving his hands through the bars. He burned a bit of the rope with a little flame and brought his hands back in so the rope didn't fall outside the cell. When Wade around and Jessica had already freed herself with a knife she had stolen from the big creatures, Wade looked a mixture of thankful, angry, shocked and in disbelief. But at least they had a weapon, the flame on the rope had gone out but the rope was burned enough for Wade to pull the rest apart. He also picked up Jessica’s rope and tied them together to make it longer while Jessica started to chip one of the bars and the bottom to make it less noticeable. All that was needed now was time.

It took about one and a half hours to cut through the bars. When they got through the guard was asleep so Wade thought the others would be too so stealth would be their best friend. Wade set fire to one end of the rope and moved slowly towards the guard and it was then he realised these monsters… were goblins. Wade set fire to the bare chested goblin’s trousers and put the now flame-engulfed rope in the goblins mouth before covering it with his hand. The goblin soon evaporated faster than a one hundred degree water bucket. This kept on going until a once fat and hideous goblin was nothing but a mere pile of bones. Jessica was as far away from it as she could be the look of disgust on her face as it happened, but she continued past the bones with her eyes closed shut.

Ahead of them was a old dusty door made from maple wood and somehow vines had grown all over it. Slowly they opened the door and to their relief it was where they kept the prisoners' possessions Wade’s bow and Jessica's sword was on a table waiting to be put on a rack. Before they left something caught Wade’s eye; a quiver - but it was the contents of the quiver which in treated flame, water and lighting arrows all activated by a friction burst before being fired. There were only eight arrows of each kind so he would have to use them wisely they might just help them escape the prison. The lack of the New arrows wasn't a problem as soon Wade realised while he took the arrows a piece of crumpled paper came to the top of the quiver and fell back down. Wade grabbed it and analysed it. It was a recipe sheet for the arrows! Wade jumped for joy he wasn't restricted to using them but only when he was out of the cave.

They had finally moved through the other maple door and saw what happened to the rest of the prisoners. They were used to mine for gold. Wade had to make sure all of the goblins were taken care of so he could save these prisoners as well as themselves, it seemed stealth had gone out the window but it could still work. First Wade started by using a water arrow to take out a torch, while in the darkness Jessica got behind them and slit their throats. Wade soon caught  up with her and began the next move. He shot a arrow in the head below them while Jessica got on the top of the other one and stabbed through his back. Wade fell down to Jessica’s level and began to aim at the masses of rope bridge base to cut them off so they could be used as a ladder for the miners to get up. At this point the goblins noticed their presence and were charging at them.

Wade took out some of the bridges to make a mass amount of goblins rain out of the sky and land in a splat on the cold mountain floor. They had to keep the bridge in front of them so the miners could get their stuff back from the armoury and all on the remaining goblins were on top of it. Wade started firing arrows at a rapid pace and his fingers started to burn by the friction on his rough string line on his bow. Two or three goblins went down with every arrow but they had finally reached the end of the bridge, It was Jessica’s turn to raise the casualty count. She started with a throwing knife to three chests of the goblins followed with a swift stab to a chest and ending with a decapitation and forceful shove with her foot knocking over three goblins before they got trampled to death. Wade continued to fire his arrows but too many of them were on the bridge they would soon go down. Fighting. Suddenly a roar came from the other side of the bridge, miners with pick axes were implying heads of goblins and knocking them off the bridge their chances of victory were higher than a giraffes neck. The miners had finished the goblins off and collected their swords and shield, bows and arrows and they left safe and sound with a few bruises but nothing severe. Every miner gave thanks, some of them hadn't seen their family in years and they could finally see them again.






I love this poem about flowers by Jessica Ienzi



Some flowers are big

Some flowers are small

Some flowers are short

Some flowers are tall 


Flowers are all around

Even some rare flowers are found

Flowers come in all shapes and sizes

In some competitions they are prizes


So why have a boring garden

With just concrete and a fence

When you can have flowers

With flowers your garden could be

The best garden on your street

Because you have loads of

Flowers that are lovely and neat


So spend each day

A little bit by bit

Planting some flowers

Maybe just 30 minutes or maybe an hour

But not too long because

You will get bored of them

And that’s were all the fun ends




Hello and welcome back to school! I hope you've all had a good half-term holiday. :)

First I'd like to thank all the students who attended the Living Library event on May 16th. I really enjoyed talking to you all, you asked some very interesting questions. I'd particularly like to thank the following students for their lovely letters: Erin Jones, Ciaran Gould, Kate Jarrard, Anes Zentout, Shabbir Ahmed and Lily Higgins.

The winners of the book character competition, and the book reviews have now been chosen, go to the Competitions,  page to find out who they are.

There will be no competitions this term as I know you are all busy with other activities but feel free to send me stories and poems to put on this page, or book reviews, if you wish.

 If you've written a story or poem, do send it to me to put on this page. I'm really impressed with these students' work.


Ciaran Gould, Yr 7, has sent me the latest instalment on his gripping story, The Long Road Home.  


Chapter 3

A Sudden Encounter

Wade woke, after a full night’s sleep he was feeling energetic but that didn't lighten his mood much. As he was packing he heard movement in the other bed and Jessica got out of it. Wade apologized for waking her but she replied to him with; “ It’s okay Wade I was actually thinking if I could come with you, I mean you did save my life after all I think my life would be better with you.”

Wade agreed as it would be a good way to keep his mind of his dad but there was one problem… could he tell her his secret.

Wade soon set off with a new group member, Jessica, and he began to feel weird and he didn't know why days went past and he felt the same way but he still couldn’t figure out what it was. But It was nearly night and he couldn't think about what it was he had to put his full attention into food, water and shelter but he couldn't.

