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I wrote these stories and poems many years ago, most of them for Scholastic Education. You might want to read them to your young children. I'll put a new one up on the page every week or so.







Harry was fast asleep in bed when he heard a noise.  He opened his eyes and looked around. It was very dark.

Then, Tap! Tap! Tap!  Something was tapping against the window.

Harry was scared. “Mom!” he screamed.

Mom rushed in.  So did Tom and Rosie.

“What’s the matter, Harry?” asked Mom, switching on the light.

 “Something’s knocking on my window!” cried Harry.


Mom opened the curtains.

Tap! Tap! Tap! It was the branch blowing against the window.

“See, there nothing to be scared of,” she said. “It’s just the wind.”

“Scaredy-cat!” said Tom and Rosie.  “Harry’s a scaredy-cat!”

 “That’s enough, Harry’s only little,” said Mom. “Now, let’s all go back to bed.”

Harry felt silly. He wished he wasn’t scared of the dark. He didn’t like being a scaredy-cat.


The next day, Mom took Harry, Tom and Rosie swimming.

 “Dive in, Harry!” called Tom, diving into the big pool.

“Jump in, Harry!” called Rosie, jumping into the big pool.

But Harry was scared.

The big pool was too big and deep and noisy. So Harry climbed down the steps into the little pool.

 “Scaredy-cat!” said Tom and Rosie. “Harry’s a scaredy-cat!”

 “That’s enough, Harry’s only little,” said Mrs Tabby. “Now ten more minutes then it’s time to go home.”

Harry felt silly. He wished he wasn’t scared of the big pool. He didn’t like being a scaredy-cat.


Later, Tom and Rosie went to play football.

“Can I play?” asked Harry.

“No,” said Rosie, “You’re too little.”

“No,” said Tom, “You’re too scared.”

“You’re a scaredy-cat,” said Tom and Rosie. “Scaredy-cat! Scaredy-cat!”


Harry watched Tom and Rosie play football.

It looked fun. He wished he could play too.

“Goal!” said Rosie, clapping her hands.

“Watch me!” said Tom.

He kicked the ball really hard.

It wooshed right through the air and landed in a tree.

“Oh no!” said Rosie and Tom.


They ran over to the tree.

“The branch is too high,” said Rosie.

“The branch is too thin,” said Tom.

“We can’t climb up there,” they both said.

Harry walked over to them.

He looked at the ball stuck up in the tree. The branch was very, very high.

And very, very thin.

But Harry was only small, and he liked climbing trees.

“I can get the ball,” he said.


“You’re too little,” said Rosie.

“You’re too scared,” said Tom.

“No, I’m not,” said Harry.

And he climbed up the tree

Harry climbed higher and higher until he reached the branch.

It was very thin. It wobbled when he climbed on it.


Harry was scared.

The branch wobbled again.

Harry was very, very scared.

Then the branch wobbled one more time and the ball fell off.

Tom caught it.


“Well done, Harry!” said Tom.

“Well done, Harry!” said Rosie.

 Harry climbed back down the tree.

“Do you want to play football, Harry?” asked Rosie and Tom.

Harry smiled. “Okay,” he said.

Harry was pleased that he wasn’t a scaredy-cat anymore.






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My Dad’s A Pilot




My dad’s a pilot,

He flies an aeroplane,

He flies people all over the world,

And flies them back again.

He flies to lots of countries,

And travels wide and far,

So why, when we go on holiday,

Do we have to go by car?



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The New Baby





Josh’s mum had gone into hospital to have a new baby so Josh was staying with Nan. Josh was really excited.

          He couldn’t wait to have a baby brother or sister to play with.

             “Will the baby come soon?” he asked, eagerly.

            “Some time today, I think,” replied Nan.

            Just then the phone rang and Nan went to answer it. She came back smiling.

            “You’ve got a baby sister, Josh. Mum and the baby will be coming home later. You can go with Dad to fetch them.”

