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Published on 10 May by Accent Press

'A mix between The Memory Keeper's Daughter and The Uglies' 

Sneyhayamsani. Liptick review



Perfect Summer                     


Set in a society obsessed with perfection, 15-year-old Morgan is best friends with the seemingly perfect Summer. 

But when Morgan's brother Josh, who has Down's syndrome, is kidnapped, they uncover a sinister plot and find themselves in terrible danger.
Can they find Josh before it's too late?


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Some 5* Amazon reviews

From the moment I picked this book up I could not put it down, the thrill of the fast pace of the book is remarkable and perfect for the ages 12-15. This book deserves five stars and it shows how society could end up being, obsessed with physical perfection and putting less beautiful people as outcasts. It really opened my mind to how people are very obsessed with how they look these days and what a waste of time it is to be worrying how you look. Thank you Karen King for this book it really was brilliant! Review by Such Fun

This is a book that really needed to be written, dealing with the pursuit of physical perfection in today's society and the damage it can cause, especially to teenagers. It's set in a future world not too far away from today, and very realistic- you can easily see society heading this way!  Review byBRNam 

I was really taken away by this book - it is full of excitement, danger, shocks, gripping scenes and a thick plot. It is a truly brilliant story, with some fun - but SO realistic - characters. It makes the reader think - could the future turn out to be something like this?? Review by Bookworm1

 King does an amazing job of writing about the discrimination children with disabilities face:



golden star awards 2nd place - paranormal trophy 300


Sapphire Blue was awarded 2d prize in the Golden Cover Art competition

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                                           Sapphire Blue


'The best YA book out there right now.'  Ind'tales Magazine

sapphire blue cover
Do you believe in eternal love?

Can love survive death?  Sapphire and Will have promised to love each other forever but then tragedy strikes. Sapphire doesn't seem to be in Heaven or Hell, and she can't find Will. Then she hears he's in Red.

"No one has ever walked out of Red. Once the Soul Catchers get you they don’t let you go.”

Denny’s words scare her but she has no choice. If Will is in Red, that’s where she has to go. She  can’t face spending eternity without him.

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Can you read it without crying?



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Some Reviews 

"Sapphire Blue" doesn't go with any establishment afterlife but reveals a new world full of zones, sky buses and karmic repercussions. It is also a place of hope where new choices can change the outcome. Ms King does an amazing job creating this glowing world of possibilities that includes a shadowy side too. "Sapphire Blue" is a beautiful, tender tale of young romance, but also a lesson that love is much stronger than anything else. It is also the best YA book out there right now.

Morgan Stamm Ind'Tale magazine

'Incredible. It reminds me a little of the movie, Of Heaven and Hell where the husband tries to rescue the wife who went to Hell. It is a page turner that made me forget everything I was supposed to be doing today. It is written in such a way that it is suspenseful, but shouldn't cause bad dreams after reading it.

The love story aspect is so teen appropriate. The gifts, the songs, the way Will and Sapphire showed their love and devotion to one another. Sapphire Blue is the best #YA book I've read ever!​'   Silver Wolf, review

'I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it's imaginative and well constructed. A love story with adventure and great imagery throughout.' Bobbie Carr, Amazon review.

'The first thing Karen King does in Sapphire Blue is squeeze out the fear of death and unknown, and replace it with beauty and strength. In other words, Hope. And that is as good a return one can get to the investment of time one makes in reading a story.'

Malay, Barnes&Noble, Amazon reviews. 

This is an amazing book that ​I ​encourage everyone to read and I guarantee that you w​ill​ love it. The meaning of the story is that strong love is unbreakable,​and love will come for you in any way or form in whatever place you are and that it​ w​ill​ always be ​there​ for you.


This is definitely the best book I have ever read. I think other people should read it because its a book with everything a book needs and the main reason I really love this book is because the author hasn't really used anything you usually read in most books - one reason its different is because it is a book about eternity not your life on earth. I give this book 10/10.  Abiya                                                                                                                                                               

'One thing I really loved about this book in particular is how it uses two different character point of views and this gave a different feel to this book that not a lot have. It gave me insight into Sapphire's events, and Will's struggle with Alesha – it gave me as a reader chance to meet the other characters too.' Hannah age 16.

'I picked this book up and read it in one day...I just had to keep reading to know what happened next!'  Aret. Amazon review.

'The book starts with a car crash and doesn't let up from there. Two young lovers are united in life but parted in death. Their quest to find  each other is told by Sapphire and then Will. They both have different stories and adventures to tell as they move inextricably towards each other. But can love conquer all? I read it in a single sitting because I wanted to know 'what happens next?' I wasn't disappointed. Karen King's vision of the 'next life' is fascinating and unusual.' Diana, Amazon review

'An excellent book, with lots to suit all tastes, starting off with young Will and Sapphire, who are so much in love.  The tragic and fatal car crash does not end their devotion to each other, in spite of having to find each other in the dangerous Red Zone! This book offers a complete mix of romance, horror and adventure in their quest to conquer evil and find each other once more. The author dedicates the book to Dave, and says she would go to Red for him, who would you risk being in Red for? Before answering, you need to read the book to find more about the horrors you would face in Red!' Linda,Amazon review.