After a few minutes of gathering wood from the near-by forest he made a fire and laid some more logs down and they used their bags as, not very comfortable, pillows. Then he went back to spending his full attention to finding out what was bothering him.

Wade and Jessica rose with the sun at the crack of dawn Wade still wasn't sure if he was safe from the guards back at his village, they probably sent out a search squad trying to hunt him down. But when thinking about his situation Jessica became curious about his constant pausing to think about what he had done.

“What’s bothering you?” she said “you’ve been very distant lately.

 Wade froze, What was he going to say?

“Oh I’m sorry about that it just the fact that I’ve been thinking about...My parents yeah my parents I have not seen them since I started traveling. So I’m just thinking about what they could be doing now.” Replied Wade,

“Right, okay I know family is very important.” said Jessica

“We should probably hunt some breakfast.” she continued,

 Wade drawn his bow back while Jessica lit a fire. There it was a beautiful elk, His horns reached up higher than a giraffe’s neck, and its feet was bulky and large, his eyes unaware of Wade.  He felt sorry for the elk he also felt ashamed that he had to kill such a majestic creature. Wade lined up the shot to the elks heart, he looked away and let go of the string. A clean shot.

After they had fed Wade and Jessica set of back on the path to another town. Step after step they walked made them feel a little bit more tired considering they only had a few hours’ sleep. After a few minutes the track became very dark the little bit of sun that they had was being blocked by tall trees above them, but suddenly Jessica and Wade heard a snarl which instantly made them stop in their tracks. Wade drew back his bow, ready to fight until he noticed what they were up against… a vast pack of ravenous wolves.

Wade and Jessica ran for their lives along the path hoping they would lose the wolves but they only met another pack. They were boxed in with no way of escape they had to fight. Wade drew his bow again and aimed it at what he thought would be the alpha so they might have ran away. One wolf jumped up at Wade and another at Jessica, Wade shot his arrow at the aggressive wolf and it dropped like a stone going through water. Jessica stabbed the other wolf spearing it with a swift thrust with her sword but another one pounced on her dropping her to the floor, but she held her sword to its neck and sliced it open. Wade was in major trouble as three wolves jumped at him nearly simultaneously Wade put three arrows at the same time and fired only two of them hit and then final wolf pounced on him. Wade tried to push it off with all the might he had but eventually his face went blank and motionless and Wade could push it off easily, Jessica had saved him! The rest of the wolves ran as they didn’t think that they could take Wade and Jessica on.

“Thank you... you saved my life!” stuttered Wade, amazed.

“Well you saved mine as well back with the stretch neck gang so I was only repaying the favour.” replied Jessica

“I guess you right but I’m still very grateful” said Wade, panting.

“As am ,I” said Jessica, helping Wade get up.

As soon as they both caught their breath they ran out for lighter parts of the forest where they would be safer and it would be easier to see where they were and which direction they were going… but they never felt like they were alone.




Three Men’s Destiny


By Oliver Derbyshire




I started waking up after having another nightmare. I looked around and saw Jackson crouched down by a window. I asked what he was doing and he said that there were people outside. I quickly grabbed my machete and ran to the window. I saw two people with gas masks standing outside.  We watched them for a bit till we saw a survivor run up to them and ask for help. The next thing we know is that one of them pulls out a gun and shoots them dead. Me and Jet quickly run to the front door and take cover on each side. Jacksons holding a magnum he found on a farm and I have a machete from a dead body. We hear the masked  men walk up to the door and start to open it  I quickly show myself and stab the first one in visor of his mask. Amazingly Jackson manages to shoot the other one in the head.


After our encounter we decide to search them. They both had an M4 and a colt 1911 as a sidearm.  I took a look at a badge on their shoulder and was shocked. It was the military. I was so shocked that these two soldiers killed a innocent survivor. I realised that it must mean that the government is turning against their own people. I picked up the cot vest one was wearing and his helmet for protection. I walked over to the dead survivor and searched them. I found a wallet with 10 pounds and a picture of his family. I guessed he was looking for food or medicine and then found the soldiers. I started to walk over to Jackson but I heard the roar of a car engine speeding up the road . The car was military Humvee with a gunner at the top. I raised my M4 and fired a few shots which bounced off the sturdy hull of the Humvee. Jackson started firing too and hit the gunner. I focused my fire at the driver and managed to take him out. The car skidded to a halt and the gunner stumbled out. We didn’t want to shoot him but he pulled out a gun and forced us to do it.


I pulled the driver’s dead body out I climbed into the car Jet got into the gunners seat and readied the gun. I put my foot on the peddle and drove towards the woods. We drove into the woods and saw a lit campfire. I immediately stopped the car and grabbed my M4. I told Jet watch the vehicle while I checked it out. I crawled over to a bush near the fire and looked around the campfire. I saw a man with a hatchet eating food. I walked out and realised it was someone I knew.


 I stepped out into the light and greeted him. But immediately felt a pain at the back of my head. I woke up to the smell of meat and fire burning. I sat myself up and looked around. I was in the forest next to a fire. I assumed it was the one I got knocked out in. I got up and looked around. I found the car with the two men. I greeted them. They turned and didn’t understand. I realised I had a mask over my face. I took it off and they immediately recognised me. We started asking each other what happened after we left each other.



Silent Creatures by Katie Pitts

“The tiger, so strong and striped,

Prowling quietly through the night,

Blended into the foliaged world,

Your prey awaits, its blood turns cold.”


The war rages on, the guns kill more,

Fear and terror strike the living,

Keep them safe my lord,

Stop them from becoming monsters like the killers,


I remember those words so very clear, but the ends is creeping very near.