            Josh was so pleased. His face broke out into a huge grin.

            “Now I’ll have someone to push me on the swing and play football with,” he said happily.

            “The baby’s not quite big enough for that yet,” Nan told him.

            But Josh was already planning all the things he was going to do with his new sister.

            Dad took Josh to the hospital to fetch Mum and the baby later that afternoon.

            “I’ve missed you,” said Mum giving Josh a big hug. “What do you think of your baby sister? We’ve called her Katie.”

            Josh looked at the baby. She was very small and wrinkly and had her eyes shut tight. “Can she walk?” he asked.

            Mum shook her head. “She can’t do anything just yet. She’s only a baby.”

            Josh was a bit disappointed.

            “Come on then. Let’s take you both home,” said Dad.

            Back at home, Josh tried to talk to baby Katie and tell her all the games they were going to play.

            But she just slept. Then cried. And slept again. 

           Having a baby sister wasn’t as much fun as he’d thought it would be.

            Lots of people came to see the new baby. They all brought presents and cooed over Katie, saying how beautiful she was.

            Josh couldn’t help feeling a bit jealous.

            Then Nan came with a present. “This is for you, Josh,” she said.

            Josh opened it excitedly. It was an album full of photographs of a baby.  

            “That’s you when you were a baby like Katie,” said Nan.

            Josh looked at all the photos then he looked at Katie. “She looks like me,” he said.

            “Yes she does.” Nan smiled. “And soon she’ll grow bigger, like you did. Then you’ll be able to play with her.”

            Suddenly the baby woke up and started crying.

            Josh went over to the pram and rocked it. “Don’t cry. You’ll soon be bigger then you can play with me,” he said.







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Daisy Mouse’s Feather



mouse-312012_1280 from

Benny the elephant was always boasting how strong he was. “I’m the strongest animal in the world,” he bragged to his friends. “Watch

me lift this heavy log.”

            He wrapped his trunk around a huge log and quickly lifted it up.

            “See, I bet none of you can do that!” he boasted.

            His friends looked at each other and sighed.  Benny was a very nice elephant most of the time, but they were a bit fed up of him

bragging about how strong he was.

            “I bet I can lift something you can’t,” a little voice squeaked.

            “Who said that?” asked Benny, putting the log back down and looking around.

            “It wasn’t me,” said Harry the tiger.

            “Now me,” said Susie the gorilla.

            “It was me!” squeaked the little voice again. “Daisy Mouse.”

            Benny looked down and say a little mouse waving to him.

            A teeny, weeny mouse! And she thinks she’s stronger than me! Benny laughed and laughed and laughed. He laughed so much

he rolled around holding his tummy.

            “I said I can lift something that you can’t,” said Daisy firmly. “And I can too. Do you want me to prove it?”

            “Oh dear, oh my!” Benny laughed so much the tears rolled down his cheeks. Susie and Harry laughed too. What a silly mouse!

            “Okay,” giggled Benny. “Let’s see you prove it. What are we going to lift? A log? A rock? A tree?”

            “That feather,” said Daisy. She pointed to a little feather on the ground. “You try to lift it first,” she told Benny.

             Still chuckling, Benny ambled over to pick up the feather. But as soon as he got near to it, the feather blew away. Benny chased

after it, but he was so big and heavy that every time he got close to the feather it blew away again. How the other animals laughed as

Benny ran this way and that way, trying to catch the little feather. He soon got very tired and cross.

             “Let’s see you pick it up then,” he told Daisy.

            Everyone watched as Daisy crept up to the feather. She was so tiny and light that the feather didn’t move at all. Quickly, Daisy pounced on it and picked it up.

             “See, I told you I could lift something you couldn’t” she said, laughing.

            Benny was cross at being tricked.

            “Well Benny, Daisy might not be stronger than you but she’s certainly cleverer!” chuckled Harry.




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