The sun has melted all the ice, the arctic world turned to paradise,

Snow, gone. The dark has come,

Hide your children and hope for the sun,


Silent life, silent death,

Stay safe my dearest,

My heart will always love you,

Until death we part,

I will keep you safe,

I will keep you calm,

Stay my dear and keep the charm,

Forever lost but not forgotten,

The lives created forever gone,

Loved and grieved for but the power worthless,

Wars erupting from small places,

Keep strong and carry on,

After the world has peace,

We shall live in harmony,

Love and peace throughout the lands,

Stay by me and do not demand .


In loving memory of all deaths occurred in the wars

Lest We forget those who risked their lives for us. 



And Ciaran Gould sent the next chapter of his exciting adventure story, The Long Road Ahead.


Chapter 2


Wade woke to bitter coldness of the early morning and picked up his quiver ,which he used as a pillow, he went further up into the forest to hunt a rabbit or deer. Some time passed and Wade didn't see or hear anything, so he decided that he would go further down the road, he went back to his camp to retrieve his bag and he left the woods and travelled back on the empty road.

 "HOORAY” cried a mob of people, Wade ran for his life with thoughts rushing through his head. Is It the guards? How did they find me? What are they going to do to me?

Wade soon ran out of breath and jogged back into the forest. Suddenly the noise of cheering stopped maybe they were praising his arrival. There was a town near-by but then he remembered the date it was a trading day that’s why he saw the travelling traders they were heading to a new town to trade!                                                          


Tension was rising in Wade's heart as he walked up the stairs to a new civilization.

At the stalls were funny looking people trying to sell their goods of weaponry and food but to no prevail, they were very small for a start and they had very pale green skin, IT WAS A ELF! The glum look on the elves face soon disappeared, as Wade walked up to her store to buy food, and instead was replaced with a bright beaming smile. Then Wade realized she was a young girl tending the shop while her father baked the food.

“Hello, sir” came a loud screeching voice. “What would you like to buy”

The elf looked exited as she had finally had a customer,

“Hello can I have a loaf of bread I believe that is two shillings”

“Certainly,” screeched the young elf still with a smile on her face.

Wade took off his bag and reached into it and pulled out two large shillings, he then placed them on the table took the bread and left the elf with a smile and a wave.                                            

 Wade felt better about himself and he no longer thought of the crime he accidently committed, but that thought didn't last long. Wade peered at an alleyway to see a man robbing a girl about the same age as him, He ran over to the alleyway ready to fight this criminal . Taking an  arrow from his quiver he knocked it to his bow and pulled the string back.

“Leave her alone,” Wade said standing firm with concordance he didn't really have. But the man just smiled as two other men jumped out of the shadows and grabbed him

Wade let go of the arrow and it hit the man’s leg as he was unable to fight the girl kicked his head knocking him out cold. Wade elbowed one man in the groin and hit him with his bow over his head, then he turned to one side and smacked the other man in the stomach and the girl ran over and whacked his head back up with an upper cut.

With a brief moment for Wade to gain his breath the girl said to him, “Thank you. My name is Calista, and yours is?”

 “My name is Wade and we should probably get to a tavern before any of those guys get back”

 The two of them headed to the cheapest tavern they could find. Wade bought a room for two for one night and got the girl, and himself, a pork and potato dish as they talked about who the thugs were.

 “So who were those guys who attacked you?” Wade asked while taking another fork full of pork,

 “Those, blighters were the Stretch Neck gang” replied Calista, “worst of the worst if you ask me their only downfall is they are tough but not very intelligent.”

 With Wade’s extra knowledge of the Stretch Neck gang, Wade wanted to rest and the next day he would set off again.

 I wonder what will happen next?


Jessica Ienzi,  Year 10,  sent me this lovely poem, and a picture to illustrate it. I could almost feel the sand beneath my feet, Jessica.



The Deep Blue Sea

The deep blue sea, just waiting for me

The hot blazing sun going on to the cold sea.

I could feel the warm golden sand getting between my toes.

I could hear the sound of the waves drifting in and out.

I could feel the hot blazing sun going onto my back.

I can see little children running in and out of the sea making lots of noise with excitement

I could hear the sound of birds singing happily.

I can smell the fresh seafood coming from the restaurant

This is the life for me, just living by the sea with a nice breeze

Now this is what I call heaven



Ciaran Gould,Year 7, sent me this instalment of his exciting story. I wonder what happens next?...


Chapter 1


Long Road Ahead


“Father!  I need to tell you something” exclaimed Wade with a hint of worry in his voice. “What on earth is the matter? You seem in a rush,” “I am” explained Wade, “I was hunting and I thought I found an animal but I couldn't see it very well and a..a.and” “y..yes” Wade’s dad cut in. “I shot and killed one of the guards who was looking for me to bring me back here. I must go, I can’t be put in prison so I'm going to pack up and I’ll leave at five-thirty in the morning before the guard’s shift starts. I love you dad…” “I love you too Wade” sighed Wade’s dad. Wade’s dad dropped a load of hunting equipment he had made in the blacksmithing forge. There was a bow with fine goose feather arrows at least fifty of them. Wade packed them all in his bag and then Wade’s dad dropped a coat a fur leather coat, the shiny leather would be water proof and the fur would keep him warm. Wade grabbed a small sack of money and his dad gave him a little bit from what he had sold recently. Altogether Wade had two-hundred and fifty shillings that would be enough until he got a job. Sweat poured from his face, like it was a hot summer’s day, as Wade had finally finished packing. For possibly the last time Wade slipped off his boots took off his top and tried to get some sleep.


Wade woke to a soft breeze brushing his face with its long soft fingers, and he noticed that the time was only four-thirty he woke too early. Wade couldn't sleep at the thought of his horrible mistake, so he decided to set up some good byes and pack some more things that he didn't need as desperately as everything else in his bag. As soon as Wade stood up the cold wind pushed Wade back under his covers, so Wade quickly clenched a top and put it on he decided he should write a note of goodbye to his father and leave him something to remember him by, as well as all the drawings of him and his father together.  Wade said the words he was writing as he wrote them. “Dear Father, I truly believe if you didn't have this blacksmith you would follow me every step of the way, I feel I know how much you love me and I know I probably don't love as near as much but I can say I am grateful for everything you have done for me and everything you will do when I return someday. Love Wade.”

Some time passed and Wade was fully packed his dad had still not woken or so he thought, but his dad was watching him the whole time he packed. His dad did not speak he just walked up to Wade with tears in his eyes he grabbed Wade and hugged him.

 “Goodbye my son”

 Wade's eyes began to fill tears too as he bid his dad farewell and promised him that one day he would return to him and with those final words Wade opened the door and left…

The village gate was far away but no one was awake, not even the guards. That would make it easy for goblins to attack Wade thought. But regardless it was also easy for him to escape but there was one flaw in his plan… The gates were always closed until the guards awoke.Wade couldn’t risk being caught he had to climb over but how could he climb over but then he noticed something else he could climb on to get over. Wade sprinted over to a pile of storage boxes that were outside of the storage shed and in a flow of movement he jumped up on to one box and then a stack of three and then reaching out for the wall he grasped on to it and one hand slipped but in an adrenaline rush he gained a firm grip on to the wall with both hands and pulled himself up with ease and Wade fell down off the wall and ran.

Everything had been quite quiet but Wade still felt on edge like someone was watching him but he didn't stop to check in case it was one of the guardsmen. Suddenly Wade heard a vague crowd of footsteps coming his way Wade ran in to the woods in hope that they weren't in there. Scared, worried, cautious, Wade snook behind the Huge crowd to reveal in fact it wasn't an angry mob of guards, but it was a trading group with food, water clothing and weaponry such as divine broad swords to dine daggers and they had the best Goose feather arrows ever seen and with them a soft leather quiver with exceptional animal fur on the inside. He had to get it.

Wade ran up to them,

 "Hey, how much to do you want for the quiver with the arrows?” The man selling it just peered at Wade before saying “It’s too much for you boy now, GO!” Wade stood firm on the ground and with a smug look on his face,

 “What? Yes, Yes of course,” Muttered the trader, Wade could see pile of shillings build up in his eye as he pulled out his smooth leather pouch. Wade laid eight shillings on his hand as the trader looked at him in disgust, so then Wade threw the pouch over to the trader and with the extra space in his backpack, which used to be arrows, he could then put the rest of the pouches contents in his bag.

 It had been a few hours and the sun was going down Wade was still next to the vast forest so he decided to set up camp under some leafy trees and set up a make-shift fire with fallen braches and drifted to sleep.


To be continued…..



I'm very impressed with this excellent story starter by Ciaran Gould. Ciaran wrote this after my World Book Week visit.

Cold and alone, Wade had to make this shot if he didn’t he would go hungry tonight. Rain was pouring out of the sky as if it was a bucket filled with water that had been tipped over. Beside the rain there was also a faint sound of footsteps, Wade’s ears perked up in hope of hearing where it was and he did with an arrow knocked in his bow. Wade hesitated to draw his bow not knowing what he was about to shoot but hunger compelled him to draw back and take the shot.

 It was a clean shot… on one of the guards men who was trying to find him to bring him back to the village. Wade knew they would find him this would be his last night in the village tomorrow he would go as far away as he could.

How exciting! Well done, Ciaran. I can't wait to see what happens next.


I love World Book Week! I've been visiting various schools this week to talk to the children about my work and run writing workshops. And, of course, a visit to my Patron of reading school is a must. I talked to Year 7's about being an author and we did a 'show not tell' writing exercise. The students were all given a card with an emotion written on it, then had to write a sentence 'showing' that emotion without mentioning what it was. The entries were really good. Here are some of them:

There were butterflies in my stomach. I jumped up and down, my face beaming. I couldn't wait!


Sam marched out of the room with smoke blasting out of his ears. He felt like viciously punching the wall.


I gasped at her, not believing what I heard. My eyes widened as I stared at her.


Izzy's hand was shaking like an earthquake as she nibbled at her ridged nails You could almost hear her rapid heart beating in her throat.


I discussed writing short stories with Year 9's. Then I gave them the opening sentence of a story and asked them to write the first paragraph.  Look at some of the fantastic opening paragraphs they created from this opening sentence: There was a scream then it all went black.

There was a scream then it all went black. She woke up blind. All other senses heightened and alert. She could hear what seemed like talking and feel a band of cold around her wrists. The taste of blood inside her mouth and the smell of antiseptic in the air. She was definitely not at home anymore.

There was a  scream then it all went black. I awoke in a dark, cold room. I tried to move but I was chained to the wall with shivering steel. An illusive, growling figure ran forwards and backwards in the shadows.

There was a scream then it all went black. However, this particular scream was harrowing and unforgettable. This was murder, cold-blooded and simple. This was a case that would never be closed, well not personally anyway...

There was a scream and then it all went black. I could hear footsteps and rustling, like a rat crawling around. I could smell a horrible smell almost like a dead animal. A door opened and light shone into my eyes, filling the room. A man's shadow crawled in front of me and there it was ...


Excellent work, everyone!






I hope you've all had a fab Christmas and that 2016 is a good year for you. Lots of luck and happy times to you all. :)

I'll be popping in to the school library next Wednesday (13th) to give out the prizes to the competition and book review winners. A list of these is on the POR Competitions and Brilliant Reads pages.  

We've got more fun competitions coming up, I'll be announcing the next one shortly. Thank you all for your support with these competitions and all your book reviews. 

By the way, I live in Worcester so if you see me around do come and say 'hello' and introduce yourselves. It's always lovely to meet you and talk to you. Forgive me if you've met me before and I walk past you, I'm not too good at recognising people and there are a lot of you to remember! 


Top Student Librarians

Mrs Bromyard has told me that the following Student Librarians, in Years 9 and 10, have been excellent in training and supporting the younger Y7 librarians.

Carenza Kippax
Megan Larner
Ross MacDonald
Hannah Richardson
Tomasz Szymczak-Fox
Also the following Y7 students have now completed their basic training.  Each student has received badges and certificates, and they are making an valuable contribution to the College Library.  The students can take their librarian training further if they wish, by learning about other skills and responsibilities.
Max Stanley
Marley Knight
Sam Bradburn
Gianluca Fudger
Chelsea Probert
Megan Bury
Isabella Carter
Emma Moroney



Well done, everyone!



Congratulations to the Kids Lit teams, members below, for their success in yesterday's Kids Lit Quiz. 

Here are some photos of Team 1,  and Team 1 with Mrs Bromyard, Quiz Master Wayne Mills and Author Mark Robson.

p1060582                              team 1



Team 1

 Jennifer Smith, Lydia Muglliett, Max Stanley, Cameron Taylor


Team 2

 Daniel Espiritu, Sam Bradburn, Alpha Sunny, Marley Knight


 Mrs Bromyard told me that the two teams of four battled through 100 questions in ten categories, written by the New Zealand Quiz Master, Wayne Mills.  The rounds included subjects on Animals, Princesses and Shipwrecks.  Both teams achieved “best of round” and received books as prizes.  In addition, Cameron Taylor won signed copies of books in a “spot” question by correctly answering a question by author Mark Robson.  Following a tie break question, Blessed Edward Oldcorne Team 1 accomplished 3rd place in the overall competition and won £10.00 book vouchers each.  

Well done all of you! 

And congratulations to Mr Powell and Mrs Bromyard who also won £5.00 vouchers in the audience questions!

Here's Cameron with author Mark Robson, (left) and Wayne Mills, Quiz master (with the hat!)

 Also the score chart. 


cameron taylor                scores


And here's a picture of Sarah Cross receiving holding her Ist prize certificate for winning the Mythical Creatures competition. I'm pointing to Sarah's wonderful entry. Well done, Sarah!


sarah cross



Exciting News!

I'm doing a happy dance at the moment as I've got two pieces of exciting news of my own to share with you. First, my YA SAPPHIRE BLUE has just been awarded second prize in the Golden Star Cover Art contest. Isn't that brilliant? I love that cover! I've got my lovely cover artist Michelle Crocker to thank for that. Where would we be without artists? Here's a pic of the award.

golden star awards 2nd place - paranormal trophy 300


My second piece of news is that I've just signed a three book contract with Accent Press for contemporary romance novels and am working hard on those. You all probably know me as a children's author but I write lots of other things as well, including romance novels, usually under the name of Kay Harborne but Accent Press want to publish these three novels under my own name, Karen King.

I'm so excited at the moment I'm almost bursting!


 More Exciting News

Hannah Richardson from10L has had some fantastic news too. She's won a signed book in a competition run by Girls Heart Books.

Well done Hannah!


  Special Announcement

The following students have been awarded the National Literacy Trust, Reading Champion Awards for inspiring others to enjoy reading.
They may have earned this by being a student librarian or by writing excellent reviews, or anything else that encourages others to read. Well done everyone!
Jack Griffiths - Bronze
All the following have got silver
Abiya Joshy
Agnal Thomas
Michael Cavaciuti
Megan Holford
Carenza Kippax
Tomasz Szymozak-Fox
Ross MacDonald
Sarah Cross
Hannah Richardson
Megan Larner



 The Joke Competition Winners are:

1st Prize - Hannah Veccepure

2nd Prize - Bethany Spencer

3rd Prize - Jack Griffith

Well done!


 I've also awarded special certificates to the following teachers:

Mrs Ruth Hinsley

Mr Martyn Price

Mrs Jean Hodgetts


Thank you all for entering. It's been fun reading all the jokes.  Here's Jack and Mr Price receiving their 'You made us laugh' certificates. :)


 P1060043hannah and karen


    P1060041 (1)




Here's the beginning of an exciting story written by Ross Macdonald. What do you think happens next?


The Four Elements

The New Warriors


Chapter 1 The Team Assemble :

Have you ever felt like you know something... But you just can't putting your finger on it? Well I did and I spent ages trying to figure it out… until now. It was like it was roaring out and I didn't know how to control it.

 My name is Blake, I was just like normal people, but I felt something magical inside. People would think I’m crazy, but now I know that I was not crazy. The mortals can’t know that. The information would worry them and might kill us all. I really don't want that… My age is 14, I live with my mom, dad and my little sister (she’s 10). I realised I was someone with the power of an element: mine is fire. How did I find out? Well listen up. This is my story of self discovery and heroic adventures and other ego inflating things like that…

 It was a normal day, when I was walking back from my crumbling school. Leaving behind the white washed walls and guard like teachers who were just as decrepit as the building. This burly boy older than me took my bag, which had my phone in; he started to call me names like idiot and stupid. Taunting and teasing... I was getting really upset and he hung my bag onto the tree behind him, which was too tall for me. My eyes started to turn red (so that is what he said) and fire coming out of my hands. He started to sprint away but I’d pushed my hand out and laid it flat, then crunched my hand up into a fist. A wall of fire spreads around us and I’m standing on a fire platform. I shout in a raging voice, “Give me my bag back now!” I say this while fireball is transforming. He knees and cries, “Sorry I didn’t mean to, let me go and I will give you your bag back.” That’s when I cooled down and I let him go; I made him give my bag back. I carried on walking, other people that were near me when I went made look so scared at me, I’d didn’t care if they were scared. I got home and ran upstairs, while my mom was asking, “what’s wrong?” I just ignored her and kept running.

  I looked into the mirror. All I saw was a monster, but it was I, I was calling myself a monster. My eyes still red. I looked behind me in the mirror, I see a man he says to me, “It’s all right you’re just an elemera there is no need to worry it’s normal.”

“What’s an elemera,” I asked very quickly. He looks in confusion and says’ “I’m surprise you don’t know what an elemera is. Well an elemera is someone who has the power of an element. There are 7 elements fire, the one you have, water, earth, ice, electric, air and magnetic, I’m a leader of a school that teaches other children which are elemera how to control and use their powers properly. My powers are all of them, I’m different than all of the elemera’s, there is someone else like me but he is to be unnamed.” There we were standing there in a moment of silence. Then I respond, “One why can you not say his name and second of all where can I find the school.”

“Sorry I can’t tell you why we can’t say his name, but if you hold on to me when you’ve packed your bags then I can take you there.”

I rush down the stairs and I grabbed a giant suitcase; I get everything out of my drawers and shove it into the suitcase.......



A couple of weeks ago I was delighted to present a certificate to students at the school for the READING FOR MY SCHOOL challenge. Here's the letter from the scheme to say that Blessed Edward Oldcorne College has been awarded £250 to spend on books - only one of three schools in the country. Amazing! What an incredible achievement. Well done to everyone who took part in this challenge.






Mrs Bromyard sent me these stories created by students in YR9 during a 'Musical Books' session.  Mrs Bromyard said 'I set the chairs out in Musical chairs style, with a short story book on each one, the students went round the chairs until the music stopped, then sat down and read for 5 minutes, this was repeated several times, and each time they had a new book to read.  After the first round, a chair was taken away, and the person left standing had to write a paragraph for their short story, and on following rounds it was continued by a new student.'

The students enjoyed the session and here are three of the stories the groups made up.

Year 9 - Short Story

I heard screaming and shouting from the neighbour’s house opposite. I thought nothing of it as it was only Emily and Steve- the new people on the block. They had brought along their 4 young kids as well and we were told to ignore all the loud bangs and crashes that happened daily.

But this sounded different.

It was a noise I’d never heard before, a kind of scratchy noise; a bit like an unhappy cat. I had no idea what it was. It was odd. I know we were told to ignore the sounds, but how could I. It was echoing through the whole house. I tried as hard as I could to take my mind off it. I read a book, I listened to music and I even started to watch a film but nothing could stop the terrible sound. So many thoughts were rushing through my head about what the noise could be.

I wanted to hide, it was that type of noise that sent a shiver down you and made you feel as if you were being hunted down. The noise got louder and louder until it got to a point where I could take it no more. I ran out of the living room and ran upstairs to hide underneath my bed until the noise had stopped.


Year 9 – Short Story

I came downstairs to the usual Saturday morning scenario. My sister was in the living room, watching TV with her second favourite colander on her head. My brother was in the playroom voicing both sides of an argument between two Lego policemen. Mum was dancing around the kitchen trying, yet again, to sing a one woman rendition of Les Mis. Dad, however, was nowhere to be seen…

No one was bothered when I enquired, usually Dad would be running around the house doing job after job because he knew Mum wouldn’t do it. It was weird, sort of spooky. The house seemed just empty without him. I went outside in the back and front garden to look but again, he was nowhere to be seen.  I asked everyone but they completely blanked me carrying on with their unusual activities.

It was as if everyone forgot dad even existed. I searched the house again but I couldn’t believe it. I went to the living room where the picture of me and him was but, it was now just me! He had disappeared, no arm around my shoulder, no smiling face, he really did go. Then a voice whispered in my ear which made my blood freeze. “help me” I turned around and screamed…


Short Story by 9A1

I walked into the woods terrified, this was where it all began, and there was no going back. It all happened when I met the shadowed woman, the woman with secrets trapped inside her body; this was a risk which I now regret.

 I met her when I was seven, while I was sleeping; she had black clothing and was covered from head to toe. Even her eyes seemed to be dressed in black, like endless holes leading to nowhere.

Suddenly, this woman with black clothing grabbed me. In my panic, I shrieked out, but it was no use. “What are you going to do with me?” I asked.  She replied “I just want some information from you, that’s all” My spine tingled with fear. I asked in a quiet voice “What information do you want from me?”

Then out of nowhere I heard a screech a bit like a cat. I felt someone breathing over me, the women was still talking but the screech was getting louder and closer. “Help me please some help me” The woman was still holding on to me. I closed my eyes and then opened them again “It’s just a dream” I was saying to myself. What was going to happen to me? Flashbacks were coming into my head but the woman was in them aswell.

Who was that woman? What did she want from me?


Good work everyone!



I was delighted to be asked to take part in the Living Library event on Tuesday 5 May, along with several other authors. We really enjoyed meeting YR7s and talking about our work with them. Here's a report on the event from two of the students,  a couple of pictures and a lovely note from some of the YR7s.


Living Library 2015

On Tuesday 5th May some year 7 & 8 students had an exciting opportunity to meet nine great authors including Karen King (our patron of reading), Kevin Brooke and Polly Robinson. We spent ten minutes with each writer and find out more about their inspirational work. It was a great chance for us to learn more about writing and why they chose to start a writing career. We found out that not all of the authors wanted to be a writer to start with; Polly Robinson and Chas Eden were both teachers who were inspired by their pupils to start writing.

The other local authors were Diana Harrison, Ann Evans, Sheryl Browne, Rod Griffiths and Sue Johnson. We were really glad that they all wanted to talk to us about their work and they also asked us questions about our own writing.

All in all  this lesson was a very exciting experience which we would all love to do again. We are very thankful to Mrs Bromyard and to all of the authors who gave up their time to visit us.


By Phoebe Ellis-Tate and Imogen Kimberley 7B2

Talking to some students           Group photo






Monday I popped into the school to give out certificates for the students who won the READ FOR YOUR SCHOOL competition. Well done everyone!

I also gave a special certificate and prize to Jack Griffiths for his excellent book review. Keep those reviews coming in.                                                                                     



                                                                              Jack Griffiths certificate


Displaying World War Commemoration 1914 poem.docx.



New Competition!

This term we're running a fantastic new competition to design a bookmark. The bookmark has to be connected to reading. Mrs Bromyard has put a poster up in the library about it, but I'll post the details again below. Hand the bookmark in to Mrs Bromyard and I'll post all the entries on the

POR Bookmark Comp page

bookmark comp


The winner of the latest book review competition is Jack Griffiths for his fantastic review of Divergent. I've decided to let Jack choose from three of my books as a prize. The Really, Really Horrible Kids' Joke book, Perfect Summer or Sapphire Blue. Let Mrs Bromyard know which one you prefer, Jack, and I'll sign it for you. :)

I'll be posting news of a fantastic new competition on this page shortly - and this time it won't be for a book review. Keep watching!




Are you all signed up for READ FOR MY SCHOOL? Well done if you are. Send me reviews of the books you read and I'll post them on the POR Brilliant Reads page. If you aren't then ask Mrs Bromyard about signing up for it. It's a fab way to read books and win a prize for your school.  Get Reading!!


Show not Tell workshop


Here's some of the work done by YR 7's on World Book Day.  I gave everyone a word showing an emotion and asked them to write a sentence or two describing a character showing that emotion, without actually using the word.  I was really pleased with the results.


 I stared in horror, wide eyed and dizzy with confusion. My jaw dropped. "How is this possible?" I murmured. 


She did everything she could to make her life miserable. Everytime she looked at her, her face burned red with envy.


He was standing tall above the clouds of success, feeling very speechless yet excited at the same time.


I could feel myself shaking all over. The netball match was tomorrow, it was my chance to shine.



 Well done, everyone. :)




  This fab poster was designed by Tania Ferdous. Thanks, Tania! :)


all about reading books



World Book Day


I spent two enjoyable sessions with YR 7 groups in the library on World Book Day. We talked about reading and writing and did a fun 'show not tell' exercise. I gave everyone a word showing an emotion and asked them to write a sentence or two describing a character showing that emotion, without actually using the word. We had really good sentences. I'll post some of them later next week.


The winners of the latest book review competition are Abiya Joshy for her reviews of Celeste and Midnight, and Ty Rudd for his review of The Brilliant World of Tom Gates.

I'll be popping into the school soon to give Abiya and Ty their prizes. :)


This brilliant story was written by Ahsan Hussain, YR8.  Ahsan has received a Reading Champion Award for inspiring others.  English is his second language so this story is quite an achievement. Well done, Ahsan.


Rumble In the Jungle



We were driving through the jungle, as fast as my heart was going…

It was intense.

My tour guide had been shredded in to pieces. Believe it or not, we were being chased by mad malicious monkeys. The car lurched violently sideways like a wild, windy day in Devon. I didn’t know what to do. Life was going through my eyes really fast and I was thinking about all the good things I was going to miss out on...                                                                             

Do you really think we will survive? I was dripping so much sweat I looked like I was the Amazon rainforest! Do you really think we will survive?

This crazy situation was all down to my mad meat-importing Grandad! Look, I know he is old and wrinkly and never takes off his crooked jacket, but I love him, and I always do like to please him. Still this was still one ridiculous risk for us to take!

I’ll tell you how all this started…

There I was, relaxing next to the clear, sparkling pool. The sun beamed its broad smile across my warm, brown shoulder. Grandad was shuffling towards me with a heavy box, so I jumped and helped him in the best way I could. Then he smiled like a young born baby, and ruffled my hair.

“You’re one of the best grandsons, I could ask for!” he proudly declared.

Shaking slightly, he sat down beside me and proceeded to share with me what he wanted to do about the meat business. He carefully explained he wanted me to do with, what would become the next critical 72 hours of my precious life…

“I need you to get ten tons worth of meat from the warehouse.” He anxiously explained.

“Umm, Grandad, why do we need to get ten tons of meat, in the middle of this scorching weather? I asked in a puzzled way.

So Grandad began to explain.

“Many years ago, I used to be close with a man who once was a king. However, he had to run away from humanity, and he now lives on an isolated, but idyllic island on the other side of the Amazon rainforest. He was exiled for supposedly killing the Archbishop of Canterbury’s sister-in-law. People were beginning to think that he was a murderer, but they allowed him to be exiled, because there was lack of proof, and I know with all my heart he would never murder anyone. Plus, I owe this to him because he gave me and my family money, when my father was out of work due to his poor back. I promised to see him or make contact every month, but I have not seen him for 7 years. 7 years I have not seen him or his precious crown.”

“But Grandad, why are we risking our cherished lives for some stupid meat, can we not bring him any loyal and extravagant gifts instead of meat?” I pronounced!

Grandad explained.

“This not any ordinary meat! This meat is worth ten lifetimes. On that island, meat is so valuable, that nobody would dare to cross past the mad malicious monkeys in the deadly dangerous jungle. Well, nobody besides us…”

Back to the race of our lives…

We were going as fast as possible, but the car was just not satisfying our need for speed. Now, I know why nobody dares to cross these jungle paths – One of the mad monkeys swung viciously from the trees vines, and was on top of the cars roll bars. Now, this is where all my training of being a butcher would come. I grabbed the shiny, silver meat cleaver and yelled at Grandad to get behind the wheel.

Then, for the final step…

I hopped skillfully onto the roof and I plunged towards the Mexican monkey. I was determined to treat the monkey as a significant piece of meat, and went straight to its hairy neck.

Blood was dripping from its neck, like the Victoria Falls…

Surprisingly, Grandad was a determined driver for his old age.

I was now proud to say we were across the border within seconds, and we had delivered the meat successfully, to the frail old king.

We bowed.

Overjoyed, I saw my Grandad embrace the old, fragile king. Now, I saw how happy this made them both.

I can finally say we survived.

Well, for now anyways…


 What an exciting story, Ahsan.


Mrs Bromyard, the school librarian, sent me these two excellent pieces by students at the school. The first is a letter by Jennifer Smith, year 7, applying to be a student librarian.


26th November 2014

Dear Mrs Bromyard,


Librarian Job


I would like to apply to be a student librarian because I love reading. Most books I have that have been passed down to me have pen over the pages or have not been treated well and are battered all over. I think books are not toys, and want to stop this happening.              

My favourite book is Bodyguard: Hostage by Chris Bradford. It has so much drama, with a slightly comedic side. I have read it over and over! My favourite series is the Ruby Redfort series by Lauren Child, and never can wait until the next book is released.

English is my favourite subject, as because I’m reading almost all the time, my ability for writing and my range of vocabulary is increased by all the books I have read. For this reason I would like to promote reading to all my friends as most of them say it’s boring or can’t be bothered.

I once asked my friend what her favourite shop was and she replied, ‘New Look. I could live there for the rest of my life.’ I could live in Waterstones all my life!           

I expect people have wished they didn’t miss break and lunch doing it, but I am more than happy to. I think books are more important than break, because you can carry on whatever you are doing the next day.

I am an eco rep for my form, so I might get called to a meeting some lunchtimes but as I’m only told the morning of the meeting I could tell you at break.   

Also, I know that there is a way to go before we get to the computer-related part, but I enjoy learning about and using computers and electronics.

As I am new to the school, I want to get involved in as much as I can. Also, in Year 5 I was a librarian and every lunchtime I would go in and tidy up with the help of the 4 others. Most of them decided it wasn’t for them and gave up, but Chyna (Edwards) and I stuck to it and did it every lunchtime (apart from when we had a school council meeting) for the whole academic year.   

I am an organised, responsible, trustworthy and reliable person who will listen to everything you say and tell me and if I became a student librarian I would take great pride in having the role.

I really care about books and the well-being of the library, and hope I am worthy of a place.


Yours sincerely,

Jennifer Smith, 7L

What an impressive letter, Jennifer. And I agree, I could live in Waterstones too!




Another competition!

Keep those book reviews coming in. I'm now running another competition for the two best reviews. The prize is a free ecopy of my book, Perfect Summer, and four other YA books. I'll post the titles of them later.


Competition Results


Thank you all for sending in your book reviews. It was such a tough decision to choose a winner that we've decided to award two prizes. The lucky winners are Hannah Clubley and Chyna-Benae Edwards. Here's a picture and newspaper report about it.

KK with prize winners





Look out for another competition coming soon!




Competition Alert!

Win this book free!



I'm running a fab competition this month and the winner receives a free copy of Nightmare, Ann Evan's latest book published by Badger Learning. You can see more books published by Badger Learning - and Ann - on my POR Brilliant Reads page. The competition closes on Friday 24th October. The winner will be chosen during the holidays and presented with the book in the new term. Ann will be visiting the school on 17th November and will sign the book personally if the winner brings it into school.

All you have to do is write a review of a book you've enjoyed reading and give it your librarian, Mrs Bromyard, who will pass it on to me. The best review (chosen by myself and Mrs Bromyard) will win the free book. So what are you waiting for? Get reading and writing -  and don't panic, it doesn't have to be a long review. Some  pupils have already submitted reviews if you want to pop over to the POR Brilliant Reads page and read them.

Thanks for all your book reviews - keep them coming in!





I visited the school again on Wednesday 24th September for a session with some pupils in YR9. What a fantastic time we had, reading out jokes and stories then making up a story as a group. Reading and writing shouldn't be boring! It was great fun and the pupils were brilliant. And just look at the lovely board that the librarian, Mrs Bromyard has done about me. I almost felt famous!


 POR Board


Hello, I hope you all enjoyed the summer holidays! I managed to write 30,000 words of my next book so am feeling very pleased with myself. I also managed to read a few books too. I love reading. Do you? When I visit schools a lot of pupils tell me they don't like to read, I tell them they must be reading the wrong book. There are thousands of books out there, in lots of different genres and written by some fantastically talented authors. There's got to be at least one you like. So if you don't like the books you've read so far, try something different. Try an author you've never heard of before, many people just go for the big names but you could be missing out on a great book by a lesser-known author.  Try a different genre. Don't be afraid to experiment. If you're reading a book you're not enjoying, put it away and try a different one. Books should never be boring!

I've listed some books you might enjoy on my Brilliant Reads page. And if you've read a Wow! book you'd like to share with us give the details to Mrs Bromyard, your librarian, and she'll pass them on to me.


Speak to you all soon,





 Patron of Reading